I Like to Soak in an Epsom Salt Bath. My Friend Told Me This Is Bad for My Septic System. Is This True?

Question Asked by Pat’sBrat: I like to soak in an Epsom Salt bath. My friend told me this is bad for my septic system. Is this true?
I love to relax with an Epsom Salt bath, but I was told it was going to ruin my septic system! How truthful is this? Please help! Thanks!

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Answer by Joy
I seriously doubt that you use enough epsom salts to affect the septic system negatively. Even if you took 3 baths per day , 7 days per week. A standard bathtub is about 40 gallons or more. How much epsom salts are you using? It will be pretty well diluted!
And then, when it hits your septic system, it will be diluted even more.
. . . We lived in a neighborhood where everyone had septic systems and luxurious big soaking spa jacuzzi tubs, and and I never heard of any septic system failing there. (And these people were real noobs with those, too, hahha). The only one .that I suspected had some issues. . was in the oldest house on the street – I believe their tank was too small, and the homeowner was a clean freak and had probably poured tons of bleach into it. Their septic output STANK!!! It was funny, because they were so fastidious, hahha. When the wind was right, it was rank. (I traced the odor to their output line – the septics there were “modad” systems”.)
Any, relax, enjoy your bath, and tell your friend that you’ve “cut back” . .(on worrying, lol).

Answer by Chris G
Only if your drain system has metal components. The salt will corrode them.

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