Do I Need to Worry About Planting a Crape Myrtle Tree Too Close to Septic System, Because of Roots?

Question Asked by : Do I need to worry about planting a crape myrtle tree too close to septic system, because of roots?
I know some trees you need to worry about the root system growing into drain fields. I’m not sure if a crape myrtle is 1 of those type of trees. Need to know how large the root system gets.

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Answer by fluffernut
You are pretty safe. You have to watch the larger trees such as willows. Crape myrtle is not a large tree.

Another concern is if you have a water softener. The salt discharge is hard on plants that enter the leach field. I’m assuming you are talking about the field, not the septic tank. Generally avoid trees, large shrubs or parking cars or other heavy stuff on the septic tank.

Answer by meanolmaw
what kind of crape myrtle?…. not that I’d ever let one get that close to my drain field…. but…if you have miniatures, the best they can do is about four ft…… but if you have a tree type, like the Natchez, you’re looking at a twenty ft tree and those roots will TRAVEL!!…. all the septic websites tell you, “nothing but grass over a drain field..”… and on the edges of the field, you should avoid those large plants with big root systems… small shallow roots, like with some shrubs might be okay, but trees are notorious for causing problems down the line as they mature….

Answer by Nadja
You can try here for more info with that.

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