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Whats the Best Way to Get Dog Feces to Break Down in the Back Yard?

Question Asked by Terry D: Whats the best way to get dog feces to break down in the back yard?
Is there a lime or something that wont harm the grass?

Best answer:

Answer by Miss Vida
I’d recommend picking it up! That stuff doesn’t decompose very well and by itself, if left, will harm the lawn. Watering seems to help, but picking it up is WAY easier.

Answer by Matt D
If you feed your dog a raw diet, the feces will decompose extremely rapidly.

If raw feeding isnt for you, feed an all-natural super premium dog food (Science Diet/Iams/Eukanuba are NOT all natural OR premium foods) and you will notice smaller stools that turn ashen quicker.

Or, as mentioned, just pick it up!

Answer by lori s
It is hard to get around having to “pick up” . If you feed a high quality food with a high protein content the higher nitrogen in the food will porduce a feces that will burn the lawn in hot temps. The good news is the higher quality foods will have a lower quanity of stool.

Answer by Jeanbug
In most cities, if you don’t pick up dog poop accumulating in the yard, you’ll get a nice visit (and a fine) from a code enforcement officer.

A real easy way to deal with it, is to use one of those plastic grocery bags as a mutt mitt. Put the bag over your hand, pick up the poop, flip the bag over, tie it off, and throw in the garbage.

Answer by ellarosa
also, the salt content of the feces is not beneficial to your lawn. you can use one of those scooper/pan combos that are both on long handles so that you don’t have to get close to the poo. i’ve used them and they are quite nice. just keep them right next to the lined can w/lid where you store the poo.

Answer by Bonsylar
Doggie Doolies are sort of mini septic systems for dog poop. You do have to pick up the poop and put it in there, but it will make it into fertalizer.

Answer by effa
The correct answer is to pick it up. Dog and cat feces and urine are not good for lawns and plants in any form.

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Can You Flush a Tampon Down the Toilet When You Have a Septic Tank?

Question Asked by Tianna A: Can you flush a tampon down the toilet when you have a septic tank?
i have a septic tank and i flushed a tampon down the toilet a couple times on accident and nothing has happened so was just wonderin

Best answer:

Answer by Charlie F
Your lucky it didn’t stop your toilet up. Don’t do it again unless you want to get your fingers diety with an old wire coat hanger fishing the thing out of the toilet trap.

Answer by
not a good idea but the guy with the hose who cleans the tank will take care of it

Answer by jean ann j
It might get caught in the lines.

We flush root killer and riddex about every month through out lines.
Roots can get in the lines. Grass roots.

Answer by meanolmaw
no…. septic tanks are not able to decompose such things…. toilet tissue and waste is hard enuff for them….. no facial ‘puff’s, diaper wipes, personal wipes, tampons, minipads, etc… no cigarette butts, either….. keep a little trash basket at the toilet, wrap with tissue and dispose there…. easy enuff to haul that to the main trash later!….

Answer by saaanen
The toilet is not the problem. The lines running through the leach field may be clogged.

Maybe you’re OK. Time will tell.

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How Do I Get My Phone and Ensure There’s No Damage to the Toilet After I Flushed It Down the Toilet?

Question Asked by alarmybrat: How do I get my phone and ensure there’s no damage to the toilet after I flushed it down the toilet?
Flushed my phone down the toilet and we have a septic tank system.

Best answer:

Answer by Mr. Answerking
Hit it with a hammer

Answer by pickmefirstplz
get a long piece of plastic like a bread loaf wrapper put it on and fish your phone out

Answer by KTB
Leave well enough alone, and get a new phone.

Answer by David Keener
Put in a healthy supply of toilet paper (DON’T GO OVER BOARD, COUPLE OF HANDS FULL) and see if it flushes. If it goes right down, the phone is gone. If it does not flush or flushes slow, the phone may still be in the toilet. This is what I would do. First get some rubber, vinyl gloves and reach in the toilet and see if you can feel it. If you can, you should be able to pull it out. I am guessing you have already done that so now it get hard. You will need to remove the two nuts holding the toilet seat down and after turning off the water at the cut off valve under the tank, take the water pipe from the bottom of the tank, not the valve. Just easier. If the nuts holding the seat down are rusted, you will have to cut them with a hack saw. Once these 3 thing are off, grab the toilet on each side of the seat and rock and slowly pull up. oops, forgot to tell you, remove water from tank and seat FIRST. I use a large sponge. Keep a bucket close by at all times. Lay the toilet gently on its side and see if you can see the phone from the bottom hole, if not it is gone. ANOTHER THING I FORGOT, TURN OFF THE WATER BEFORE FLUSHING.

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How Much Longer Until the US Dollar Is Recognized As a Turd and Flushed Down the Toilet?

Question Asked by The Truth Lady: How much longer until the US dollar is recognized as a turd and flushed down the toilet?
The petro-dollar system has been weakened by China, Iran, and Venezuela, and the compounding interest on the national debt is almost 1/3 of revenues, which will only mean more money will have to be printed to pay back what is owed.

I think we have until April 2013 and then hyperinflation will destroy the dollar. All the useless eaters will purged from the Earth and liberalism will be snuffed out once and for all.

Best answer:

Answer by not as think as you drunk I am
depends on if obama is re-elected

if he is your timeline sounds correct

Answer by Diest
The US dollar has the Founding Fathers on them, so are you saying your unpatriotic? I think you are.

“I think we have until April 2013 and then hyperinflation will destroy the dollar. All the useless eaters will purged from the Earth and liberalism will be snuffed out once and for all.”

You live in coocoo land.

Answer by Loose Cannon Libertarian
Well its looking like finally it has been permanently dunked below the Canadian dollar. Many other countries are having trouble too so they are actually flocking to dollars to get some support. But this can only last so long.

Answer by dakotaviper
Once Obama gets re-elected to another term and he can continue to bi-pass Congress with his Executive Orders, then the complete collapse of the American Dollar will take place within a year.

Answer by Alan Turing
So you bought more gold yesterday, eh?

You are going to lose your shirt.

Answer by thepewterguy
LLOLOLOLLOL AND Obama just polishes the turd…

Answer by Michael Martinez
Useless eaters huh… I guess we will see about that lady. I agree that the petro dollar is history but you sound like a shrewd @ss of an old lady

Answer by Scales of Justice 3
Obama has ruined the strength of the American Dollar. Weakening the United States.

Answer by Gorkbark Porkduke Gefunken Fubar
It may not be until 2015 that the dollar is hyperinflated into worthlessness. If the same thing happens in the US that happened in Zimbabwe, then give it until 2017 that the face value of the dollar will be worth less than a single sheet of toilet paper. At that point it will be cheaper to wipe your butt with dollars.

The problem is dollars will not be safe to use with septic systems.

Answer by

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Can I Pour Acid Down Our Septic Tank or Do I Need Some Sort of Permit?

Question Asked by Letty M: Can I pour acid down our septic tank or do I need some sort of permit?
we are having septic problems, water is flooding our backyard around the septic we have been told our tank is cracked and that we need to replace it. estimates start around $ 8,500 to 10,000 we can’t afford that.

Best answer:

Answer by T.J.
Acid is not going to do anything except kill the good bacteria that makes the system work. It sounds like your tank is full and overflowing, Have somebody pump it out and then try to cut back on your water usage.

Answer by Michael
that’s unfortunate about you tank very sorry to hear it.Pouring acid in your tank wont solve the problem,it can give you more headaches.The acid will leak into your yard with the waste and its against the law.very harm full to wells and the aquifer in your area.I would suggest trying to find a company to finance the repair.also shop around 8500-10,000 seems like allot to replace a square concrete waste holder.and if they use plastic nowadays i don’t know.also look into repairing it instead of replacing it could be an option.hopefully a honest septic guy will see your q and answer it.good luck

Answer by jakeb
Acid won’t help you at all. It is often done around here that a person rents a backhoe digger and installs a new septic system themself for $ 1000-$ 1500.

Answer by chevretteg
I agree with TJ. I think they are trying to rip you off. Have it pumped out, it is full. Have it pumped out by another company, then file a complaint with the BBB and the county against those other a holes.
There is no possible way that they can tell that it is cracked without carefully and manually digging all around the tank and looking. I live in Fl. we have thousands of septic tanks.

Answer by Paul
its bad for the pipes and maybe illegal…

Answer by Perry K
A crack in a septic tank would not flood your yard.

A crack would merely allow the liquid in the tank to run into the ground, which it would normally do via the drain field.

The problem is either, you have more people using more water, than the drain field was designed for, or the ground water level is seasonally high, or the drain field is blocked.

Start by looking at near by ditches to see if the water is higher than usually, then if the water in them is low, dig a hole near the drain field and find out how high the ground water is, if it is above the drain field level, you can only cut back on water use and wait for the water to go down. If the water is below the drain field then the drain field is blocked and needs to be replaced.

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If You Own a Home with a Septic System on It, Should You Put One Packet of Yeast Down the Toilet Once a Year ?

Question Asked by Hillbilly: If you own a home with a septic system on it, should you put one packet of yeast down the toilet once a year ?
A wise old man told me today that I should put one packet of yeast and flush it down my toilet once a year to help the septic system. Is this true ?

Best answer:

Answer by CatLover
Have lived in homes with septics for over 35 years and never heard of that one…
Check this out…

Answer by sonriel
yes, yeast breaks down solids

Answer by makes_us_smile
No yeast! Do not pour grease or any other fatty substances in the sink. They will shorten the life of your septic.

Answer by Laura
A few months ago I had my septic tank pumped and the guy told me to flush one of those small packets of yeast down the toilet about every 3-4 months. It helps to clean the solid waste in your septic tank, so u wont have to have it pumped as often . yes it literally eats the sh..!

Answer by Bingabells
There is a special treatment for septic tanks.It can be found in the cleaning goods aisle in the supermarket with drain cleaners,caustic products etc. The product we have here in Australia is called Actizyme & I’m sure you will find a similar one in your country.Never heard of yeast treatment & having lived on rural properties with septic systems for the past 40 years or more I’ve tried it all.

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Q&a: How Bad Is It to Flush Condoms Down Toilet Without a Septic System?

Question Asked by : How bad is it to flush condoms down toilet without a septic system?

Best answer:

Answer by Robert
It could be very bad. Can either clog the toilet or your main sewerline.

Answer by Brandon

Answer by MillerPlantenet
Don’t put anything down there that can’t be digested by natural or added bacteria. For those still on septic, use the All-Natural Advanced Formula Septic-Helper 2000. It has the 8 natural bacteria and enzymes that liquefy the waste in the tank AND out in the drain field for less than $ 3 per month. To reduce your Phosphate and Nitrate levels to Zero coming from your Laundry, use their new All-Natural Enza Wash-Balls. According to the EPA, Chemicals used in the home are the #1 problem polluting water supplies and water wells.

In 2011, the EPA (TMDL), Mandates that States clean up their water supplies. It mandates new inspections on all septic systems, water wells and with funding, local waterways. A failed inspection would include a slow drain in your leach field, low septic tank bacteria levels or elevated Nitrate levels in your Water Well or local Water Supplies; could require replacement of your entire system for $ 10K to $ 80K+ or connect to the city sewer system for $ 5K to $ 40K. The EPA admits that the new inspections are failing 12% of systems each year and 82% of those older than 1977.

1000+ Septic, Well & Water News Stories:

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Lawn Drainage Pipe Has Holes Do They Go Up or Down?

Question Asked by Micah: Lawn drainage pipe has holes do they go up or down?
I am putting in a drainage system in my front yard, the landscape drainage pipe has holes on one side of it. Do I put them in the ground facing up or down?

Best answer:

Answer by Henry H
Facing down I hope you have gravel as a bed for your pipe and a sock over the pipe would be good also good luck

Answer by Pep
You want the holes UP. To catch the water off the lawn. Make sure to cover the pipe with gravel.

Answer by Mike
Septic Tank drain pipe…..Holes down
Lawn drainage…..Holes up
If it’s lawn drainage put some type of screen or something over the open end to keep critters out

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Can I Build a House on Land That Has Been Turned Down for a Leech Field System?

Question Asked by Jim: Can I build a house on land that has been turned down for a leech field system?
Are there other alternatives so i can buy this land and build a house here? what are the costs for the other types of septic systems? It says it has been Perc approved….

Best answer:

Answer by jakeb
I get approval and septic permits from the local health dept before I will buy the land. And building permits will not be issued until after the septic permit is issued anyway. So find out what they will approve for septic first. There usually is a way to install a septic system but it may be costly, find out first. Some types of septic systems can run over 25K. I avoid those parcels.

Answer by Karen L
Only if they will approve some other system besides a plain simple septic field. There are sewage treatment plants which can reduce the size of field needed by a considerable amount. All you can do is check with your local health department and see what they will approve.

Answer by jean ann j
The aerobic systems are being used instead of the other kind.
They are required in our county.
The people that have the old septic systems can keep them. When someone puts in a system they have to have the aerobic.
The site leads into the costs of one.

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My Sister Just Moved into a New House with a Septic Sytem, Can She Pour Milk Down the Drain?

Question Asked by Heidi J: My sister just moved into a new house with a septic sytem, can she pour milk down the drain?
I had heard that milk solids cannot be broken down, but all the research I’ve done leads me to believe that it is only in large amounts, such as in milkhouses. Does anyone know for sure?

Best answer:

Answer by M-Theory
I have a septic system and never had any problem from pouring milk down the drain. I think your research is correct, its probably only in large amounts. I doubt that pouring your cereal milk or expired milk down the drain will cause a problem at all.

Answer by noseygirl
You drink milk, then use the septic system so what’s the difference?

Answer by diane
Natural is always best~
I have the same and I was told to flush ‘active yeast’ Bread with sugar also works well and gets the bacteria jump started after using cleaning agents which kill those good bacteria that are needed for decomposition.Another good natural product to use is Epsom salts,mashed potatoes too.Strange as this sounds I have used them for many years and have never had problems with tank nor have I had to ever had to have it pumped out~as it is busy all the time eating all the ‘matter’ up.

Answer by Anti–Parrot
yes you can

Answer by SiSi
YES…I have been living in my house for about 14 years with a private septic system, and have raised 6 kids. I have never had a problem with my septic and milk, or any other normal liquids from every day use for that matter.

Just so she knows how a private septic works, here is some information.

Never put anything down the drain that will stay solid, for example, hamburger grease. Running an excess of water will fill the septic, and her leach field will grow excess grass from the excess water.

Use toilet paper that is biodegradable. I use Scott because it is very thin and breaks down pretty quickly.

A septic needs to be pumped out ever three or four years, because it will get full enough to back up into your home. That is very nasty. I do mine every four years. You might ask yourself, how do I remember. Well, I go by the presidential elections. In with the new s__t in the White house, and out with the old s__t from my septic.

There is a lot more information on line.

Answer by beginner
milk should not hurt anything to be poured down the drain I cant see it hurting anything I have heard of people poring Battery acid down the drain to clean out hair and it does not hurt anything milk would be a lot less

Answer by man_marathon
try using some ridex

Answer by jewls011
actually the opposite is true. milk is a good thing to put in the septic tank. milk puts bacteria back into your tank. the bacteria eats the waste, and keeps your tank low. bleach on the other hand, will kill the bacteria and cause the septic levels to rise. so watch your bleach use.

fyi – milk does the same job as riddex but it is alot cheaper!

Answer by plumber
yes,use rid-x monthly and no chorline bleach

Answer by Just Me
As long as you are drinking more milk than you are pouring down the drain it should not be a problem.

Answer by analize2much
LOTS of water down in there. IT would be so diluted it wont bother it. And yes milk does promote bacteria growth. And that is why you never use milk jugs to store emergency water.

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