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Q&a: What Is the Difference Between an Aerator System and Septic System?

Question Asked by lala: What is the difference between an aerator system and septic system?

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Answer by zinubes
an aerator is for your fish tank,it puts oxygen in the water,and a septic system is where everything goes when you flush the there is a HUGE difference and hopefully you did not….well,I am not even going to go there!! but here is what you needed to know. Good luck

Answer by leahcimnotlad
I have seen both systems but don’t know the technical differences in them. I think an aerator system disposes of the “Gray” water through a sprinkler or other means so that your septic doesn’t fill up as quickly. Gray water is the water that a septic system creates when it has completed the waste breakdown process. NOT FOR DRINKING but not raw sewage either.

Answer by etcher1
This link should explain it. Hope it helps.

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Q&a: How Long and How Often Should the Aerator Pump Come on in Our Aerobic Septic System?

Question Asked by Casey and Aaron G: How long and how often should the aerator pump come on in our aerobic septic system?

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Answer by David B
check with the manufacture… there are so many different ones…..

Answer by
There are many types of aerobic systems. That can only be found in the user manual. Some run continually 24hrs per day. Some rum in 15 minute intervals 30 times a day. Try finding the manual or make and model and do a web search. Good Luck.

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Aero Stream Septic Tank Aerator

Aero Stream Septic Tank Aerator

Watch our demonstration video on how to install the Aero Stream septic tank aerator, the #1 in Septic Tank Aeration. Our aerator…

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Aerator Aerobic Septic Tank System Turbo-flo System

Aerator aerobic septic tank TURBO-FLO system also will work great inside a septic tank E mail 800-717-8807.
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How to Replace the Motor in a Norweco Aerator?

Question Asked by jon: how to replace the motor in a Norweco aerator?
I want to replace the motor in my Norweco septic aerator. However, after removing all the bolts I could find on the aerator housing, I still cannot get the motor housing apart. Has anyone replaced this motor and can tell me how to get inside the housing?


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Answer by Chris
Don’t put anything in your septic system that will not digest from the several strains of natural bacteria that enter your septic system. This will lessen the amount of work your aerator motor.

For septic system, plumbing & water supply maintenance use the all-natural Advanced Formula Septic-Helper 2000 and Enza Drain Line Cleaner. It has the 8 natural bacteria and enzymes that digest the waste in the tank AND out in the drain field. To reduce your Phosphate and Nitrate levels to Zero coming from your Laundry, use their new All-Natural Enza Wash-Balls. According to the EPA, Chemicals used in the home are the #1 problem polluting water supplies and water wells.

In 2011, the EPA (TMDL), Mandates that States clean up their water supplies. It mandates new inspections on all septic systems, water wells and with funding, local waterways. A failed inspection would include a slow drain in your leach field, low septic tank bacteria levels or elevated Nitrate levels in your Water Well or local Water Supplies; could require replacement of your entire system for $ 10K to $ 80K+ or connect to the city sewer system for $ 5K to $ 40K. The EPA admits that the new inspections are failing 12% of systems each year and 82% of those older than 1977.

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