Q&a: Any Opinions Regarding a Terralift to Be Done to My Septic System?

Question Asked by Sharon: Any opinions regarding a Terralift to be done to my septic system?
We are trying to sell our home. Septic has been fine, but will not pass. I was told a Terralift would solve my problem, but the realtor says it’s just a bandaid to the system. I don’t want to spend 15K on a new system!

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Answer by miketyson26
Whoever qouted you 15k for a new spetic system is over charging you 11 to 12 thousand dollars. Mine cost me $ 3k just 2 years ago.


Answer by cowgirl
Never heard of Terralift. Get more estimates on a new system.
If you do put one in, it’ll help sell your home. We bought our home without the owners putting in a new one, and we knocked off $ 5000 from the price we’d pay.

Answer by bobweb
I suggest you get the opinion of 2 different reputable septic system contractors in your area. You wouldn’t ask them about real estate questions would you? If you have a concrete septic tank, why would it ever need to be replaced? The septic tank empties into a drain field where the effluent is dispersed into the soil. Your drain field may be clogged up causing a backup into your septic tank.

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2 Responses to “Q&a: Any Opinions Regarding a Terralift to Be Done to My Septic System?”

  • Joe Mollric says:

    Fragmented and incomplete information is a disaster. $3000 to $15,000 for a system. They can be $24,000 in Ohio for a mound or pressure system.
    Your local health Dept. has the answers and is the place to start. What is approved in your area. There are several types of systems, and only the local code governs the type installed. I am a licensed installer and a Terralift owner. There is no one system that fits all conditions.
    We have completed well over 600 Terralifts in 13 years, with only two issues. Both were rental properties. If you need help, send along an email to septicsurgeons@aol.com. Get the facts, not opinions

  • ParksMgr says:

    For the past fifteen years, I have managed two large mobile home parks with 65 separate septic systems which are very old.
    I have used TerraLift on 5 occasions where rebuilding the drain field was my only other option. In every case, the drain fields were re-opened and and are still operating perfectly today.
    I would highly recommend using Terralift first. It’s far cheaper than a new drain field and much quicker.
    In my opinion, the odds are greatly in your favor and you will know immediately if the procedure wasn’t effective.

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