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What Is a Zero Discharge Septic System and What Is the Cost?

Question Asked by charlotte q: What is a zero discharge septic system and what is the cost?
I live in Malibu and a ban is being put on all of our existing conventional systems.

Best answer:

Answer by Mode01
Check into Puraflo system. It’s effluent is almost drinkable.
Google it or check this site for more info on how it works.

Answer by Three_Kings_Clooney
Hmmm, Charlotte, you don’t think they’ll grandfather the existing septic systems such as your own? I would think that would be the case; you should doublecheck on that before you invest further time, seeking estimates.

Speaking of estimates, you shouldn’t seek them here on Yah, as the cost of material (i.e., the septic tank that has zero discharge and the parts that go w/ it) and labor GREATLY varies by location. With that said, you should get a hold of local plumbing contractors to give you free estimates on the material and installation cost of such a septic system.

In fact, for your convenience, here’s a handyman site that I came across, which has a section dedicated to plumbing how-to articles and plumbing projects, where you’ll find a text-link ad that offers up to four (4) Free Estimates from such local plumbing contractors in your area (scroll down a bit and it’s the text-link towards the middle of the page):

Click on the “Find Local Plumbing Services. Get Up to 4 Quotes Now…Free” text link. Guessing on here is not as productive as getting a quote from local plumbers, as I said above. From general experience, you’ll be glad that you got concrete estimates.

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Is Watersoftener Discharge Bad for My Septic System?

Question Asked by justin: Is watersoftener discharge bad for my septic system?
The water softener discharges about 7 pounds of salt in 40 gallons of water into my septic system each week. I have a 1000 gallon concrete septic tank.

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Answer by Charles C
That much salt going into your drain field will eventually start to kill plants. That is why most people on septic systems don’t have softeners. De-ionizer systems are OK but are more expensive. They do not discharge into the waste water system

Answer by odysseus1959
No, but it will kill the bacteria in your septic tank.

Answer by Tatnic
probably not…7 pounds of salt per week into 1000 gallons is not excessive. If anything, it will help the permeability of the soils, but only slightly. Don’t worry about it. And it certainly shoudn’t shock the bacteria in the tank or kill vegetation.

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