If You Own a Home with a Septic System on It, Should You Put One Packet of Yeast Down the Toilet Once a Year ?

Question Asked by Hillbilly: If you own a home with a septic system on it, should you put one packet of yeast down the toilet once a year ?
A wise old man told me today that I should put one packet of yeast and flush it down my toilet once a year to help the septic system. Is this true ?

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Answer by CatLover
Have lived in homes with septics for over 35 years and never heard of that one…
Check this out…http://septictankcare.net/adding-yeast-septic-tank-systems/

Answer by sonriel
yes, yeast breaks down solids

Answer by makes_us_smile
No yeast! Do not pour grease or any other fatty substances in the sink. They will shorten the life of your septic.

Answer by Laura
A few months ago I had my septic tank pumped and the guy told me to flush one of those small packets of yeast down the toilet about every 3-4 months. It helps to clean the solid waste in your septic tank, so u wont have to have it pumped as often . yes it literally eats the sh..!

Answer by Bingabells
There is a special treatment for septic tanks.It can be found in the cleaning goods aisle in the supermarket with drain cleaners,caustic products etc. The product we have here in Australia is called Actizyme & I’m sure you will find a similar one in your country.Never heard of yeast treatment & having lived on rural properties with septic systems for the past 40 years or more I’ve tried it all.

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