Can You Be Evicted When Landlord Doesn’t Want to Fix Septic System?

Question Asked by Michelle S: Can you be evicted when landlord doesn’t want to fix septic system?
My sister lives in Pierce County, WA. and her landlord gave her 8 days to move out because he doesn’t want to fix the septic system. The system has completely failed, the entire drain field needs to be replaced. This is a major health issue due to sewage has backed up into the house once and now she can’t run water or use toilets. PLEASE HELP ASAP!!
She has 3 kids and can’t afford to move.

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Answer by kja63
She can’t live in a house that is a major health hazard. What kind of mother would subject her children to such toxic waste and expect the children to live in a house without water or toilets?!?!

The Health Inspector will shut the place down. So out she goes.

Answer by Skargaemer
No, because either way eventually the septic system will have to get fixed, regardless of the client. It should be the responsibility of the landlord to take care of any defect in the utilities.

Answer by litig8r
Oh man, any property lawyer would drool at a case like this.
Without getting into too much detail, the landlord must give 30 days notice (he only gave 8) AND the eviction has to be in good faith (not because he’s a cheap lazy bastard).

I actually did an argument competition in law school on a very similar case. Tell your sister that she can hire someone to fix the place, and then DEDUCT the cost from her rent. If the landlord tries to evict her after that, it is called Retaliatory Eviction, and it DOES NOT end well for the landlord.

E-mail me if you need more details. I know a few attorneys in WA that may be interested in this case.

Answer by Landlord
He can. Not an “eviction” but she has to move out. This is along the lines of the foundation being bad. The repair will be so high that he is better off hooking up to the sewer line, if he can.

Repairing the drain field will take a very long time, and may not even be possible if he has to bring it up to present code, he simply may not own enough land.

This will take him months to repair, and he can’t even start with people living in the house.

Why would she fight this and insist on keeping her kids in this condition? He literally can not fix the drain field without a large amount of $ and many many weeks of repairs and environmental clean up.

Answer by aambelang
tecnically you shouldn’t even be paying rent if the lanlord wont fix anything! If there is a health hazard or any problems that need to be fixed right away they need to take care of them!

Answer by wfhlembo
what choice does she have??? of course he can ask her to leave if it’s a health hazard – I’m shocked she would even want to stay under those conditions!1 Lend her some money, and tell her to find a new home. good luck ♥

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