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Southeastern Septic LLC – Professional Septic Tank Pumping and Drain Field Repair in Lakeland FL

Southeastern Septic LLC - Professional Septic Tank Pumping and Drain Field Repair in Lakeland FL If you need septic tank pumping, drain cleaning, or any other septic system services in the Lakeland, Florida area, contac…
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New Septic System

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New Drain Field for the Log Cabin Septic System

They’re using some modern materials to keep drain fields from clogging up …

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Downs Drain & Septic Has the Juggler New Mobile Septic Treatment System!

Down’s newest Septic Pumper Truck uses The Juggler™ septic tank pumping technology. The Juggler™ septic pumper truck removes all septic tank contents and ret…

WLUC-TV6 Reporter Nikki Davidson learns how septic tanks are emptied, and gets to witness the truck as the muck flows out.

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Gravel-Less Drain Field for Septic System

Instead of using pea rock or gravel to embed the drain field pipes, we’re using flexible slotted pipe surrounded by polystyrene aggregate and geo-textile mes…

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Can a Mouse Climb Up Through the Bathroom Sink Drain?

Question Asked by Valerie S: can a mouse climb up through the bathroom sink drain?
I have a well and a septic system

Best answer:

Answer by Shawn
it is possible. Mice are very small and can compress their bodies to flat. They are very flexible. Not sure they would chose that path but then can……

Answer by Bonno

Answer by judy_derr38565
A mouse can climb thru anything he can get into, however unless you have a hole in the drain pipe and the drain pipe is totally dry with no soap scum build up he would probably have a difficult time climbing up, but they are pesky little boogers! He might have to swim thru the trap!

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What Is the Worst Case Scenario of Having Sump Pump in My Basement Drain to the House Drain?

Question Asked by : What is the worst case scenario of having sump pump in my basement drain to the house drain?
I have a sump pump installed in my basement that drains to the house drain, and (as far as i know it is ilegal in Canada) I get an inspection and I need to drain it in a legal way.

Do I need to excavate concrete or spend a lot in pipes?

Best answer:

Answer by Gone
Need a little more info. ie. the house drain — is it municipal or private septic? If it’s a municpal drain then the sump pump shouldn’t pose any real problem. Municipality is responsible for maintaining sewage / water drainage. If the property has it’s own septic system, it is your responsibility for ensuring it is cleaned & maintained on a regular basis as well as making sure it is up to code.

Ah … the joys of being a home / property owner.

Answer by school78
If Canada is the same as United States sumps drain into the storm sewer. It is illegal for a sump to drain into sanitary sewer. Worst case.. inspector(city) forces you to change it. If you do not have a storm sewer hook up, inspector may let it slide. I am sure the inspector will give you options if he does not like what he sees. Good luck.

Answer by papat
you should have 2 sump pumps. your laundry water goes to 1 and is pumped to the outside. the other one has the toilet and waste, it is pumped into your main sewer system line.

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Cost to Replace Main Drain Pipe?

Question Asked by Leaker: Cost to replace main drain pipe?
Just looking for an estimate for replacing the main cast iron drain pipe. Current pipe just developed a leak and the entire pipe is rusty. The pipe is fully accessible from the basement, but does run through the basement concrete block wall to the septic system. Does this sound like a $ 500 or $ 2000 repair? Can we replace the leaky section with PVC to lessen the cost?

Best answer:

Answer by jpc458
Surface rust is nothing on a iron pipe with 1/4 inch walls. Is it leaking at a hub, where 2 sections meet? Leaking at the hub can be repaired with new lead packing at the joint. Do you suspect water backing up in the pipe from a clogged septic system, that would be a worse problem. You can replace a section with pvc, iron can be more difficult to fit in. A 4-5 foot section should cost much less than $ 500 to replace,more like $ 300- $ 400. First check the septic to be sure it isn’t backing up. Don’t get ripped off by a plumber!!!

Answer by poppyman54
PVC pipe is the choice for most people. If you are replacing the whole system, $ 2000 sounds appropriate. If you are just replacing one section, be advised that PVC pipe has a different outer diameter, as opposed to cast iron. You need special adapters to mate the two dissimiliar pipes to each other, so that there won’t be any leaks. A rubber boot, or FERNCO coupling, is not an approved connection, inside a structure. Good luck

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Is It Possible to Unclog Drain Fields or Do They Have to Be Redone if They Don’t Seem to Be Draining?

Question Asked by William S: Is it possible to unclog drain fields or do they have to be redone if they don’t seem to be draining?
I have a 2000 gallon septic tank was just drained a month ago and the guy that drained it pointed out that the pipe going to the drain fields had sludgy water coming back from them.. I discovered the tank was full because, the downstairs bathroom would not flush properly. The problem was somewhat intermittent but became more and more consistent. Particularly on days when I used a lot of water (ie laundry, dishwasher) or on days with heavy rain. When the tank was empty, flushing downstairs went fine. We had a heavy rain last week and the downstairs flushing issue is back. Along with (what I assume) is a full septic tank. My conclusion is the drain fields are not working properly.

Best answer:

Answer by Jeffrey S
You can’t really unclog a drain field, you will probably need to have them redone.

Answer by bigchris61
The only good way to clean it out is to open it up, if you do that you might as well replace it while your there. Except for the manual labor of digging it up, it isn’t really that hard to do it. I helped my father replace ours when I was a kid.

Answer by robinsnest0762
You have to have a new septic put in….it wont get any better. My mother had the same problem,and sorry to say but yes you have to have someone put a new septic in.

Answer by ed
First thing is to find out how deep is the water table, if the water table is above your tank then you will have to reinstall a new system if it is not then you can pour twenty gallons of hydrochloric acid down the leech field drain and use an assist product that will revitalize the tank and drain system you should be able to find it at a good hardware store or commercial hardware store.

Answer by michael g
That is definitely the problem, the soil is no longer absorbing effluent.

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What Are the Options to Cleaning or Repairing a Septic Drain Field?

Question Asked by frst20005: what are the options to cleaning or repairing a septic drain field?
a little digging found that the 4 inch perforated drain
pipe to have roots inside blocking the holes.they can be pushed back with a finger allowing water to flow.can they be “roto-routed” and removed without digging up the whole drain field?

Best answer:

Answer by gentleretiredworshipper
Yes they can be roto routed out by a company doing that type of work, but the tress would also have to be cut down that are near the field so that they don’t return.

Answer by Bare B
If the roots are in your drain field, it will be time consuming. You will have to know the layout of your drainfield, and get into the line to use a roto rooter. The problem seems to be in the holes in the pipe, and not root infiltration into the main cavity of the pipe.

They do make products to introduce into your septic system to kill and decay roots to clear your system.

I have added a link to one of these products. Further investigation will probably find more. You also may be able to get a local product from a septic tank pumping company.

Answer by morris
Normaly drain fields should be entirely dug up and replaced with new tile and new stones. Even if you cleaned out the tile, the stones would still be full of roots and scum which slows drainage.

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My Sister Just Moved into a New House with a Septic Sytem, Can She Pour Milk Down the Drain?

Question Asked by Heidi J: My sister just moved into a new house with a septic sytem, can she pour milk down the drain?
I had heard that milk solids cannot be broken down, but all the research I’ve done leads me to believe that it is only in large amounts, such as in milkhouses. Does anyone know for sure?

Best answer:

Answer by M-Theory
I have a septic system and never had any problem from pouring milk down the drain. I think your research is correct, its probably only in large amounts. I doubt that pouring your cereal milk or expired milk down the drain will cause a problem at all.

Answer by noseygirl
You drink milk, then use the septic system so what’s the difference?

Answer by diane
Natural is always best~
I have the same and I was told to flush ‘active yeast’ Bread with sugar also works well and gets the bacteria jump started after using cleaning agents which kill those good bacteria that are needed for decomposition.Another good natural product to use is Epsom salts,mashed potatoes too.Strange as this sounds I have used them for many years and have never had problems with tank nor have I had to ever had to have it pumped out~as it is busy all the time eating all the ‘matter’ up.

Answer by Anti–Parrot
yes you can

Answer by SiSi
YES…I have been living in my house for about 14 years with a private septic system, and have raised 6 kids. I have never had a problem with my septic and milk, or any other normal liquids from every day use for that matter.

Just so she knows how a private septic works, here is some information.

Never put anything down the drain that will stay solid, for example, hamburger grease. Running an excess of water will fill the septic, and her leach field will grow excess grass from the excess water.

Use toilet paper that is biodegradable. I use Scott because it is very thin and breaks down pretty quickly.

A septic needs to be pumped out ever three or four years, because it will get full enough to back up into your home. That is very nasty. I do mine every four years. You might ask yourself, how do I remember. Well, I go by the presidential elections. In with the new s__t in the White house, and out with the old s__t from my septic.

There is a lot more information on line.

Answer by beginner
milk should not hurt anything to be poured down the drain I cant see it hurting anything I have heard of people poring Battery acid down the drain to clean out hair and it does not hurt anything milk would be a lot less

Answer by man_marathon
try using some ridex

Answer by jewls011
actually the opposite is true. milk is a good thing to put in the septic tank. milk puts bacteria back into your tank. the bacteria eats the waste, and keeps your tank low. bleach on the other hand, will kill the bacteria and cause the septic levels to rise. so watch your bleach use.

fyi – milk does the same job as riddex but it is alot cheaper!

Answer by plumber
yes,use rid-x monthly and no chorline bleach

Answer by Just Me
As long as you are drinking more milk than you are pouring down the drain it should not be a problem.

Answer by analize2much
LOTS of water down in there. IT would be so diluted it wont bother it. And yes milk does promote bacteria growth. And that is why you never use milk jugs to store emergency water.

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Drain Cleaner and Septic System?

Question Asked by melody71081: Drain cleaner and septic system?
Just wondering if it is safe to use a drain cleaner such as liquid plumber with a septic system. We have a couple of REALLY slow drains!

Best answer:

Answer by Corky R
The drain cleaner should state on the side of the bottle or container, whether or not it’s safe to use with a septic system. However, if you have these really slow drains, and you know about them why not get them powersnaked and take care of the problem once and for all.

Answer by GTB
All caustic based drain cleaners are safe for septic systems.

Answer by mr ballantyne
Depends. The drain cleaners that say they are safe on drains, generally arnt. they do heat up in the drain sometimes, sometimes make the blockage harder, sometimes make seals leak lol. If its worth all that headache then go nuts and try it! Its a bandaid solution.

There is natural live bacteria products for drains. EXCELLENT on septics, and great in drains! what it will do is build throughout the drain and help break down all the grease, fats and oils in the drain. as well as break down everything in the septic tank. kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Youll want a natural live bacteria tho, not an enzyme. bacteria works instantly, enzyme is somthing like 180 days to start working.

If your bathroom sinks are clogged, try sticking a wet shopvac on the drain, and cover the overflow. youll be surprised how well that works.

If your bathtub/shower is blocked, get that snaked out. Draino products can eat the seal for the shower drain and tub drain (chrome part where the water drains out of)

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What Is the Difference Between a Leech or a Drain Field and a Finger System?

Question Asked by SheRa: What is the difference between a leech or a drain field and a finger system?
We have septic problems and are going to get it fixed but keep hearing different terms like leech field and finger system and drain field and not sure if they are all the same thing.

Best answer:

Answer by Alan P
They are the same thing, but some people just use different terms. Only two systems exist, the drain\leach field, and the dual sand filter system. Check with your local health department. Around here, sand filters are no longer allowed.

Answer by Lewie62
i don’t know about the leech field and the finger system but i do know leech drains work mostly on the principal of evaporation, (60%) so it’s important that they aren’t too deep and that they have good free draining material on top of them (ie river sand). Anything too deep and nothing will evaporate and you;ll have problems.

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Is It Typical for the People Who Pump Septic Tanks to Try and Sell You a Whole New Field Line (drain Lines)?

Question Asked by dsjnix: Is it typical for the people who pump septic tanks to try and sell you a whole new field line (drain lines)?
We have has septic tank pumped on a 960 gallon tank. We have 5 people living here. The people who pumped tank told us that we need to have new line dug and installed for this many people to avoid backup? Do they typicllay try and sell this or is this something we really need to consider?
They have said that an alternative solution maybe to have my washing machine drain into something else. What would this entail? Would I have a plumber come and do this or is it something we could do ourselves?

Best answer:

Answer by donna d
if you haven’t had backup already i wouldn’t worry about it .of course they are going to try to sell you something you don’t realy need.they probably need the buisness.

Answer by Bobs MonOncle
Maybe, maybe not. The fields don’t last forever. Did you ask why they thought it needed a new one? You might have just been getting an up-sale.

Around here, old fields are grandfathered in, but you can’t add or replace them. I know some people that were catch-22′d — they could not fix their old system, they didn’t have the right specs for a new system, and there were no public sewers. When we sold my parent’s home (60 years old), the county required a new system be installed even though there were no problems and it “passed inspection,” it failed solely due to age.

Answer by Butch G
There are different reasons septic systems will backup. The size tank you have really doesn’t matter as much as the condition of your drain field. The tank itself, holds solids, while liquids are released to the drain field. Bakers Yeast is a good additive to help promote bacteria in the tank. The living organisms will eat the solids, promoting a healthy tank. Sometimes the lines going out to the drain field become clogged. Do you have a lot of vegetation nearby? Trees? The roots will cause a slowdown in drainage If I were you I would dig up the distribution box, and inspect the incoming line. The distribution box is located at the rear of the actual 900 gallon tank. It is where all the drain field’s lines intersect. You may have a back there. Run a garden hose into the hole, and see if it flushes out any paper or diaper, etc. Don’t be afraid to get dirty, you can save literally thousand of dollars

Answer by peppersham
They are probably saying your system Fields are too short or not put in properly that will cause a problem your tank is fine the water from your washer maybe letting too much water before it can be soaked up by the ground.No,they usually are pretty honest they have seen it all.You can reroute the washer to the drain Field but be aware in some areas this is not allowed.If it is and you are handy you can do it yourself.

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Is There a Product I Can Buy That Will Unclog/ Clean Out My Drain Field and/or Kill Roots?

Question Asked by blutoadmirer: Is there a product I can buy that will unclog/ clean out my drain field and/or kill roots?
Help! I have standing water in my tub after a shower. During the shower, my toilet gurgles. I had my septic tank pumped in June,2007. I have a maple tree about 20 feet away from my septic area. I cannot afford a professional right now. Any advice?
My washing machine is not connected to my septic any longer.

Best answer:

Answer by fluffernut
There are products, usually copper sulfate, that is flushed down the toilet that kill roots invading the plumbing system. (you can find the stuff at hardware stores) Problem is with a leach field you first have the settling tank and I wonder how much copper sulfate would be trapped there and not allowed out into the field. Also copper products may not be legal in your state.

I doubt mechanical removal with a router through the pipes would work since it is a leach field, not a straight line sewer pipe.

Another option is it may not be tree roots. It could be your leach field is saturated, sealed from soaps and salts over the years and the clay soil underneath is no longer letting water drain down through (happened to us). Option is to extend your leach field into “virgin” soil.

Finally, it may not be the septic system at all. If leaves or other stuff have fallen down your home’s sanitary stack (those little pipes on the roof that act like air pressure valves in the home’s waste system), your system isn’t getting the proper air. (Hold your nose and swallow…how many times can you do it without opening your mouth?) Those need to be cleaned by someone who knows what they are doing least they break the brittle plastic and cause severe grief inside your walls.

And finally, finally, you house may have lost it’s water cushion…do your water pipes bang a bit. This is due, in part to loss of that water cushion (also relating to the sanitary stack) This is easily corrected. To restore air to the chambers, turn off the water at the main shutoff valve. Open all the faucets to drain the system. Close the faucets and turn the water on again. The air chambers should fill with air.

good luck

Answer by James M
Your assumption that the maple tree is causing septic problems is most probably incorrect.

The finger system of your septic is buried in about 2 feet or crushed rock and below a level of earth about a foot deep. Even the maple doesnt root down that far.

Pumping out a septic often does no good whatsoever. The properly working tank of bacteria needs a cleaning once in 5 to seven years.

Somehow you are killing off the bacteria in the septic tank and preventing the “eating up ” of waste.

The culprit almost 100% of the time is laundry wash water from the Washing Machine. You are using bacteria killing detergents and Chlorine, the most powerful bacteria killers around for home usage.

So to stop this in my system, I have a hole dug in the back yard about 4 x 4 x 4deep and covered with soil and grass. To that rock filled hole I run my laundry water with the chlorine and detergent.

My septic hasnt been pumped in 7 years and we have 6 fully grown people living here in this duplex.

The cost to do this is so cheap compared to the bad experience of a non working tank. So get that hole dug and filled with rock and run the laundry water into it. Your septic tank will have lots of bacteria then to eat up the waste and you wont be killing it off with detergents and chlorine.

Answer by laney
the old saying is put
vinager in your toilet once a month. one quart
and the roots will die.
if you cut the tree the roots live for seven years.
also invest in renting
a rodder from a shop
it isn’t that much money.

hope i helped

Answer by saaanen

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If Water Is Coming Back into Your Septic from the Field Drain Does That Mean That Your Feild Drain Is Bad?

Question Asked by FOXY: If water is coming back into your septic from the field drain does that mean that your feild drain is bad?
I had my septic tank drained and the pipe that leads out to my field had water flowing back into the tank the guy that came out said my drain field was bad and I need a new one :( he said it will cost around 3500.00 ouch does anyone know if this is the case or has had this happen to them?

Best answer:

Answer by sllde
He may be right, but if you have you had a lot of rain lately, that could be the problem.

Answer by morris
Yes, the water should be going into the drain field and soaking into the ground. Pump outs will only work for a short time. Drain field needs replacing. I would get different prices though. Most drain fields around here can be done for $ 1000 or less, but it really depends on the soil type that you have. sand and gravely soil is best and lower cost to install.

Answer by luka
if its only a little water its nothing to worry about,if you have and in ground septic maybe you waited to long to have it cleaned,you should never put grease, Drano, or any other chemicals into your septic tank,rid-ex is the only thing it helps create bacteria and digest the waste,also no tampons, or kotex.if its a turkey hill septic you need to open the pipes sticking out once a year for 24 hours,this will aid in draining and getting air into septic.check out different companies for there opinion.

Answer by lenzix5
many lines ,lots of water ,not necessarily a problem though…if the system wasn’t a major problem before the pumping, like backing into the house or a huge swamp in your yard don’t rush into a major repair . septic mainteance is important and they sell products to keep your bacteria levels high and fight off the oils,fats and bleech that weekens your system and blocks your leech field. Reduce these items going down the drain and seek out a quality septic maintenance product.

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My Toilet Bowl Wont Drain Normally. Septic Pump Needed?

Question Asked by jubbyboi617: My toilet bowl wont drain normally. Septic pump needed?
There are no obstructions in the any pipes or in the trap. The toilet, pipes and septic system are around 3 years old. I think it could be either the toilet itself or the septic tank. All the other drains do just fine and there is no suspect smell or odor from any pipes, near the tank or around the leech field. Suggestions? Diagnosis? Help?

Best answer:

Answer by gnomes31
I just watched Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs and they said you have to have your septic tank drained every 3 years lol

Answer by syrious
Get your septic tank pumped and get that stuff that helps the tank digest the gunk. You can get the digester bacteria solution or whatever it is from a plumbing store. You put it down the toilet.

Answer by gutterrat49
Have someone check the trap to see if it is getting worn out. If that’s not it, and the pipes are free, then perhaps you do need you tank drained.
One way to keep from having it done more often is to buy dry active yeast, make sure it says active on the package. Mix it with warm water and let it set for a few minutes. Then flush it down the toilet. The active yeast eats a lot of the waste and so it doesn’t need drained as often.
Your leech bed may be clogged up too. If it is clogged, it won’t drain water off right. Your best bet is to call someone to look at it and they can tell you what’s best to do.Oh yea, check around where you tank is and see if the ground stays damp all the time. That’s another sign of trouble.

Answer by Seikilos
When I have a problem, I get advice from the pro. He shares expert advice with home owners and can save you money..

Diagnosing Clogged Drains: Is it a blocked drain or the septic system? – A First Step for Homeowners

Their main page is at:

If you still have questions, he invites you to email him at:

P.S. Our septic tank in rural Virginia finally had to get pumped after 10 years. Every tank is different and every piece of land has a different perk (water absorption rate) so to know when to pump requires a bit of education in order to spend money only where it is actually needed. Good luck..

Answer by ucsted
Are you sure your vent is clear, stick a hose down it and let it flow. Pull the toilet and pour a 5 gal bucket down the pipe. Maybe its the toilet. Do the easy things first. Click this site

Answer by gee1960
I had a problem similar to yours. I almost gave up and was about to gamble on a more expensive toilet that uses less water, and I was hoping this might clear up my problem… but tinkering with the water level inside the tank, I found out that there’s a MINIMUM POINT where the toilet would drain. And now my toilet drains everytime.
Set your water level to the maximum and see if it drains. Then work your way to the minimum, or whatever. Good luck.

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If I Use Baking Soda and Vinegar to Clean My Drain with the Baking Soda Eventually Solidify Again?

Question Asked by capecodscrapper: If I use baking soda and vinegar to clean my drain with the baking soda eventually solidify again?
We have a septic system and have to be really careful about what we put down the drain. Even tho the baking soda fizzles, does it still have the potential to solidify somewhere along the line?

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Answer by good2balive
It should dissolve completely and then you’ll flush the drain well, anyway, after treatment, which will carry away any extra grains. If you want to test it, try an experiment in some other container and check it a few hours later or the next day to see if the baking soda clumps together. If it solidifies, though, it also dissolves pretty easily and flushing the drain should still break that up.

Answer by bonitakale
No, when it dissolves, it isn’t baking soda any more, and won’t reconstitute itself, as long as you’ve flushed the line with plenty of vinegar and water.

Answer by Mrs. G
No, it will completely dissolve. I usually flush the drain with hot water a day after I pour the vinegar-soda mixture.

Answer by Miranda B
We have a septic system that is very sensitive but I always use baking soda and vinegar and I’ve never had a problem

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How to Fix Pluming That Won’t Drain?

Question Asked by LoneRanger: How to fix pluming that won’t drain?
When we put the addition on our house, the new bathroom ended up being quite a ways from the septic system. Since all the floor plan is on the same level, the new bathroom commode will not drain.
Hubby says there is not enough fall in the pipe. What can we do? It’s about 25′ with an elbow going into the tank. We can use it for a few days then it gets clogged.

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Answer by skeeter
you will either need to change the pitch on the drain pipe, or if that is not possible, install a sewerage ejector pump and tank in the ground below the commode so it will pump the sewerage to the septic tank.

Answer by tom the plumber
is it vented??

Answer by Quit Checking out my Profile!
Without grade on your pipes, they will not drain correctly. Standard is a 1/4″ per foot….so in other words, you should see a four foot piece of pipe drop one inch. Going less than this will undoubtedly cause you problems.

If you are unable to fix the grading on your pipe, you can invest in a lift station. They are small storage devices that fit under a sink. Material falls into the lift station and then pumped to the final destination. Typically they also have a check valve installed to ensure fluids move in only one direction. If this seems like a more feasible option, get in contact with a plumbing wholesaler who can price the units out.

As well, if you decide to go with a lift station, you will need to repipe a portion of your drainage system.

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How Can I Find Where the Septic Drain Field Area Is?

Question Asked by NORMAN Z: How can I find where the septic drain field area is?
No problem with the septic system now. I want to find a way to determine where the septic field is so that I can plan where I can stack wood and park a tractor without causing damage to it. I have a concrete cavity for a septic tank which is, of course, underground just behind the house. It has two concrete caps which fit snugly into their respective holes. I know this because I had the tank pumped one year ago and dug to find the caps for the pumping service.
Any advice or recommendations are appreciated.

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Answer by TOOL GUY
Most areas require a septic design to be submitted for approval and there should be a copy of that design on record with the engineers office of your county. Good Luck and God Bless

Answer by Isaïe
if its not obvious and slightly sunk and real green it would be hard to determine i think .. generally they start close to the tank usually but not always but i think its good practice to never drive anywhere within 50-75 ft of the tank if you cant determine exactly where it is .. even if you avoid the exact field itself its not good to compact the ground near it either, so myself i wouldnt get a full size tractor or vehicle anywhere around there .. stacking wood i dont think would hurt anything.

Answer by james bond
The local dept issuing septic permits keeps records of layouts. But only for about the last 20 years. beyond that, you can usually tell by the green area during dry times. Or start digging.

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