How Thick Is a Concrete Septic Tank Wall?

Question Asked by : How thick is a concrete septic tank wall?
How thick is a 30 year old concrete septic tank wall? I need to cut a 4″ hole in the side to ad a new inlet sewer line. I have learned I can buy a 4″ concrete hole saw to do this but can I get one long enough to go maybe 3″ into the wall if it’s that thick?

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Answer by Rick
it is 3-4 inches thick, and you will need to rent a core driller to do it or hire a cement cutting and drilling company to do it. It wont cost that much for 1 hole.

however a much easier and cheaper solution is to dig up the current inlet pipe just outside the tank, cut the pipe and install a Tee fitting to conect your new inlet too.

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