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Q&a: My House Was Built in 1960. I Have Lived Here 4 Years. All the Plumbing to My Knowledge Is Hooked Up to?

Question Asked by ruth e: my house was built in 1960. I have lived here 4 years. all the plumbing to my knowledge is hooked up to?
city sewer. however, i’ve noticed when i run my washing machine a puddle forms outside next to the house. I dug about 2 feet and there is a cement block? i dont thinkits a septic because it looks like there is no opening at the top. Everytime i run the wash the puddle forms and then slowly will drain away. I live in NJ and the house was built in 1960..what am i dealing with here? thanks

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Answer by sensible_man
Whoever installed the pipe was probably thinking about using gray water for a garden but never ran the rest of the pipes. Could also be that the washer drain was added later and they were too lazy to tie into the main draineline.

Answer by Karen L
You could have what was known as a soap run, which was meant to send what we now call grey water(that’s anything that didn’t come from the toilet) out across the yard. They used to be quite common, they usually ran 20-30 feet out across the lawn but could be a sort of box sunk into the ground. Sounds like if that’s what you have, it’s no longer functioning well, they do clog up in time. I had a house once which had been on a septic system until 1967, even though it was in a city, so you could easily have an old-fashioned water disposal system.

Answer by Docar
In 1960 it was most likely a dry well. Houses had septic systems except you might have a washing machine or your down spouts on a dry well. A dry well is basically a hole in the ground to accept water. It may be too small for your new washer or it could have partially collapsed over the years. Dig it up, clean it out, enlarge if required. It may be a “loose rock” well (a bunch of rocks thrown down the hole) in which case yo might want to look for a manufactured dry well.

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