Q&a: What Is the Best Toilet Paper to Use with a Septic Tank?

Question Asked by christina_m_taft: What is the best toilet paper to use with a septic tank?
Best as far as overall value and easiest on the septic tank. I was recently told that White Cloud and several other brands took along time to break down, but what should I use instead and why?

Best answer:

Answer by drew2376
Biodegradable. You can find it in the automotive section at walmart with the RV supplies for chemical toilets.

Answer by Jeannie
Angel Soft. It’s soft it breaks down easy and it’s good for the evnvironment, not to mention cheap for it’s quality.

Answer by pollyanna
The type they use for motor homes. A test to go by is to put a small amount of tissue under water, if it falls apart quickly it’s ok to use and will evaporate easier in the septic tank. Do not buy Charmin or any 2 or 3 ply tissue.It will clog up fast.

Answer by Mary R
Charmin used to be the most popular however the best way to test which is best is to take a glass jar that has a lid, fill it with cold water and put a few sheets of the toilet paper that you use or want to test in it. Secure the lid and give the jar a few shakes. If the sheets of toitet paper start to break apart, you’ll get a good idea how it will break down as it heads to your septic tank.
Good luck to you.

Answer by ken l
regular toilet paper works fine.

Answer by RunSueRun
Throw your toilet paper into a trash can.

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