Can You Kill Cockroaches in a Septic Tank?

Question Asked by mousey6363: Can you kill cockroaches in a septic tank?
At least twice a week, sometimes more, there is a cockroach in the shower. I am assuming it is coming up through the pipes from the septic tank. We don’t have cockroaches anywhere else in the house. Is there anyway to kill them without ruining the septic tank?

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Answer by Jessica E
Call an exterminator…Let the professionals take care of it. If you don’t have the money for an exterminator try dumping some insect poison down the drain & see if that helps.

Answer by poppyman54
There should be fittings installed in the piping called a P-trap. Its purpose is to trap some water under the shower, to prevent sewer odor from entering your house. If your piping didn’t have this installed, you could not stand to breath the air in the whole room. The water also is a barrier to prevent “most” insects and or rodents from entering your house. Pet snakes have been known to go searching for water, and when they smell the water in a toilet, go for a drink. Once there, they have been known to enter the toilet discharge, and once started in, they continue into the pipes, pushing past the water in the trap, and crawl through the pipes. They have been found to enter a completely different residence, sometimes several houses away, as they try and get out of the sewer pipe. That is the reason toilet seats were originally made, to prevent rodents that live in sewers from entering your home. I would guess, that the roaches are coming into the house from some other location, and are looking for water. Good luck!

Answer by MTR
The roaches are usually not coming up inside the pipe, but coming up on the outside. I’d put out boric acid (it’s dry) at night if you take a shower in the morning. This should help

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