How Do I Get Rid of the Septic Tank Smell Coming Out of My Bathroom Sink?

We have a septic tank. After some time with no smell, we now have a sewage-type odor coming up out of the bathroom sink. We do not notice it from the bathtub drain. Tank was pumped out in the last year or so, and we have used a tank treatment to keep good bacteria working on the sewage. What should I do next?

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12 Responses to “How Do I Get Rid of the Septic Tank Smell Coming Out of My Bathroom Sink?”

  • car dude says:

    if after you have tried the other answers you still have the odor try this. pour baking soda down the drain then hot white vinegar and water mixed. i do this after cleaning the coffee maker and changing out the old baking soda from the fridge. hope this helps, good luck.

  • vinper1 says:

    make sure there is a trap under the sink to prevent this….it is possible your sink is tied into a vent.

  • emmie8750 says:

    There should be a trap under the bathroom sink that holds water, i.e. the drain. The water stops the methane from rising into the room. Check to make sure it’s not leaking and still has water in it. The drain line should be in the shape of an S or P on its side.

  • egotist61 says:

    Check and make sure the trap under the sink is working. It should fill up with after every time you empty
    the sink, that is why it is called a trap, it stops sewer gas from returning to the house

  • shonts1 says:

    The vent pipe is probably plugged in the house or building

  • tim r says:

    Fill the sink with water, your traps have lost the seal and sewer gas is escaping. Run the water for a few minutes and let the trap fill. Can a plumber if this does not help, but this should do the trick. Good luck.

  • Need Flow says:

    this may or may not be related but most houses also have vents(the stubby pipes that stick up out of your roof) make sure those are not all plugged up.

  • Sweetharttt says:

    Try pouring a quart or so of milk down the drain. If it is sour milk, all the better.

  • ticketoride04 says:

    if you do have a correct trap under the sink., check the roof for the vent, squirrels are famous for stuffing stuff down the air vents and blocking the gases from escaping.
    if that fails, maybe you have a cracked galvanized metal drainpipe in the wall that has frozen and cracked and allowing gasses to enter in and around the sink wall

  • sandy l says:

    one way check valve is needed here to stop the gas from returning up the pipe any plumbing supply store will have them this should be installed in the main drain line

  • cowboydoc says:

    Your "S" trap under the sink with water in it should trap the smell. You should be getting any smells from it.

    Take some bleach with water and run down to air vent holes, other then this I wouldn’t know what to recommend. there shouldn’t be a smell here.

  • launrider says:

    Try pulling out your sink stopper and cleaning out the gunk underneath it. Wash it and run your hot water for a fer minutes. You might then try some bleach or other sink cleaner.

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