Is It Safe to Flush Condoms in a Septic System?

Question Asked by Charles: Is it safe to flush condoms in a septic system?
Moved to a new house with a septic system about a year ago and have been flushing them since we moved in. The thought just occurred to me… wait – maybe this is a bad idea.

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Answer by Homeless Kool Cat

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Answer by sunspear11
They tell you not to, but everyone does it anyways.

Answer by Bub
Not a great idea. It probably won’t hurt anything, but they may be floating on top when the guy comes to pump it out ever few years? LOL

You really don’t want to flush anything that won’t break down in water. If it hangs up, you may create a clog that will be embarassing when it is snaked out?

Answer by Gramma
Only if they are biodegradable.
They belong in the wastebasket/trash.

Answer by Thomas
Absolutely Not!

OK, this is not meant to be funny, but it is true. If you tie a knot in the condom before you flush it, I will blow itself up like a balloon. It’s a decomposition thing, and not the condom. It can easily block a drain pipe and shut down your system.
Rule one, no knots. Rule two, no flush. If women can’t flush things, neither can we.
A septic tank and field is an ecosystem of it’s own. Everything that goes into it must be digestible by bacteria. Everything else must be pumped out of it. If it goes through the tank, over time you will have to have your lines dug up. There goes the yard. Several thousand dollars later and everything will be fine.

Answer by Don
I knew somebody that had his septic tank pumped out while he was at work and his wife was home. The septic guy told his wife that her husband really should quit flushing condoms down the drain, they weren’t decomposing and could plug up the system. She told him “that’s funny, my husband doesn’t use condoms!”. Turned out it was one of their kids…

They don’t decompose, folks. 🙂

Answer by Gary L
It’s the only way to assure “safe sh*t”

Answer by Deborah L
It’s a bad idea. You should never flush anything but toilet paper down a septic tank.

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