Septic Tank Odor in the House When It Is Very Cold Outside?

Question Asked by john r: septic tank odor in the house when it is very cold outside?
My house in Vermont gets a septic tank odor when it is very cold outside. It happens on only one side of the house. (There are 2 septic stacks one on each side of the house) The odor is paricularly bad after a bunch of showers but does not always happen. Plumbers don’t seem to have the patience to figure it out. The problem has gotten worse since the house froze and burst a couple of water pipes which have been repaired.
It is wide open. I am concerned that part of the vent piping might be open. Is there a way to test for open joints without ripping the walls open?
I am sorry but what does it mean to pressure wash the vent stack and how is it done.

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Answer by Larry D
Check the vent stack on the roof sometimes thy can get completely plugged up with moisture freezing inside the pipe. this can cause the sewer gases to not vent correctly

Answer by champ2785
The only way to test the system is to cap all the fixtures and pressurise the stacks, most likely you need to pressure wash the vent stack. Edit; Call a reputable, preferably referenced, large drain cleaner, they use power flushing for problem jobs like this, ask if they can power flush the vents, and get the price before work starts. Never call a plumber for drain cleaning, the drain cleaner will tell you if you need a plumber.

Answer by Dennis
I have read that here in canada septic tanks some times need a heater and there are special heaters for this pourpose……I am guessin that you have a partial freeze….or a full freeze up and you get gas where the system is weakest or does not have a sufficent pee trap(what stops the backflow of gas. there are meters you can get to tell you where the gas is coming from…..most like ly instead of renting the meter you could get a profesional to look at it….for a minimal price….

Answer by AARDVARK S
You do Indeed Have a frozen vent pipe on the roof top, Where condensation has collected. You may have debris in your vent pipe or birds nests allowing this to trap there,. You can get a plumber to snake the stack of debris and a google search yields dozens of inexpensive systems to keep your stack thawed. This is the best I can tell you without more info. Im a septic contractor in your region of the us. I would be glad to answer any questions to help. You can email me if you are stuck.

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