Q&a: Is It Safe for the Septic System to Flush Cat Litter Box Waste?

Question Asked by TDKFlashFling: Is it safe for the septic system to flush cat litter box waste?

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Answer by mojos1966
Litter box waste is the same as your waste…Don’t worry about it 🙂

Answer by TheOtherOne
Some clumping litter is intended to be easy for a septic system to handle. You don’t want to put the other kind of clumping litter in there, because it won’t biodegrade and it will mess up the system.

If you get the right kind, it should be okay, but some septic systems are touchier than others. If you buy yeast and dump a pound of it down the toilet once a month, that’s pretty much what Rid-X is, and it *really* improves the functioning of the system.

Answer by Steve
Are you flushing just the feces or the cat litter material too?

If it is just the feces…it would be OK…but the litter material of any significant amount would be a very bad idea.

Answer by brutusmom
According to a plumber that I talked to recently, the main cause of blocked sewer/septic lines is SCOOPABLE LITTER! It’s made to “clump”, so when flushed, mixes with the water, and sets up like CEMENT! If all you’re doing is flushing the poop, without the litter, then it’ll probably be ok, but I wouldn’t do it! I keep a bucket that the clean litter came in, right next to my litterpan, lined with a plastic bag anad with the scoop inside. That way, I can scoop often and put the lid on the bucket. When the bucket is full, I remove the plastic bag and put it in the outside garbage can. This makes it easier to clean up and the smell is contained in the bucket. Hope this answers your question, and give you an idea for a better way to remove the “waste”. Good luck………………

Answer by raina_vissora
Be sure you’re ONLY flushing a litter intended for flushing. Regular litter (especially the clumping kind) is usually made of clays and other absorbent minerals. This basically turns into cement in you sewage pipes/septic tank, and that you DO NOT want.

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