Septic Tank Pumped, So Why Does My Basement Still Smell?

Question Asked by Buffalo Slobber: Septic tank pumped, so why does my basement still smell?
I had my septic tank pumped about a month ago and my basement still has a sewage smell. Does anyone have any ideas why my basement still smells like sewage? I know I don’t have any dry traps. Is there something I should be adding to my septic tank?

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Answer by jiminpa2
is your tank in the basement? i don’t know of any other reason unless the traps are dry.mabe a plugged vent?

Answer by Gary M. Cornelisse Sr.
Not to your septic tank but think about washing down as much of your basement as you can with a scented bleach. You have a bacterial issue.

Answer by Edgar
Usually when you get the “smell” in a basement it is from an unused floor drain or a utility drain in that area. Drains have a water trap that prevents sewer gasses from entering the house. When not used often the water evaporates and the gasses creep in. A good way to prevent this is to pour water down the drain. This should work. To maintain the trap you can pour in a cup of vegetable oil to keep the water from evaporating. Won’t hurt the environment. Another method is to use evaporator cooler water conditioner (it wont evaporate and won’t hurt the environment either). You will have to tend the drain(s) about every 6 months. A more costly method is to have trap primers installed.

Hope this helps.

Answer by Carol
Check your sewage pipes including the vent pipes going through the house/basement. Septic pipes never fill up so a crack or break on the top won’t leak liquid but will leak gas that will stink. Also check the lid or cap on the septic tank. If it wasn’t put on correctly, it will also leak gas. Finally, check if anything’s changed the air movement around the septic vent in your roof. Anything that disturbs a clean flow of air past that pipe could cause the vented gasses to be circulated around the side of the house and in a basement window.

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