Q&a: Is It Safe to Dump RV Waste into a Home Septic System?

Question Asked by Gep H: Is it safe to dump RV waste into a home septic system?
I have two inspection pipes in my yard, one that is about 6 inches in diameter and the one closer to the leach field is 4 inches in diameter. I also have two small clean out pipes near the house. If I dump, which pipe should I dump into, or would dumping overload my septic system?

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Answer by NMexican
As to which clean out to dump in, it really should not matter. I would use one of the larger ones, for convenience. Depending on what is in the RV holding tank, it should not be a problem to dump into the septic tank provided you are not at margin, now. Make sure not a lot of bleach or ethylene glycol(car antifreeze) in the load. A 1000 gallon septic tank is good for about 10-12 people (+ -). Kind regards!……….

Answer by Larry G
Stress-reduction is the name of the game. I would use the 6 inch pipe and dump the black water tank first followed by the gray water tank. Hopefully you use some black water chemicals to promote the decomposing of the waste.

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