Can Bleach with a Septic System?

Question Asked by Kayla: Can bleach with a septic system?
I have a washing machine and we have a septic system can we use bleach

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Answer by Irene
You can buy bleach for ‘unbleachables’ which won’t harm your septic system. Just don’t use a whole whack each time you wash clothes. You only need a capful of ‘ bleach’ for each gallon of water, so govern yourself accordingly.

Answer by myfavouritelucy
You shouldn’t really use bleach, because it destroys the bugs that the whole septic system relies on to work…

Answer by Karen L
Yes, you can, but don’t go crazy with it. Use only the amounts recommended on the bleach bottle, and don’t use it all the time. I save up laundry, whites only, that particularly needs bleach and do it in one load.

Answer by saaanen
Yes, you can. Think about it logically. You add 1/2 cup in a load. Your tank is at LEAST 1500 gallons.

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