If Water Is Coming Back into Your Septic from the Field Drain Does That Mean That Your Feild Drain Is Bad?

Question Asked by FOXY: If water is coming back into your septic from the field drain does that mean that your feild drain is bad?
I had my septic tank drained and the pipe that leads out to my field had water flowing back into the tank the guy that came out said my drain field was bad and I need a new one :( he said it will cost around 3500.00 ouch does anyone know if this is the case or has had this happen to them?

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Answer by sllde
He may be right, but if you have you had a lot of rain lately, that could be the problem.

Answer by morris
Yes, the water should be going into the drain field and soaking into the ground. Pump outs will only work for a short time. Drain field needs replacing. I would get different prices though. Most drain fields around here can be done for $ 1000 or less, but it really depends on the soil type that you have. sand and gravely soil is best and lower cost to install.

Answer by luka
if its only a little water its nothing to worry about,if you have and in ground septic maybe you waited to long to have it cleaned,you should never put grease, Drano, or any other chemicals into your septic tank,rid-ex is the only thing it helps create bacteria and digest the waste,also no tampons, or kotex.if its a turkey hill septic you need to open the pipes sticking out once a year for 24 hours,this will aid in draining and getting air into septic.check out different companies for there opinion.

Answer by lenzix5
many lines ,lots of water ,not necessarily a problem though…if the system wasn’t a major problem before the pumping, like backing into the house or a huge swamp in your yard don’t rush into a major repair . septic mainteance is important and they sell products to keep your bacteria levels high and fight off the oils,fats and bleech that weekens your system and blocks your leech field. Reduce these items going down the drain and seek out a quality septic maintenance product.

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