Q&a: Any Opinions Regarding a Terralift to Be Done to My Septic System?

Question Asked by Sharon: Any opinions regarding a Terralift to be done to my septic system?
We are trying to sell our home. Septic has been fine, but will not pass. I was told a Terralift would solve my problem, but the realtor says it’s just a bandaid to the system. I don’t want to spend 15K on a new system!

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Answer by miketyson26
Whoever qouted you 15k for a new spetic system is over charging you 11 to 12 thousand dollars. Mine cost me $ 3k just 2 years ago.


Answer by cowgirl
Never heard of Terralift. Get more estimates on a new system.
If you do put one in, it’ll help sell your home. We bought our home without the owners putting in a new one, and we knocked off $ 5000 from the price we’d pay.

Answer by bobweb
I suggest you get the opinion of 2 different reputable septic system contractors in your area. You wouldn’t ask them about real estate questions would you? If you have a concrete septic tank, why would it ever need to be replaced? The septic tank empties into a drain field where the effluent is dispersed into the soil. Your drain field may be clogged up causing a backup into your septic tank.

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