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Camera Inspection of a Septic System Drain Field

Inspecting a drain field with a camera helps the homeowner know exactly what condition the septic system is in. This gives clear guidance to know where specific problem are so there can be a plan for returning to a safe and healthy septic system function for your home. for more questions visit us at or give us a call at 269-445-7777

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Is There a Product I Can Buy That Will Unclog/ Clean Out My Drain Field and/or Kill Roots?

Question Asked by blutoadmirer: Is there a product I can buy that will unclog/ clean out my drain field and/or kill roots?
Help! I have standing water in my tub after a shower. During the shower, my toilet gurgles. I had my septic tank pumped in June,2007. I have a maple tree about 20 feet away from my septic area. I cannot afford a professional right now. Any advice?
My washing machine is not connected to my septic any longer.

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Answer by fluffernut
There are products, usually copper sulfate, that is flushed down the toilet that kill roots invading the plumbing system. (you can find the stuff at hardware stores) Problem is with a leach field you first have the settling tank and I wonder how much copper sulfate would be trapped there and not allowed out into the field. Also copper products may not be legal in your state.

I doubt mechanical removal with a router through the pipes would work since it is a leach field, not a straight line sewer pipe.

Another option is it may not be tree roots. It could be your leach field is saturated, sealed from soaps and salts over the years and the clay soil underneath is no longer letting water drain down through (happened to us). Option is to extend your leach field into “virgin” soil.

Finally, it may not be the septic system at all. If leaves or other stuff have fallen down your home’s sanitary stack (those little pipes on the roof that act like air pressure valves in the home’s waste system), your system isn’t getting the proper air. (Hold your nose and swallow…how many times can you do it without opening your mouth?) Those need to be cleaned by someone who knows what they are doing least they break the brittle plastic and cause severe grief inside your walls.

And finally, finally, you house may have lost it’s water cushion…do your water pipes bang a bit. This is due, in part to loss of that water cushion (also relating to the sanitary stack) This is easily corrected. To restore air to the chambers, turn off the water at the main shutoff valve. Open all the faucets to drain the system. Close the faucets and turn the water on again. The air chambers should fill with air.

good luck

Answer by James M
Your assumption that the maple tree is causing septic problems is most probably incorrect.

The finger system of your septic is buried in about 2 feet or crushed rock and below a level of earth about a foot deep. Even the maple doesnt root down that far.

Pumping out a septic often does no good whatsoever. The properly working tank of bacteria needs a cleaning once in 5 to seven years.

Somehow you are killing off the bacteria in the septic tank and preventing the “eating up ” of waste.

The culprit almost 100% of the time is laundry wash water from the Washing Machine. You are using bacteria killing detergents and Chlorine, the most powerful bacteria killers around for home usage.

So to stop this in my system, I have a hole dug in the back yard about 4 x 4 x 4deep and covered with soil and grass. To that rock filled hole I run my laundry water with the chlorine and detergent.

My septic hasnt been pumped in 7 years and we have 6 fully grown people living here in this duplex.

The cost to do this is so cheap compared to the bad experience of a non working tank. So get that hole dug and filled with rock and run the laundry water into it. Your septic tank will have lots of bacteria then to eat up the waste and you wont be killing it off with detergents and chlorine.

Answer by laney
the old saying is put
vinager in your toilet once a month. one quart
and the roots will die.
if you cut the tree the roots live for seven years.
also invest in renting
a rodder from a shop
it isn’t that much money.

hope i helped

Answer by saaanen

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How Can I Connect 1 1/2 Pvc Drain Pipe (from Washing Machine) into an Existing Old 1 1/4 Metal Pipe?

Question Asked by H: How can I connect 1 1/2 pvc drain pipe (from washing machine) into an existing old 1 1/4 metal pipe?
We removed our tub and we’re putting the washing machine there. I need to connect the vertical 1 1/2 pvc drain pipe to the existing 1 1/4 metal (perhaps copper) horizontal drain pipe that (presumably) goes to the septic system. Currently there is a 90degree elbow facing up that the tub drain pipe had just fit into.

Best answer:

Answer by TommyMc
Probably a flexible coupling like this one: You’ll want to take OD measurements of both pipes because this clamps over the outside. The guys at the local plumbing supply store told me that it was code around here (VT) to use these couplings whenever you go from one pipe material to another.

Answer by Jeffrey
You can probably find a swag piece to go from copper to PVC that you can use, then add a 1 1/2 x 1 1/4 reducer to fit your drain pipe. You should realize that having a restriction in the bottom of the washer drain line will cause a slight back-up in the drain pipe.

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Is It Possible to Unclog Drain Fields or Do They Have to Be Redone if They Don’t Seem to Be Draining?

Question Asked by William S: Is it possible to unclog drain fields or do they have to be redone if they don’t seem to be draining?
I have a 2000 gallon septic tank was just drained a month ago and the guy that drained it pointed out that the pipe going to the drain fields had sludgy water coming back from them.. I discovered the tank was full because, the downstairs bathroom would not flush properly. The problem was somewhat intermittent but became more and more consistent. Particularly on days when I used a lot of water (ie laundry, dishwasher) or on days with heavy rain. When the tank was empty, flushing downstairs went fine. We had a heavy rain last week and the downstairs flushing issue is back. Along with (what I assume) is a full septic tank. My conclusion is the drain fields are not working properly.

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Answer by Jeffrey S
You can’t really unclog a drain field, you will probably need to have them redone.

Answer by bigchris61
The only good way to clean it out is to open it up, if you do that you might as well replace it while your there. Except for the manual labor of digging it up, it isn’t really that hard to do it. I helped my father replace ours when I was a kid.

Answer by robinsnest0762
You have to have a new septic put in….it wont get any better. My mother had the same problem,and sorry to say but yes you have to have someone put a new septic in.

Answer by ed
First thing is to find out how deep is the water table, if the water table is above your tank then you will have to reinstall a new system if it is not then you can pour twenty gallons of hydrochloric acid down the leech field drain and use an assist product that will revitalize the tank and drain system you should be able to find it at a good hardware store or commercial hardware store.

Answer by michael g
That is definitely the problem, the soil is no longer absorbing effluent.

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How Can I Find Where the Septic Drain Field Area Is?

Question Asked by NORMAN Z: How can I find where the septic drain field area is?
No problem with the septic system now. I want to find a way to determine where the septic field is so that I can plan where I can stack wood and park a tractor without causing damage to it. I have a concrete cavity for a septic tank which is, of course, underground just behind the house. It has two concrete caps which fit snugly into their respective holes. I know this because I had the tank pumped one year ago and dug to find the caps for the pumping service.
Any advice or recommendations are appreciated.

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Answer by TOOL GUY
Most areas require a septic design to be submitted for approval and there should be a copy of that design on record with the engineers office of your county. Good Luck and God Bless

Answer by Isaïe
if its not obvious and slightly sunk and real green it would be hard to determine i think .. generally they start close to the tank usually but not always but i think its good practice to never drive anywhere within 50-75 ft of the tank if you cant determine exactly where it is .. even if you avoid the exact field itself its not good to compact the ground near it either, so myself i wouldnt get a full size tractor or vehicle anywhere around there .. stacking wood i dont think would hurt anything.

Answer by james bond
The local dept issuing septic permits keeps records of layouts. But only for about the last 20 years. beyond that, you can usually tell by the green area during dry times. Or start digging.

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Drain Cleaner and Septic System?

Question Asked by melody71081: Drain cleaner and septic system?
Just wondering if it is safe to use a drain cleaner such as liquid plumber with a septic system. We have a couple of REALLY slow drains!

Best answer:

Answer by Corky R
The drain cleaner should state on the side of the bottle or container, whether or not it’s safe to use with a septic system. However, if you have these really slow drains, and you know about them why not get them powersnaked and take care of the problem once and for all.

Answer by GTB
All caustic based drain cleaners are safe for septic systems.

Answer by mr ballantyne
Depends. The drain cleaners that say they are safe on drains, generally arnt. they do heat up in the drain sometimes, sometimes make the blockage harder, sometimes make seals leak lol. If its worth all that headache then go nuts and try it! Its a bandaid solution.

There is natural live bacteria products for drains. EXCELLENT on septics, and great in drains! what it will do is build throughout the drain and help break down all the grease, fats and oils in the drain. as well as break down everything in the septic tank. kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Youll want a natural live bacteria tho, not an enzyme. bacteria works instantly, enzyme is somthing like 180 days to start working.

If your bathroom sinks are clogged, try sticking a wet shopvac on the drain, and cover the overflow. youll be surprised how well that works.

If your bathtub/shower is blocked, get that snaked out. Draino products can eat the seal for the shower drain and tub drain (chrome part where the water drains out of)

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Cost to Replace Main Drain Pipe?

Question Asked by Leaker: Cost to replace main drain pipe?
Just looking for an estimate for replacing the main cast iron drain pipe. Current pipe just developed a leak and the entire pipe is rusty. The pipe is fully accessible from the basement, but does run through the basement concrete block wall to the septic system. Does this sound like a $ 500 or $ 2000 repair? Can we replace the leaky section with PVC to lessen the cost?

Best answer:

Answer by jpc458
Surface rust is nothing on a iron pipe with 1/4 inch walls. Is it leaking at a hub, where 2 sections meet? Leaking at the hub can be repaired with new lead packing at the joint. Do you suspect water backing up in the pipe from a clogged septic system, that would be a worse problem. You can replace a section with pvc, iron can be more difficult to fit in. A 4-5 foot section should cost much less than $ 500 to replace,more like $ 300- $ 400. First check the septic to be sure it isn’t backing up. Don’t get ripped off by a plumber!!!

Answer by poppyman54
PVC pipe is the choice for most people. If you are replacing the whole system, $ 2000 sounds appropriate. If you are just replacing one section, be advised that PVC pipe has a different outer diameter, as opposed to cast iron. You need special adapters to mate the two dissimiliar pipes to each other, so that there won’t be any leaks. A rubber boot, or FERNCO coupling, is not an approved connection, inside a structure. Good luck

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What Do You Use to Unclog a Shower Drain if You Have a Septic Tank?

Question Asked by ihcuids: What do you use to unclog a shower drain if you have a septic tank?
I usually shave my head in the shower. I let my hair grow out quite a bit and I hated it. It was too hot and too much trouble to deal with so shaved my head with a hair shaver. Most of the time it works, because there is not enough hair going down the drain to matter. This time, however, there was enough to clog it. It’s not totally clogged, but drains really, really slowly and backs up a little when it finishs draining. Is it safe to use Liquid Plumer or something similar to that to unclog my drain if I have a septic tank?

Best answer:

Answer by Frogmama2007
(Rolling eyes at silly men & their ideas!)
Hair doesn’t dissolve in water or septic tanks.Do it over a bucket next time,or the trash can!
Get a plunger & work it real hard or call the sh*t sucker truck!

Answer by tomkat1528
Main Line Cleaner
available at WalMart $ 10/gallon
I believe it’s ok for septic tanks (check the label)

although it says use the whole thing – I would use 1/2 gallon.
cover overnight with a plate

then use a container to catch a gallon of water to get it HOT
and then take the gallon container away (oh yeah – pick up the plate) and let the hot water run through for 5 minutes – then pour
the gallon of water in to really flush it out

best of luck (used four gallons in two houses)
one quart went down a leaf filled rain downspout – and the stuff
cleaned out the leaves! W O W

given up on liquid plumper

Answer by Joshu@
Hello, I am not sure about the septic tank being able to handle “uncloggers,” but I would like to strongly recommend a very good drain clog remover. It’s called “Instant Power” and it says “Hair & Grease” on the front of the bottle in big, red letters. The only place Ive see this sold (where I got mine) is at Home Depot.

Ask an associate where the drain clog remover things are, and when they tell you where they are at, look for a black bottle in a big, clear, zip-lock style bag. It works extremely well AND it doesn’t have a strong smell either! It’s about $ 11 a gallon, and you every application is only 1-2 cups of liquid.

Answer by tanja b
LOL :-D now I’ve heard it all!!
use caustic soda, it’s ok for septics.
If it does cause a problem for the septic, you can buy enzymes to rectify it for not much. But has never been an issue for us.

Answer by Rick A Hyatt
a .410 shotgun usually works best under these circumstances: Use bird shot as that will leave the least damage, then follow it up with Drano.
Or a .22 with the same load.
Ask Vince Foster.
If Bill doesn’t carry a gold plated .22 revolver derringer, as all American Presidents do, a gift from North American Arms?

Answer by Bud’s Girl
Just unscrew the trap and pull out whatever’s in there. Right there is usually where the problem occurs.

Answer by cowboydoc
Plumbers helper from Home Depot, the commercial stuff. It has sulfuric acid in it and will eat or dissolve the hair in the drain. Make sure you be careful and use HOT water to flush it down.

To prevent this from happening again get a cover from Home Depot for this purpose, it will prevent the hair from going into the drain. Most shower plug ups are from hair being washed in the shower.

Answer by donkanard
carefully remove the strainer cap.
bend a coat hanger and make a small hook on one end and push down the drain hole and bring the hair back up.
suggested in another response: cut your hair somewhere else than over a drain.
You may wish to call Dick Cheney to come over with his gun and just shoot it out! I would suggest hiding your wife children and pets and get behind something thick.

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