How Long Does It Take to Replace the Old Septic System in My Soon to Be Yard?

Question Asked by JT: How long does it take to replace the old septic system in my soon to be yard?
Can we be there? Does anyone know what it intails.
Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Frosty
Usually you have to drain the old one and make any repairs necessary. Replace pipes, etc. It would depend on whether they are going from the house to the septic tank. Or if they are hooking up to the sewer. Or if you are just replacing what is already there. It also depends on your local building codes. You will probably have to have the water turned off for a while. You need to ask the people who are doing the job.

Answer by Carl
One day. A backhoe digs it really fast. The tank, pipes, rocks etc, go in fast. Just takes money because it’s the use of the truck and tractor. And of coarse the people doing it what big bucks. If the drain field is at a higher elevation you will have to have two tanks with a pump. Cost about twice as much. I hope your system will work with gravity and one tank!

You have to get a permit. That can take some time. Do that first. Will cost 50 to 100 dollars for that.

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