So if Your Land Won’t Perk and You Can’t Tap into the Local City’s Septic System, What to Do?

Question Asked by : So if your land won’t perk and you can’t tap into the local city’s septic system, what to do?
Can’t tap into the City’s existing septic system because it is supposedly “at capacity.” How do I challenge the city’s denial of me joining the existing system?

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Answer by realtor.sailor
ANY land can be made to perc, it’s just a matter of how much money do you want to spend. There are two main reasons land won’t perc. If the ground water table is too high and that can be fixed by adding sufficient fill to bring the leachfield above the water table. The other reason is if the soil contains too much clay. This will restrict perculation. In this case, the clay must be excavated and replaced with clean sand. Talk to a local septic tank contractor.


Answer by ibu guru
You need to hire an attorney who is experienced in land, zoning, city planning issues and is experienced in petitioning/suing the local govt. It is going to cost you a very great deal, it is going to take years, and it is a really big headache. The system is at capacity, they don’t have money and everything else necessary to expand the system, and there is a pretty good chance that you can’t do diddly about it. However, you won’t know for certain what can/cannot be done & what your chances are with your community until you discuss the matter with an attorney who is an expert in these matters. Only an attorney is likely to be any help at this point if you want to pursue connecting to the city.

Your other alternative is to talk to a civil engineer experienced in septic & sanitation systems to see if there are any alternatives to septic or the city’s system. There has to be a better way & if there is, it’s to be found in engineering systems & technologies.

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