How Deep Is the Piping Suppose to Be in a Septic Leech Field?

Question Asked by Tincan Navy: How deep is the piping suppose to be in a septic Leech field?
House would be in the Montgomery County,Texas area.
If building a pool, how far away should it be from the system/field?

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Answer by Bob W
Leach L E A C H

Generally the piping allowing the septic waters to leach into the ground are from 18″ to 20″. needs to be below the freeze line. As far as the distance from the pool, that might be a question you ask the pool contractor and if he gives you a distance and you choose him, be sure your contract includes him repairing or retrofitting the pool if needed. I think tho the systems are so separate there would not be and issue.

Answer by grannygrunt28391
That is a question for the EPA
Below is the contact site.
Each area has their own set of guidelines that must be followed according to the city or county by laws.
I can tell you this check it for yourself because any installer of plumbing is apt to give you the current laws as opposed to the grandfather laws.
You ask how do I know this? A company tried to sell me $ 15,000 worth of pipe and labor I didn’t need. I checked and found out about the grandfather law.
I’m from Missouri you gotta’ “Show Me”
Maintenance of On-Site Sewage Facilities (Septic Systems) Texas
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