How Much Does a New Septic System Cost?

Question Asked by curiousgirl: How much does a new septic system cost?
We found a house to buy, but it needs a new septic system.

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Answer by misty0408
Don’t know what area you’re in…but they run approximately $ 5000 for a gravity system.

Answer by Turnhog
It depends on your location and your soil conditions. Here in east Texas, I typically allocate $ 5,000 to $ 6,000 for septic needs.

Answer by Pat B
depends on the requirements in your area and type of soil you have The last one I had to pay for was $ 10,000. but there was a lot of clay and poor drainage.

If that means it overflowed, it has plugged the field and a new one needs to be dug. Depends where you are at, ask excavation services out there thru the phone. 10 G would not be surprising.

Answer by poppyman54
The area you reside, would dictate what type system you can install. In south east Texas, gravity systems are no longer allowed. Aerobic systems are installed based on how many bathrooms the house has. Typically, for a 2 bath home, you are looking at about $ 8000-14000, depending on soil conditions.

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