HOMEMADE Septic System?

Question Asked by jaymi1979: HOMEMADE Septic System?
I have a 3 room cabin – It currently has NO septic system. I would like to install a toilet/sink/shower .. How can I build a CHEAP septic system that would handle this?

I have NO building restrictions
This is a cabin, not a full use house
I don’t want to spend alot of money, but want something that would work fine …

Any suggestions, ideas or plans?

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Answer by John M
Check out the electric toilets. Seriously, they incinerate the waste. There are also some compost toilets that are supposed to work well too. And if you really do have no restrictions, you can just dump the greywater from your shower and sink into a french drain and let it seep into the ground.

Answer by pixieotr
you can build a cespool instead of a septic tank. all you have to do is dig a pit and either build 4 concrete block walls to shore up the dirt [ grout solid on a good footer ] then cap with a large sheet of steel, make sure to install the drain pipe through the wall as it is being built, the waste will drop into the cespool and slowly soak into the ground. if you make it 4x4x8′ deep, it should last for 15-20 yrs before a replacement needs to be dug. if you want to spend less $ you can use a 55 gallon metal drum, turn it upside down and bury it with no lid, cut a hole in the bottom or side to allow access for the drain pipe, but this system is for 1-2 people and for occasional use only, as the water will not soak in fast enough to support more.

done it both ways.

or you can do a split plan and use Johns idea for the shower and bathroom sink and put only the toilet and kitchen sink on the cesspool. you do not want food waste and sewage drawing skunks

Answer by flea
How much ‘solid’ waste & how often will the new system be used? You can built a mini septic system by using a plastic 55 gallon drum as your tank. From the cabin, plumb to the tank(close to the top), Then dig a leach field. Connect the field to the top edge of the tank, to drain the overflowing liquids. If you like long showers run a longer or bigger field(more lines). This should last a good long time… If you have many visitors you could install 2 tanks in series. The tanks hold the solid waste while it breaks down

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