Any Acreage Requirements for a Septic System and/or a Water Well?

Thats what I need to know is if there are any land size requirements for either the septic tank to be installed or a well since public water and sewage isn’t available out in the country. I have tried searching with no luck. And by the way the state we’re in is PA.

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4 Responses to “Any Acreage Requirements for a Septic System and/or a Water Well?”

  • booboo says:

    I agree with the other answers… check with your local water/well department.
    I’m in the county in N. California, wells and septic must be 100 feet away from each other and 100 feet away from any neighboring wells and septic. So, this can greatly limit you if the land you want isn’t very big. In addition depending on the type of septic system you need, there may only be a few spots where it can go and that further limits where the well may go.
    Best of luck.

  • Carl says:

    Every county has there own rules. Check with your local county zoning office.

  • Robert B says:

    Yes there are! And there are also distances for separation of the well and septic system. Your local building dept or health dept can tell you the distances and requirements. Normally the well and the septic system are on opposite sides of the home. Like one in front and the other in the back. It also depends on the type of well and septic system. Deep or shallow well, etc.

  • david c says:

    Usually the county health department is the authority you need to get in touch with.

    If they aren’t they will be able to tell you who you should be talking to.

    You can also call any well / septic contractor that installs the systems and they will know the local regulations and who enforces them.

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