Easy Household Remedy for a Back Up Toilet – It Won’t Flush Properly, Leaving Resiude?

Question Asked by try 2 help: easy household remedy for a back up toilet – it won’t flush properly, leaving resiude?
it’s a septic system – not on public sewage. please help. thank you.

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Answer by Jeffrey S
Go to the hardware store and buy a good plunger. If that doesn’t work, you can go back to the hardware store and get a snake if you think you have a clog.
You may also be full in your septic tank. You may need to have it pumped out, especially if you discard “things” other then toilet paper down the toilet. Also, if you do a lot of wash, you can kill the bugs that help digest the waste in the septic system. You can add a product like Ridex to help replenish the bugs and help your system to operate more efficiently. Also, you could have trouble with the drainage field, which would be the biggest problem you could face. Check these other things out first.

Answer by Pat B
A plunger is always the best place to start.septic could need pumped depends on how long it has been since it has been since last time.

Answer by Tony H
Look in the tank first and make sure the water level is high enough,it should be down below the overflow tube a little.If that is ok try using a plunger and also you can get a product called RID-X to put down the toilet to help the septic system…

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