Drain Cleaner and Septic System?

Question Asked by melody71081: Drain cleaner and septic system?
Just wondering if it is safe to use a drain cleaner such as liquid plumber with a septic system. We have a couple of REALLY slow drains!

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Answer by Corky R
The drain cleaner should state on the side of the bottle or container, whether or not it’s safe to use with a septic system. However, if you have these really slow drains, and you know about them why not get them powersnaked and take care of the problem once and for all.

Answer by GTB
All caustic based drain cleaners are safe for septic systems.

Answer by mr ballantyne
Depends. The drain cleaners that say they are safe on drains, generally arnt. they do heat up in the drain sometimes, sometimes make the blockage harder, sometimes make seals leak lol. If its worth all that headache then go nuts and try it! Its a bandaid solution.

There is natural live bacteria products for drains. EXCELLENT on septics, and great in drains! what it will do is build throughout the drain and help break down all the grease, fats and oils in the drain. as well as break down everything in the septic tank. kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Youll want a natural live bacteria tho, not an enzyme. bacteria works instantly, enzyme is somthing like 180 days to start working.

If your bathroom sinks are clogged, try sticking a wet shopvac on the drain, and cover the overflow. youll be surprised how well that works.

If your bathtub/shower is blocked, get that snaked out. Draino products can eat the seal for the shower drain and tub drain (chrome part where the water drains out of)

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