How Do You Find a Septic Tank and Drain Field?

Question Asked by Frederick C: How do you find a septic tank and drain field?
I cant find my septic tank or drain field. Is their a place on the web that has blue prints for this. I live in Volusia County, Florida.Or can someone tell where I can go on the web to get the plans for my house.

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Answer by beth
at the plumbing store they sell a metal probe.

Answer by Linda M
I don’t know if it is on the web. In Oregon you can go down to the county courthouse and they will give you a map of your septic and drain fleld.

Answer by thewrangler_sw
There should be a plastic pipe that sticks up out of the ground, or it may be at the surface level, and capped off. This would be where your tank is located, and will be located between the drain field and your house. Some people will use a lawn ornament to hide the cap.

Some county clerk offices will have this information, or the state’s natural resources department will have maps with well locations and/or septic tank locations.

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Answer by sensible_man
Walk around the house and look for a plastic cap. This is a clean-out. Walk out from the house about 3 or 4 feet, and you should be standing on the tank. You can take a metal rod and probe the ground to find it.

Answer by atha
Hi! My aunt and uncle also live in Volusia County. I’m in Minnesota and work on septic systems for the government.

You probably won’t find the location of your septic tank and drainfield on blue prints. At least I haven’t seen them on too many.

In Florida, the Florida Department of Health ( permits septic systems. They do have a website to find septic system information. Click on “Property Search” on this site:

However, it looks like this isn’t very complete information and quite likely won’t tell you where your system is located. I would call either the Dept. of Health or Volusia County ( to see if they have more complete records on your property.

Answer by lordshaiths
if you can “witch” for water try that. find where the drain exits the house and start a grid pattern walking your way down the line till you get a really strong reading that will be your tank

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