Q&a: Why Is My Washing Machine Draining Bubbling Up into My Tub and Commode?

Question Asked by coppermare: Why is my washing machine draining bubbling up into my tub and commode?
I live in a mobile home with a septic tank. Every time my washing machine drains water during washing it gurggles and shoots water back up through my bathtub and commode in my master bathroom. What is going on here? I’ve only had the trailer here about a year.
feel: and theres a brain in your head?
The mobile home has not been here quite a year. And it is brand new. The septic tank however is old and there are several very large Pecan trees in the yard. Would this “flushing down the toilet of the chemical” harm the Pecan trees?

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Answer by Scott B
Drain isn’t handling the flow due to either plugged system vent, filled up septic, or clogged drain. Call the plumber.

Answer by feel g
theres a master bathroom in a trailer?

Answer by D and G Gifts Etc
You have a blockage in the drainaige downstream from the bathroom.
This can be fixed by snaking out the drain from the washer roof vent pipe.
For immediate relief and to kill the existing roots and prevent further growth you can purchase RootX or Robics Foaming Root Killer that contain Dichlobrnic.
A less expensive way would be to call around to garden supply stores and ask for fine grain Copper Sulphate. Put a 1/2 pound in your toilet and flush it down. Repeat in 6 months.

Answer by oldfatcowboy
probably either an obstruction in the main drain system, or a full septic tank. The other possibility is a much easier fix, your drains have a vent system that probably exits through your roof. sometimes squirrels or birds can clog this vent and cause it to not drain properly. Your drains need airflow to drain properly.

Have a septic company check your septic system. run a garden hose down through the pipe on your roof and see if it backs up into the house.

Answer by riderpops
Sounds like you have something in your line. It could be a clog nearer to or inside the house. For this, you can just run a snake and clear it out. You might have a problem with the roots of the trees, though. You can also snake through those without hurting the trees. The root system of the trees should extend in enough directions to tolerate this. If you have the know-how, you can rent a machine to snake out your pipes from an equipment rental store (yellow pages). Otherwise it may be advisable to get a pro. They have professional machines and special heads to clear out the lines.

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