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Q&a: What Does It Cost to Install a Septic System?

Question Asked by bluedot: what does it cost to install a septic system?
anyone know what it costs to put in a septic system…we’re gonna have to get one put in soon…hope someone on here knows how much it might be…appreciate any information
12,000 dollars…oh my….we are doomed

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Answer by pbugs222
We had to install a new one about 3 years ago. Mahoning County, Ohio $ 12,000.00 – OUCH

Answer by mary h
ball park figure- 12 grand.
really depends on where you live, what kind of system you will need and your soil conditions. It can be quite costly- but on the upside – if you already have a septic in place then chances are some of it can be salvaged and you will only need a few pipes here and there replaced.

Answer by joshua b
On average in the atlanta area there about $ 10,000. The actual price of the tank and feild lines is less than $ 4000. Also it can be very costly if your soil conditions are not good enough for a septic system and you have to pump to other ideal locations.

Answer by honeylulu2
It depends entirely on where you live and the type of system you install. If you are in a development where you need a septic field, the cost in western Canada will run about $ 9,000. If you have 20+ acres with some brush on it, you may be able to get a permit for a Bell & Siphon system or a pump system which could be as little as $ 3,000 because the sewage is just processed in a 2 compartment tank, then discharged to the surface in the bush.

Your best bet is to contact 2 or 3 local contractors and ask for their advice.

Answer by 007longbeach
If you can use a gravity system, and don’t need an engineer or designer, then you might get away with about $ 4500. If you need a pressure system or live near a wet land you will spend anywhere from $ 9000 to the worst case of $ 18,000. We live on a giant sand bar near the ocean, so your prices might be higher (it is easy to dig here).

A repair of an exsisting system might be even cheaper, for you don’t have to buy everything. You might be able to use your old septic tank.

Answer by 0-to-60
I just had one put in here in the sunny state of Florida for a 950 gallon tank and leaching field excavation/ installation ,the grand total after shopping around ,and calling in a personal favor are you ready for this………………$ 13,945.65. And now after all of that the mighty town that i live in, has decided to start installing public sewers in 2009(mandatory hookup); for the low,low price of 20k. Anyone want to move to Florida?

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Q&a: How Much Would It Cost to Put in a Septic System?

Question Asked by : How much would it cost to put in a septic system?
I’m not sure what any of the details of the property are, but if there is an basic estimate for this to be done, that would be a ton of help.

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Answer by skeeter
going to depend on the terrain of the property, soil types and perk test to determine the type if field. for a simple tank and leach field, could be as low as 6000, on up to 25,000 for an elaborate system.

Answer by
i am not sure.but i hear 25.000 plus.good luck.

Answer by oil field trash
I depends a great deal on the property, location, soil type and type of septic system. You should talk with a local septic tank contractor. They are usually happy to give you a ball park estimate for your location. That is what we did when we were doing a budget for our current house.

Answer by Three_Kings_Clooney
Hi, Vanessa! Rough guesses are not the way to go here on this Yah forum. In fact, this is especially true because the cost of material and labor greatly varies by location, so asking here on Yah is not a good idea: A person who posts on here from NY will give a vastly different figure than what it would cost in CA or whever you are. So, your best action to take is to get free estimates from local plumbing contractors in your area, who could provide you with information about the cheapest, best available septic systems in your area.

Get some references online, etc. Hmm, for your convenience, you can seek assistance from the following handyman site link, which includes on its web page a text-link ad that offers up to four (4) Free estimates from local plumbing contractors who can provide you more information about the types of septic systems available (when you click on the link below, you’ll be taken to a handyman page where you’ll just scroll down a bit to arrive at the text-link, “Find Local Plumbing Services…Get Up to 4 Quotes Now…Free”):

Get your free estimates. That way you’ll get information that is relevant to your local area, including relevant costs. The rule of thumb is to get at least three estimates from which to later on choose. Good luck in getting a septic system that suits your needs.

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Do It Yourself Septic Tank Fix That Doesn’t Cost Thousands of Dollars?

Question Asked by mwwwilson: Do it yourself septic tank fix that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars?
Septic seems to be backed up. Water and waste backs up through toilet and shower. After being pumped it starts again 30 days or so later. Washing laundry makes it back up even faster. What can be done without heavy machinery and keeping cost low. Manuel labor is the answer but how do you do it yourself? Websites, answers, help me here! Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by oil field trash
Sounds like your leach field isn’t taking the treated water. I am afraid you may need a new leach field. If the water doesn’t flow out then the whole system becomes flooded and you get backup into the house.

I would start by talking with a septic tank contractor in your area that does repairs.

Answer by starr
check your vents out in the drain field see if there is liquid in them.if there dry you have a line out the end of the tank that is clogged.If there is cast iron pipe coming out of the tank,after years it fills up with real hard deposits.chances are the first pipe out of the tank needs to be can be done by hand if you can find out how deep it is,Pull the cover and measure down to the tank.that’s how far down you have to dig plus about 10 inches.there’s a chance the baffle on the out let is old is your system the newer ones have filters on the outlets that have to be cleaned about once a year.

Answer by paulofhouston
You don’t run a washing machine through a septic system!! You have killed the bacteria and coated your leach pipes with soap scum.Take the washing machine off and restart your colony.You probably will need a new leach field (major expense) or it may clear up. The only thing that gos into your septic system is food waste(kitchen) and human waste (though most plumbers run bath water through it.

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How Much Does It Cost to Have Your Septic Tank Pumped?

Question Asked by Amy V: How much does it cost to have your septic tank pumped?
Any ideas on how much it costs to have the septic tank of a 2500 sq. ft. home pumped non-emergency? thanks

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Answer by mamousoux
in France apparently the local farmer will do it for nothing as he uses for fertiliser on his fields!! not sure if this is true, we live here and have a septic tank but haven’t had to have it emptied as too yet!!! dreading it when we do

Answer by sensible_man
Labor rates change depending on the area. You will need to call a couple places to get an estimate. Sorry.

Answer by FAT CAT
It will vary depending on how far the truck must come and how large your tank is.
Get out the yellow pages and call a few to learn if they are willing to give you and estimate.
Or, do the yahoo yellow pages for septic and see what you get!!!

Last time it cost me $ 110. I live ten miles from the nearest city limits……..

Answer by EV3L 1
You are looking at some were between $ 100 and $ 300 depending on were you live and how far they need to travel.
You need to call all the services in the yellow pages to see who will give you the best price. Some times you can get them into a bidding war by letting them know that there competition is cheaper. Good luck.

Answer by cowboydoc
They’ll run from $ 75.00 to $ 150.00 and in between.

Answer by whitebull1876
It is usually about $ 100.00. It depends on if your tank has above ground access or if they have to dig a bit. Digging will cost a bit more.

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Q&a: How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Leach Field from My Septic System?

Question Asked by : how much does it cost to repair a leach field from my septic system?
I have standing water in my yard. We have had a lot af rain late lee , but the ground is real mushy. Can any one help.

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Answer by BobBy In NH
We cant answer that because there are to many varibles. Call a contractor to get free quotes.

Answer by Bonno
They will not repair it. They will install new lines between the existing lines.

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Q&a: How Much Will It Cost to Put in a Septic System or Septic Tank?

Question Asked by : How much will it cost to put in a septic system or septic tank?
We have a small home with only one bathroom and there is only three of us only to live in the home. I live in louisiana by the way. I was just wondering how much it would cost to put one in and if you can do them yourself? After getting a permit and everything.

Best answer:

Answer by Hale
I’ve gotta ask: Don’t you already have a system? Since you already have a bathroom?

Answer by glen t
well you can put it in your self if you have a backhoe and some help as far as cost that is a local thing you will have to get the old phone book and let your fingers do the walking

Answer by smokey
to have a complete system installed they run around $ 6,000.00

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Cost to Replace Main Drain Pipe?

Question Asked by Leaker: Cost to replace main drain pipe?
Just looking for an estimate for replacing the main cast iron drain pipe. Current pipe just developed a leak and the entire pipe is rusty. The pipe is fully accessible from the basement, but does run through the basement concrete block wall to the septic system. Does this sound like a $ 500 or $ 2000 repair? Can we replace the leaky section with PVC to lessen the cost?

Best answer:

Answer by jpc458
Surface rust is nothing on a iron pipe with 1/4 inch walls. Is it leaking at a hub, where 2 sections meet? Leaking at the hub can be repaired with new lead packing at the joint. Do you suspect water backing up in the pipe from a clogged septic system, that would be a worse problem. You can replace a section with pvc, iron can be more difficult to fit in. A 4-5 foot section should cost much less than $ 500 to replace,more like $ 300- $ 400. First check the septic to be sure it isn’t backing up. Don’t get ripped off by a plumber!!!

Answer by poppyman54
PVC pipe is the choice for most people. If you are replacing the whole system, $ 2000 sounds appropriate. If you are just replacing one section, be advised that PVC pipe has a different outer diameter, as opposed to cast iron. You need special adapters to mate the two dissimiliar pipes to each other, so that there won’t be any leaks. A rubber boot, or FERNCO coupling, is not an approved connection, inside a structure. Good luck

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How Much Does It Cost to Have a Septic System Put in?

Question Asked by markandjess2003: How much does it cost to have a septic system put in?
My wife and I are trying to see how much it is going to be before we order a set of house plans so we know about how much we can afford. Also we are seeing about buying a lot and wanted to know if the lot is priced at $ 45,000.00 how much should we expect to pay for it, we are only 22 years old and have never bought a lot before. We did buy a house 3 years ago paid no closing costs or anything like that, so I am asuming a lot is going to be the same way. I am in the construction business and all of my home builders told me to expect to pay anywhere from $ 60 a sq ft to $ 120 a sq ft depending on appliances and fixtures things of that nature. Figuring in at $ 80 a sq ft is what we are hoping to build it for and then if the costs rise higher than that we just wait on getting a pool and dip into those funds. The lot has water, electric and phone at the street, does all of what I am saying sound do able?

Best answer:

Answer by copious
My experience has been that a system would cost about $ 10,000., plus permits.
Of course, your mileage may vary substantially due to location, drainage, local ordinance, actual size of the tank, actual lot size etc.
Also, if you are required to construct a sand trap as part of the system, that may cost additional funds as well. It seems like most localities are now making that a requirement, but you may find different where you are located.

Answer by bangnails4you
alot of variables to your question starting with the type of soil you have,and what types of systems your area allows,i used to figure 10,000 for well and septic,that usually covers most common situations,as for lot prices,check with a local realator,they’ll know what’s fair for your area

Answer by sensible_man
Your location will influence the costs. In Florida, I paid $ 6000 for a well and 1200 gallon septic system. If the ground test would have dictated a mound system unit, the cost would have gone up $ 100 per inch of mound. The septic system size was dependent on the number of bedrooms in the house. Local labor rates also come into play.

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Septic System?

Question Asked by Lazarus Cadaver: How much does it cost to replace a septic system?
digging out the old one and installing a new one? including the tank and leach field.

Best answer:

Answer by M
Five to eight thousand dollars.

Answer by spider87654
In Ohio, around $ 6,000-$ 8,000.

Answer by sherryn75501
We had ours done at the beginning of this summer and it costs $ 1200. We had to have new lines laid because tree roots had torn up the old ones. I don’t know about replacing the tank, because ours was fine.

Answer by vpsinbad50
I’m from SW Pa. and i know from experience that it costs us over $ 10,000.00 to have ours done .. Then the next year they put in public sewage ,,,, lucky us !

Answer by Joanne A. W
Different prices for different areas of the country. Look in the yellow pages of your telephone book and get two or three free estimates.

Answer by the_wayward1
$ 8,000-$ 10,000 is avg. in Indiana

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How Much Does a New Septic System Cost?

Question Asked by curiousgirl: How much does a new septic system cost?
We found a house to buy, but it needs a new septic system.

Best answer:

Answer by misty0408
Don’t know what area you’re in…but they run approximately $ 5000 for a gravity system.

Answer by Turnhog
It depends on your location and your soil conditions. Here in east Texas, I typically allocate $ 5,000 to $ 6,000 for septic needs.

Answer by Pat B
depends on the requirements in your area and type of soil you have The last one I had to pay for was $ 10,000. but there was a lot of clay and poor drainage.

If that means it overflowed, it has plugged the field and a new one needs to be dug. Depends where you are at, ask excavation services out there thru the phone. 10 G would not be surprising.

Answer by poppyman54
The area you reside, would dictate what type system you can install. In south east Texas, gravity systems are no longer allowed. Aerobic systems are installed based on how many bathrooms the house has. Typically, for a 2 bath home, you are looking at about $ 8000-14000, depending on soil conditions.

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