Q&a: Is It Okay to Use Tide Detergent if You Have a Septic System?

Question Asked by (Lov3)P!nk <3: Is it okay to use Tide detergent if you have a septic system?
My mom said she has heard that Tide is not good for the septic system, so she switched to another detergent, but now doesn’t like her new detergent. Is it okay to switch back to Tide? What could it possibly do to the septic system?

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Answer by shaun.forcier

Answer by bratbrat2727
Tide isn’t going to hurt anything in your septic system. Go ahead and use it. It will be fine. Have used it in mine for years and have had no problems.

Answer by Julie C
read the label it will say ok to use or not. I was reading my tide with bleach box and it said it was ok

Answer by peanutbrain
Use liquid detergent with septic systems. The binder in powder can cause clogs in septic tanks. In the tank where the inlet tee is seems to be the most common.

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