How Do Fix the Leach Lines from Septic System?

Question Asked by Stephanie M: how do fix the leach lines from septic system?
smelly water is backing up in my showers when i wash dishes,or run the washing machine. ithink its the leach lines. any ideas on how to fix them without digging them out and cheaper then $ 2,500 the plumber quoted.

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Answer by zacaronius
Have you had your septic tank pumped recently? If not I would definitely start there. They need to be pumped every couple years.. Have the guy pumping it give an inspection.. Cost: couple hundred bucks.

Answer by joe b
I would go with pumping the tank. Also some folks can flush out your leach lines. They can also tell you if you have any other problems. If you need to dig up your lines you could do it yourself. Your local library will have info on hoe to do it and local ordinances. Good luck.

Answer by cowboydoc
Pump the septic tank first, the guy should be able to give you an idea what’s going on, then go from there. Check with the court house, make sure he knows your checking licenses etc so you don’t get screwed. You could end up spending upwards of ten fifteen thousand if you have to replace everything from the tank out. It can get scary and turn one into a drinker.

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