How to Build a 55 Gallon Drum Septic System?

Question Asked by Wayne J: How to build a 55 gallon drum septic system?

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Answer by Bullfrog_53
I really don’t think you want to go there. 55 gal is no way near enough capacity for the bacteria to do their job. Besides in most places you have to have septic systems installed by a licensed contractor. Most septic systems hold several hundred gallons of waste and are usually connected to 255′ of drain field tiles.

Answer by cheyenne32303
ok im going to give this this a shot…. i dont know what good a 55 gallon would be. but it can be done. use a poly drum and set it up the same way u would a large septic. use a hole saw to cut holes in the drum in the size of pipe you plan to use 2 or 3 inch. make one hole about 4″ down from the top of the drum. then directly across from the first hole mesure about 15″ down and saw another hole.

now assuming that you have the hole dug for the drum about 50′ away from well… what ever needs the tank?!?! run your in let pipe to the top hole in the drum run the pipe through the hole about 5″ and use plumbers putty to seal around the pipe. now on th the “leach field” run a perforated pipe (one with holes in it) out of the lower hole, out about 40′ cap the far end. seal the pipe in the drum again with plumbers putty. seal the lid on the drum bury the whole thing and there you go a 55 gallon septic tank!!!!

Hope That Helps…….

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