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What Is the Difference Between a Leech or a Drain Field and a Finger System?

Question Asked by SheRa: What is the difference between a leech or a drain field and a finger system?
We have septic problems and are going to get it fixed but keep hearing different terms like leech field and finger system and drain field and not sure if they are all the same thing.

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Answer by Alan P
They are the same thing, but some people just use different terms. Only two systems exist, the drain\leach field, and the dual sand filter system. Check with your local health department. Around here, sand filters are no longer allowed.

Answer by Lewie62
i don’t know about the leech field and the finger system but i do know leech drains work mostly on the principal of evaporation, (60%) so it’s important that they aren’t too deep and that they have good free draining material on top of them (ie river sand). Anything too deep and nothing will evaporate and you;ll have problems.

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Is It True That if You Use Rock Salt in Your Septic System It Will Prevent Tree Roots from Clogging Your Drain

Question Asked by C.J.: is it true that if you use rock salt in your septic system it will prevent tree roots from clogging your drain
I hear if you pour rock salt in your toilet that it will keep the roots from growing because tree roots can’t grow in salt water.

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Answer by ringois2003
I have heard that before, don’t know if it works though

Answer by norm
Don’t use rock salt. It can affect the bacteria that digest the sludge. If you have a root problem there are commercial products that you use once a year & you will be in good shape.

They are not very expensive. Don’t risk damaging your septic system.

Go here to read about the one I use –

Answer by jsbr
Don’t try it, although salt water will kill vegitation the amount of salt needed to kill tree roots will disolve the concrete septic tank. Ultimately you will pay a heavier price by having a new tank(salt dissovle concrete and the tank will collapse) put in and if you have an older system any concrete junction boxes in the field have the risk of collapsing as well. It is recommended that you clear any trees or deep rooting trees and vegetation from your septic field. Over time the water will rot away any root that grow in them but you could help it along with some products that specially made to disolve roots. Last have a certified septic company run a router through the field.

Answer by devilishblueyes
It’s probably not a good idea to put rock salt in your septic system because it could disrupt the bacterial process that helps break down what’s in your septic tank.

Yeast can be flushed down into your septic system to help the bacterial process.

The best thing is not to plant trees too close to your septic system otherwise the roots will get into the system and clog it up. Remember, a tree can grow as wide underground as it’s limbs extend from tip to tip above ground.

The best way that I know of to stop roots from getting into your septic system is to put copper sulfate around the system. If you know of a place where a tree may be causing a problem you can dig down to the septic system and pour some copper sulfate around the piping to keep the tree roots from getting into the system and blocking it.

Answer by jollygreen60
Copper sulfate chunks or granuals will take care of root problems. Go to Home Depot and look for stuff that you can pour in the system for roots. The active stuff is copper sulfate.

Answer by vreels man
The best thing to do is have the break where the tree roots are entering the pipe repaired. Roots rarely break pipes,they simply grow in through existing breaks If they are growing in from the top the salt does not even touch them. The roots are not the problem it’s the pipe. A licensed plumber like myself can get an exact locate with a camera and have it repaired in no time. In the long run it will save you money on cleaning the lines or having the septic pumped frequently due to salt or chemicals killing the bacteria.

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If Water Is Coming Back into Your Septic from the Field Drain Does That Mean That Your Feild Drain Is Bad?

Question Asked by FOXY: If water is coming back into your septic from the field drain does that mean that your feild drain is bad?
I had my septic tank drained and the pipe that leads out to my field had water flowing back into the tank the guy that came out said my drain field was bad and I need a new one :( he said it will cost around 3500.00 ouch does anyone know if this is the case or has had this happen to them?

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Answer by sllde
He may be right, but if you have you had a lot of rain lately, that could be the problem.

Answer by morris
Yes, the water should be going into the drain field and soaking into the ground. Pump outs will only work for a short time. Drain field needs replacing. I would get different prices though. Most drain fields around here can be done for $ 1000 or less, but it really depends on the soil type that you have. sand and gravely soil is best and lower cost to install.

Answer by luka
if its only a little water its nothing to worry about,if you have and in ground septic maybe you waited to long to have it cleaned,you should never put grease, Drano, or any other chemicals into your septic tank,rid-ex is the only thing it helps create bacteria and digest the waste,also no tampons, or kotex.if its a turkey hill septic you need to open the pipes sticking out once a year for 24 hours,this will aid in draining and getting air into septic.check out different companies for there opinion.

Answer by lenzix5
many lines ,lots of water ,not necessarily a problem though…if the system wasn’t a major problem before the pumping, like backing into the house or a huge swamp in your yard don’t rush into a major repair . septic mainteance is important and they sell products to keep your bacteria levels high and fight off the oils,fats and bleech that weekens your system and blocks your leech field. Reduce these items going down the drain and seek out a quality septic maintenance product.

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Is It Typical for the People Who Pump Septic Tanks to Try and Sell You a Whole New Field Line (drain Lines)?

Question Asked by dsjnix: Is it typical for the people who pump septic tanks to try and sell you a whole new field line (drain lines)?
We have has septic tank pumped on a 960 gallon tank. We have 5 people living here. The people who pumped tank told us that we need to have new line dug and installed for this many people to avoid backup? Do they typicllay try and sell this or is this something we really need to consider?
They have said that an alternative solution maybe to have my washing machine drain into something else. What would this entail? Would I have a plumber come and do this or is it something we could do ourselves?

Best answer:

Answer by donna d
if you haven’t had backup already i wouldn’t worry about it .of course they are going to try to sell you something you don’t realy need.they probably need the buisness.

Answer by Bobs MonOncle
Maybe, maybe not. The fields don’t last forever. Did you ask why they thought it needed a new one? You might have just been getting an up-sale.

Around here, old fields are grandfathered in, but you can’t add or replace them. I know some people that were catch-22’d — they could not fix their old system, they didn’t have the right specs for a new system, and there were no public sewers. When we sold my parent’s home (60 years old), the county required a new system be installed even though there were no problems and it “passed inspection,” it failed solely due to age.

Answer by Butch G
There are different reasons septic systems will backup. The size tank you have really doesn’t matter as much as the condition of your drain field. The tank itself, holds solids, while liquids are released to the drain field. Bakers Yeast is a good additive to help promote bacteria in the tank. The living organisms will eat the solids, promoting a healthy tank. Sometimes the lines going out to the drain field become clogged. Do you have a lot of vegetation nearby? Trees? The roots will cause a slowdown in drainage If I were you I would dig up the distribution box, and inspect the incoming line. The distribution box is located at the rear of the actual 900 gallon tank. It is where all the drain field’s lines intersect. You may have a back there. Run a garden hose into the hole, and see if it flushes out any paper or diaper, etc. Don’t be afraid to get dirty, you can save literally thousand of dollars

Answer by peppersham
They are probably saying your system Fields are too short or not put in properly that will cause a problem your tank is fine the water from your washer maybe letting too much water before it can be soaked up by the ground.No,they usually are pretty honest they have seen it all.You can reroute the washer to the drain Field but be aware in some areas this is not allowed.If it is and you are handy you can do it yourself.

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    Is an Under Sink Drain Food Disposer Safe to Install if on Septic System?

    Question Asked by pres145j: Is an under sink drain food disposer safe to install if on septic system?
    I need some input please. I have been told by some that it is ok, but others tell me it isn’t ok.

    Best answer:

    Answer by abluheron1
    It depends on a lot of things, like size of septic tank and number of people in household. Sometimes people get carried away with putting food in the disposal which too much will be bad for the septic system.

    Answer by
    InSinkErator makes one that they is safe to use with your septic system. There are probably others as well. Check your local hardware store & see what they carry. I would then go home and research each one I’m interested in to find the best one for the amount of money you want to spend.

    Answer by Brian A
    If you use it sensibly by scraping most leftover food into the trash and using the disposal ONLY for the little bits left on the plate, it shouldn’t be a problem.

    Answer by rhsaunders
    Yes. But one should take some care as to what goes into it; the septic tank has a limited capacity. If one has a septic system, one is probably on enough land that having a compost pile makes sense for disposing of the bulk of food wastes.

    Answer by oil field trash
    The main downside to putting stuff in the disposal that won’t biodegrade quickly. These build up in the tank and make it necessary to have it pumped out more often.

    Grease in large volumes is the biggest culprit.

    Dumping as much stuff as possible into the garbage is the best rule of thumb. Otherwise don’t worry too much.

    We have a septic system that is 11 years old and we generally follow that rule and have had to pump our tank about every 3 years. I think that is average for must septic systems.

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    How Often Does a Drain Field Septic System Need to Be Pumped?

    Question Asked by : How often does a drain field septic system need to be pumped?
    I have a 3 bed 2 bath house with 180 sq ft of drain field. Has a 4″ inspection cap near two concrete manholes. Do these concrete cover go to the sediment tank?Wondering when I need to call some one to have the tank serviced. The drain field is shared with another duplicate unit, so there is 360 total sq ft of drain field.

    Best answer:

    Answer by movinonman
    So much depends on usage. If you have a house full of people and the people you share the septic field with have a full house as well then it could be as often as every 2 to 3 yrs. Habits also have a lot to do with it. Sorry if it sounds like a cop out but it is that way. I would suggest you try to contact the company that has serviced it in the past and check to see what records they have regarding your address. You could also check with the people you share the septic field with to find out how long ago it was serviced. You can check the tanks by opening the covers and doing a visual inspection to see what level it is at but some people don’t have the stomach for it.

    Hope this helps.

    Answer by Rebel
    Have a look at site below where there is a lot of information about the septic system and restoration of your drain field.

    Answer by Papaw
    The Septic Tank Pumpers claim you should have it pumped every 3 years or so. I used to believe that but the last time (about 5 years ago) it cost me over $ 500.00.
    Mine used to back up every time we had a good rain. I bought some stuff you put down the toilet once a month and so far I haven’t had any more problems.
    I recommend this stuff and you can get it here.

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    When Installing a New Drain System for a Toliet/septic System Where Is the Vent Supposed to Be Located?

    Question Asked by jamie_lee4: When installing a new drain system for a toliet/septic system where is the vent supposed to be located?
    3 inch PVC being used, drain for toliet, shower, and sink.

    Best answer:

    Answer by Dummy
    You can use a tee or y,to connect 2in pipe to main drain and run up through wall and out on top of roof you will need a rain proof cap and flair seal for roof mount,Be sure you connect after toilet connection and also sink connection will need vent.

    Answer by Brian C
    if you are putting a new bathroom in what i would do is this. if your stool is close to the sink you will want to vent the sink through the roof and where the sink drain drops through the floor tie it into to the stool using a 3×2 tee. that will vent the stool and the lavatory. also if your shower is not within 5 ft of your lavatory drain then you will also need to vent the shower seperately. just run a vent pipe up the wall and tie it in in the attic with a tee to the lavatory vent. then underneath the floor what you will do is go from your ptrap from the shower into a tee on the vent pipe then out of the bottom of the tee to your drain line. that will properly vent your shower. if the shower is within 5 ft of the drain line then dont worry about venting it. hope this helps

    Answer by Hondu
    You need to check your local codes. Most plumbing codes require the vent to be within x number of feet of the fixture. Some codes even require multiple vents for multiple fixtures.

    Answer by Streetglide
    Just in the wall behind the toilet/ shower/ sink, then it need to extend up PAST you attic area to the roof. Extend it about 1 foot above roof covering

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