Q&a: What Are Enzymes Made of That Go into Your Septic System?

Question Asked by skahhh: What are enzymes made of that go into your septic system?
How do they work?

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Answer by cl3v3r boy
All enzymes are protein catalysts. They are biologic macromolecules that catalyze chemical reactions. In this case, these enzymes speed up the process by which wastes are degraded into simpler molecules.

As they are biologic molecules made up of protein, they come from other living organisms, and the most common source would be microbes and likely bacteria of varying genera and species.

These enzymes can be purified from these organisms or these organisms can be added to the septic system itself.

Answer by bluenose
enzymes are all made up of protine molecules. each enzyme can only lock into one substrate like a key and lock. e.g. Lipase can only break down fats into amino acids and glycerol and it cannot be broken down by anything else.

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