How Do I Connect My Drainage Pipe to My RV and Septic System?

Question Asked by : How do I connect my drainage pipe to my RV and septic system?
I’m trying to hook my water/plumbing up on my RV, but just want to make sure I’m doing it right. Step-by-step instructions/diagrams would be much appreciated.

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Well I guess then you should have started with the diagram. A connects to C bypassing B so that E has full flowage. It is clear in my head.

How do you connect it?

Start by using your arms.

Answer by Smokey da Bear
You are going to have to visit an RV dealer and get the adapters and a flexible hose of the right size on the vehicle side, then you will need to create a pipe entering the septic tank your flex hose will fit inside of. Last thing, be sure the permanent pipe going to your tank has a cap that is easily removable unless the RV will be permanently dumping in the tank. You are going to want a tight seal or you will have a daily reminder of what septic waste gas smells like all around your RV.

Answer by Jerome
for the septic system..there are 3 inch flexible hose with a bayonet mount that twists and lock in place.
there are diagrams on the net..for rv help.
search for….rv septic drains
its not easyt to get it wrong actually.
under the rv on the left side is a 3 inch drain pipe for black and grey tanks..the drain hose attaches there then other end of hose goes into the septic tank.

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