How Much Does It Cost to Have a Septic Tank Installed?

How much would it cost to purchase and install a septic system?

My husband and I are wanting to move out of our apartment, and one of the options we are considering is purchasing an acre of land, and putting a double wide on it, but neither of us know anything about septic systems and that’s one of the costs that needs to be considered.
I live in southern Indiana, if it matters.

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2 Responses to “How Much Does It Cost to Have a Septic Tank Installed?”

  • Steve in NC says:

    It depends on the soil and how it percolates. It will run anywhere from $1500-5000.
    Good luck – sounds like a great idea getting out of the apartment and getting your own place!

  • Tim E says:

    Ours was sized for a family of 4 and double wide with 2 baths, it was around $4000 in South Carolina.

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