Does the Landlord Have to Pay for a Septic Tank to Be Drained?

Question Asked by : Does the landlord have to pay for a septic tank to be drained?
Our septic tank backed up today, and we’re not sure whether or not we need it drained or replaced. We’re only renting the house, so either way, the cost falls on the landlord, right?

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Answer by Chaz W
It’s your shit. You need to pay for it. You pay for water, you pay for gas, you pay electric. Why not the emptying of the septic tank?
When did you move in? Was the tank empty when you moved in?
Best thing is to read your contract.

Answer by mermeliz
Yes of course it is your landlords responsibility. A septic tank most often backs up when the leech field has been flooded, broken, or overwhelmed. You also may be flushing way too much, or doing way too much laundry for the capacity of the septic system, who knows. Anyway, while you are pondering who’s going to fix it, you may also want to decide what caused it to overflow and if there’s anything that you can do to eliminate it from happening again, then consider changing your use habits. Weather can also cause a backup. If you’ve been inundated with rain and/or snow recently, then your leech system hasn’t any place to drain and your septic tank will eventually back up as well.

Answer by MARK
Steph, Yes. It does! Septic tanks have to be sucked out occasionally or they will back up. It’s a maintenance thing. Your landlord is obligated to pay for that. I’m sure it backed up because it had been too long since he had done it the last time.

Answer by Jackey
It probably falls on the landlord. Read your lease/rental agreement. If it turns out to be something you have done, (diaper down the commode, etc.) you may be liable for the cost. In any case, contact your landlord.

Answer by R K
it depends on what it says in your rental agreement. it should say who takes care of what. it probably just needs pumped out. it’s not automatically on the land lord. ask them when it was pumped out last.
they need pumped out about every five years. the land lord has no control over what you put down the drains and toilets. if you put the wrong things in a septic system it won’t work like it should. it’s not
the same as a sewer system.

Answer by Jason

Answer by Just a Guy
All major issues are the responsibility of the home owner/ landlord. It has nothing to do with your lease and if it says in your lease that you are responsible for any major repair then the lease is illegal and void. You are never as a renter responsible for a major repair such as roofing electrical or heating or structure. This would include plumbing. This don’t depend on your location either .

Answer by saaanen
Maybe. You need to read the lease.

That’s a maintenance issue, which would be the tenants responsibility, like cleaning the oven, or replacing a light bulb. It’s not a repair, unless the drain field is shot

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