How Do You Know When Your Septic Needs to Be Pumped?

Question Asked by Delia: How do you know when your septic needs to be pumped?
I have noticed within the last few months that after we shower or do dishes our house smells like rotten eggs or sewer gas. Does this mean we should have our septic tank pumped?

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Answer by Mitchell R

Answer by Tim E
That sounds like you might have some sulfur in your water, but if it’s been more than 4 or 5 years since you’ve had your septic tank pumped I would go ahead and do it. Usually when people have a septic tank problem they notice the sewage start backing up into their bathtub since it’s usually the lowest opening in the system and naturally by then you’ve waited too late.

Answer by D2
do you have standing sewer water in your yard? chances are you just need to put some ridX in your tank so it can dissolve the solids,the ground around the leach field must no be perking like it should,try the ridx first wait a couple of days after you pour it in the toilet,i have had the same thing happen and called a septic tank cleaner out and he told me that’s what i needed to do,if you don’t see standing water in the yard then your safe

Answer by The Plumber
Not necessarily. You may however have a broken drain or sewer line under your home.

Smells from plumbing can occur from mold and bacteria that is activated by heat. Finding the specific problem takes a bit of deduction.

In your situation the first thing I would do is check under the house(if you have a crawl space or basement) for leaks.
Second, thoroughly clean (scrub) your garbage disposal(if you have one) with a solution of 10 % bleach and water.
Third, run the same solution through your dishwasher(if you have one) with the heat seating turned off.
Fourth, using the same solution scrub every bit of your shower drain down inside as far as you can reach.

If all else fails you may need to call in a plumber, hope this helps, good luck.

Answer by saaanen
No, but it wouldn’t hurt if you haven’t had it done in a while.. Check the sacrificial rod in your water heater.

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