New Rockless Septic System

a new type of septic system im putting in

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22 Responses to “New Rockless Septic System”

  • 312bcat says:

    nice i saw those at home depot

  • diggerdave51 says:

    Hey, Chris. Nice job. I like that system seem to be pretty easy to install how are the connections made between each of the pipe/bags? and is that a 1250 DC tank ??

  • rabbitsmeller400 says:

    Thats pretty cool!

  • jda1961 says:

    looks like over time the weight of the soil on top would crush the peanuts or the ground on top would always be spongey.

  • ajsfrank says:


  • tewiginton1s says:

    We have been able to use that system here in Missouri for awhile, but it’s not real popular with the septic plumbers. Guess they don’t have as much material to charge a markup on that way.

  • yz250md says:

    used those here in albany, ny they seemed to work really well, and it saved a whole hell of alot of time!

  • theoman69 says:

    once they get wet i think they will either shrink or wither up…or once they freeze they will really expand..then when they thaw out they will turn to mush and then start seeping into the ground..may take a season or a few but i think that is what will happen. YARRR!!

  • abbottwtf says:


  • traxeon255 says:

    We used to use that here in TN, but it is really expensive and most people do not want to spend that much money. The big thing going here now is chamber. They look like turtle shells without a bottom.

  • BradyHill1 says:

    @theoman69 underground never freezes

  • BradyHill1 says:

    where’s your D-Box?….we’ve always used rocks here, others have tried these and chambers but everyone always ends up back with slag rock i guess possibly because it’s about 8 bucks a ton compared to 16 for real stone

  • mrbluenun says:

    Hi letsdig18,

    That drain system looks brilliant, and as you say the same as gravel. Of course when it’s working, the bugs in the soil will keep the pipe and the plastic ‘peanuts’ clean.

    I’ve done a few drain jobs and all by hand, I wish we would have had that then! You could do a whole drain without the back-fill in just a few minutes! What a great idea, lets hope it comes to the UK if not already.

    Take care and happy holiday,


  • dicin29 says:

    intrestin, semms pretty cool thouugh!!

  • theoman69 says:

    @BradyHill1 thats only a few inchs below the ground though..that would freeze that far down pretty quick…oh lol..never mind.haha kinda forget the frost probably dont set in as deep down there. i know up here that would freeze. but for the weather down there would probably work.

  • dsexcavating13 says:

    wow thats neat i used regular lime stone

  • TyCarp07 says:

    EZ Flow. Used that on a good many tanks about 10 years ago and I think the guy I worked for is still using it.

  • BradyHill1 says:

    @theoman69 I don’t believe it gets cold enough in NC for it to freeze solid what looks like 18″ deep, if it did every water line everywhere up there would freeze up

  • theoman69 says:

    @BradyHill1 yeah it does look deeper now that i look at it again.

  • hppyadam says:

    never used that stuff befor.

  • cyberprop says:

    @mrbluenun we’ve had it uk for years, check out klargester website

  • hawker800FO says:

    chris how much is a septic system if you do it yourself

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