Septic Tank Aerator

Remediate Your Septic Tank with Solar Aeration? Aeration of the septic tank can dramatically improve septic tank operation. Aeration helps prevent the tank from decomposing anaerobically or without oxygen—the process responsible for creating odour and greenhouse gas emissions. Now with solar aeration, the sun provides the POWER. All septic tanks are aerated one way or another. There are three types of bacteria in every septic system that process waste: aerobic, facultative, and obligate anaerobic. Aerobic bacteria require oxygen (compressed air) and are 20 times more aggressive/effective than anaerobic bacteria (which don’t require air and produce dangerous greenhouse gases like methane). Typically there are very few of these type of bacteria in your septic tank. In a conventional septic system, most of the bacteria are facultative. Facultative bacteria also require oxygen but they can get it from non-aerated water by stripping oxygen molecules from other sources which directly produce the “rotten egg odor,” also known as hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S). If you aerate the facultative bateria they will stop producing the H2S and odor and only produce an earthy smell. Solar powered aerators are available as after market products to eliminate H2S odor by directly aerating the influent flow in the septic tank and supplying the facultative bateria with oxygen. Just place the air diffuser near the incoming or influent end of the tank. Only our solar aerator is sized to minimize

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