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How Can I Connect 1 1/2 Pvc Drain Pipe (from Washing Machine) into an Existing Old 1 1/4 Metal Pipe?

Question Asked by H: How can I connect 1 1/2 pvc drain pipe (from washing machine) into an existing old 1 1/4 metal pipe?
We removed our tub and we’re putting the washing machine there. I need to connect the vertical 1 1/2 pvc drain pipe to the existing 1 1/4 metal (perhaps copper) horizontal drain pipe that (presumably) goes to the septic system. Currently there is a 90degree elbow facing up that the tub drain pipe had just fit into.

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Answer by TommyMc
Probably a flexible coupling like this one: You’ll want to take OD measurements of both pipes because this clamps over the outside. The guys at the local plumbing supply store told me that it was code around here (VT) to use these couplings whenever you go from one pipe material to another.

Answer by Jeffrey
You can probably find a swag piece to go from copper to PVC that you can use, then add a 1 1/2 x 1 1/4 reducer to fit your drain pipe. You should realize that having a restriction in the bottom of the washer drain line will cause a slight back-up in the drain pipe.

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Connecting a Drain Pipe from Modular Home to Septic Tank Top Pipe Flow to Tank?

Question Asked by Terry: connecting a drain pipe from modular home to septic tank top pipe flow to tank?
exsiting drain pipe is under the modular home, cut off at end. need to connect the rest of drain pipe to new septic tank pipe about 10 feet with need of possible two elbows.

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Answer by Amanda
Not sure what your question is but if your using elbows… 90′s, use the sweep type not the ones that turn hard. Hard to explain, ” ( not L ” Ask at your plumbing supply store. They will set you up.

Answer by houseofjoseph2000
Where the pipe has been cut off you need a socket to re join the pipe.. the two elbows are assumingly to turn the direction towards the septic tank and then to turn the pipe flow downwards into the new tank.. With a length of the correct diameter sewer pipe cut to length it is very easy.. Glue the socket onto the cut off pipe or as an option use the elbow instead.. Glue it on the pipe first then glue it to the under floor pipe.. Then cut it to the correct length when you have it over the top of the tank pipe… If you have problems lining the new pipe up you can also use 45 degree fittings.. It really is easy once you get going.. Just make sure that there is “fall” going towards the tank.. Often it is illegal for a non registered plumber or drain layer to install this system..It might pay to check.

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Can You Purchase Drain Field for Septic System Online?

Question Asked by peach: can you purchase drain field for septic system online?
where can you purchase drain field for septic system online?

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Answer by ranger_co_1_75
I don’t believe you can purchase the gravel, felt, and perforated 10′ lengths of 3 in pipe on line. The cost of shipping gravel will be prohibitive.

Purchase your pipe from a local plumbing store, and order the rock from a local gravel quarry, and buy the felt at any building supply store.

Answer by Peter Ian Staker
here is a site i found that sells certain adapters and various parts for septic systems. easier to check your yellow pages for a specialist though. or just google “septic system parts”

Answer by boy boy
you will probably get it online easily the pipe that is i am amazed how many questions about septic tank systems are posted on yahoo answers from the states its a huge market and people who work maintaining them seem to charge a lot of money in the uk we been building them for hundreds of years and if managed properly no rainwater or chemicals ..then they never need any maintenance or emptying ever!..we all so have a system over here looks a large tank ..buried in the ground it a mini sewerage plant …the water that comes out the exit is clean enough to discharge into any ditch …no smell and safe for animals to drink ..cost about £8ooo to Supply and fit just fit it and forget it !

Answer by
YES and NO. You can’t purchase a traditional (perf pipe and stone) drain field on line. There are some newer “Stoneless Systems” ie chamber systems , Elgin, EZ Flow….etc., that can be bought on line but you would be better finding a local distributor. the drain field must be installed in the proper soils and sized right to make sure you get the performance you need. Good Luck.

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Q&a: What Should I Use for a Clogged Drain on a Septic System?

Question Asked by judi m: what should i use for a clogged drain on a septic system?
my kitchen sinks keep backing up…..we are on septic system so not sure what works with that

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Is It True That if You Use Rock Salt in Your Septic System It Will Prevent Tree Roots from Clogging Your Drain

Question Asked by C.J.: is it true that if you use rock salt in your septic system it will prevent tree roots from clogging your drain
I hear if you pour rock salt in your toilet that it will keep the roots from growing because tree roots can’t grow in salt water.

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Answer by ringois2003
I have heard that before, don’t know if it works though

Answer by norm
Don’t use rock salt. It can affect the bacteria that digest the sludge. If you have a root problem there are commercial products that you use once a year & you will be in good shape.

They are not very expensive. Don’t risk damaging your septic system.

Go here to read about the one I use –

Answer by jsbr
Don’t try it, although salt water will kill vegitation the amount of salt needed to kill tree roots will disolve the concrete septic tank. Ultimately you will pay a heavier price by having a new tank(salt dissovle concrete and the tank will collapse) put in and if you have an older system any concrete junction boxes in the field have the risk of collapsing as well. It is recommended that you clear any trees or deep rooting trees and vegetation from your septic field. Over time the water will rot away any root that grow in them but you could help it along with some products that specially made to disolve roots. Last have a certified septic company run a router through the field.

Answer by devilishblueyes
It’s probably not a good idea to put rock salt in your septic system because it could disrupt the bacterial process that helps break down what’s in your septic tank.

Yeast can be flushed down into your septic system to help the bacterial process.

The best thing is not to plant trees too close to your septic system otherwise the roots will get into the system and clog it up. Remember, a tree can grow as wide underground as it’s limbs extend from tip to tip above ground.

The best way that I know of to stop roots from getting into your septic system is to put copper sulfate around the system. If you know of a place where a tree may be causing a problem you can dig down to the septic system and pour some copper sulfate around the piping to keep the tree roots from getting into the system and blocking it.

Answer by jollygreen60
Copper sulfate chunks or granuals will take care of root problems. Go to Home Depot and look for stuff that you can pour in the system for roots. The active stuff is copper sulfate.

Answer by vreels man
The best thing to do is have the break where the tree roots are entering the pipe repaired. Roots rarely break pipes,they simply grow in through existing breaks If they are growing in from the top the salt does not even touch them. The roots are not the problem it’s the pipe. A licensed plumber like myself can get an exact locate with a camera and have it repaired in no time. In the long run it will save you money on cleaning the lines or having the septic pumped frequently due to salt or chemicals killing the bacteria.

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Please Advise Me How to Dissolve a Rubber Drain Plunger Which Is Immovably Stuck in the Sewer to Septic Tank.?

Question Asked by Norman C: Please advise me how to dissolve a rubber drain plunger which is immovably stuck in the sewer to septic tank.?
The plunger broke off the end of the sewer rods and despite battering with the rods will not move – I cannot afford professional help being solely on state pension and all help appreciated. BTW I cannot access from other end at septic tank.

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Answer by Heath
the best thing for you to do is go to home depot. buy two coup links and about 2 ft of pipe. usually its 4inch pipe but your best bet is to dig up the sewage pipe. cut a 2 ft section out of your sewer pipe and hand retreive the plunger. use your coup links and glue to reconnect the pipes. this is the best thing you can do. you can try hydrochloric acid but highly unlikely that it will work completely.

Answer by lorenzo
you have a clean out somewhere outside, typically, a round 4-6′ PVC pipe sticking up out of the ground. Rent a power auger and snake that steel cable through to snag the stopper and bring it back out. Anything chemical wise that you pour through to dissolve the rubber will merely run past the stopper and may harm the piping, which would then require trenching the line. The augers are electric and heavy duty, they will remove the plunder.

Answer by Senacherib
acid does not work well on rubber, your alternative is send in a snake to find the location then dig and replace section or rent a power auger with a three inch blade which will grind the plunger up then flush the problem with the auger is they bare powerful and if your not familiar with it the cable can loop and hit you and it will break bones or loop around your hand and pull you in to the pipe the best thing to do is hire a proffessional and let them have at it probably take ten min. the fee is usually $ 1.00 a min. at the most it would cost $ 60.00 and no injuries to you or the pipe.

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When We Wash Vegetables in the Kitchen Will the Dirt That Goes Down the Drain Hurt Our Aerobic Septic System?

Question Asked by Jan B: When we wash vegetables in the kitchen will the dirt that goes down the drain hurt our aerobic septic system?

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Answer by GracieM
I’m not sure, but to be safe, I’d do the first rinse outside with the garden hose.

Answer by undertaker_46
depends on the amount of dirt, sometimes a little dirt in septic are not bad. If you are scared of clogging your septic get a type of septic cleaner pour a little every now and then.

Answer by normy in garden city
That should be no different than washing your hands.

Answer by akenuts
The only way that it will harm your septic is if it were to be happening at a constant rate. Washing fruits and vegetables to prepare for meals shouldn’t do any harm.

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Q&a: Is It Safe to Put Sulfuric Acid Based Drain Unclogger into a Septic Tank?

Question Asked by Joe Z: Is it safe to put sulfuric acid based drain unclogger into a septic tank?
We have a clogged toilet and we are wondering whether or not “Rhoebic Blended Sulfuric Acid Drain Opener” is safe for use with septic tanks.

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Answer by sensible_man
You will be killing the “good” bacteria that makes the septic work. If you need a drain cleaner, use an enzyme cleaner such as Draincare by Zep. It uses the same principle as the septic. Enzyme cleaners cling to and eat organic materials. Takes a bit longer to work but is safe for all piping and sewage systems. About $ 8 for a 20 use jug at Home Centers.

Answer by Michael H

Answer by sandy a

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Can Hamburger Grease Clog Up Your Pipes or Septic System if You Run Hot Water Down the Drain with It?

Question Asked by Fled Nanders: Can hamburger grease clog up your pipes or septic system if you run hot water down the drain with it?
if there are any plumbers out there to field this question that would be great. me and my husband are debating this.

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Answer by Strikernow
Yes it can. It’s not advisable to ever run grease down the drain as it will start clumping as soon as it cools enough and will almost immidiately start adhearing to the inside walls of the pipes. The grease will usually cause clogging about ten feet or so down the line in a very short time and running hot water will just carry it a little further before it coagulates again.

Answer by rhino_man420
yes, grease is bad, sooner or later the water cools and the grease hardens

Answer by Des
You should not put your grease down the drain. Find a plastic cup, tin can, etc… to put your grease in. It will be hot so put it on the sink so you don’t ruin your counters.

Do dispose of grease and fat with your regular household trash. Pour grease into a heat resistant container with a heat resistant lid. Before disposing of the grease in the trash, make sure that
it completely hardens.

Grease can collect in the sewer lines and cause a sewer backup. This causes every rate payer $ $ $ .

Answer by

Each time you dump grease down your drain, even with hot water, a film is left on the pipes.

Over time, this film becomes thicker, and thicker, and thicker.

Your pipes will eventually clog.

Answer by HEAR TO HELP
yes it will eventually clog the septic whether u run hot water or not it will clog try to use a plastic cup and put the grease in that ive that problem its nooooo fun…. family plumber told me to tell you this…….

Answer by Ms M
not a plumber, but from experience, yes it will clog up the drain and make a mess in the septic tank too!

Answer by creamslush
well my mom always told me not to put grease in the sink cuz it will clog…and the hot water won’t help.

Answer by Thunderhawk
Grease can still cause problems even with hot water. I usually pour about 1/3 of a gallon of Clorox down each of my drains, once a month, for the time I’m at work. When I come I remove the stoppers and run hot water down each drain for 3-5 minutes. This usually keeps my drains running smooth all the time and bleach is inexpensive.

Answer by die_laffing
My brother is a plumber—he says to NEVER do that!!

Answer by Joe
Bad, bad, bad girl. NEVER put grease down the drain!

Answer by Jennifer N
I must tell you, I’ve been doing this for years and I’m 51. I make sure the water is hot before I start to pour and let it run for a couple of minutes afterwards. I have a septic tank and have never had a problem. There are many people with a different opinion, I’m sure, but, tried and true it is; however; If you have a dog, how about pouring the grease on the dog food, the dogs love it, and I’m told it helps take care of the worm problem. (I don’t know, just been told about the worm thing)

Answer by Avatar
It’s never happened to me, I’ve probably dumped 10 gallons of it down the drain in the past year or so, I just let the scalding water run for 5-10 minutes to make sure any grease that went through the pipes is completely through and into the storage tank or sewer. Grease cannot solidify as long as it’s hot, just remember that, and you’ll be fine.

Answer by Robin H
yes, it will cause clogging in your pipes. the film from the grease will slowly build up and harden over a period of time. Not only will it cause problems with the drain lines and septic system, it will also cause odors from the old grease lining the pipes, which you will smell in your sink drains. Not something that would be very pleasant.

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How Much to Replace a Distribution Tank and Drain Fields in a Septic System?

Question Asked by katherine: How much to replace a distribution tank and drain fields in a septic system?

Best answer:

Answer by thebillthatknows
prepare to get a second mortgage

Answer by sgthaw
Put it up for bids, research the contractor’s past jobs,check his insurance and licenses, make SURE to get permits and inspection, call 1-800-DIG SAFE for their help(required by Law) choose wisely, and pray nobody makes a mistake.

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Is an Under Sink Drain Food Disposer Safe to Install if on Septic System?

Question Asked by pres145j: Is an under sink drain food disposer safe to install if on septic system?
I need some input please. I have been told by some that it is ok, but others tell me it isn’t ok.

Best answer:

Answer by abluheron1
It depends on a lot of things, like size of septic tank and number of people in household. Sometimes people get carried away with putting food in the disposal which too much will be bad for the septic system.

Answer by
InSinkErator makes one that they is safe to use with your septic system. There are probably others as well. Check your local hardware store & see what they carry. I would then go home and research each one I’m interested in to find the best one for the amount of money you want to spend.

Answer by Brian A
If you use it sensibly by scraping most leftover food into the trash and using the disposal ONLY for the little bits left on the plate, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Answer by rhsaunders
Yes. But one should take some care as to what goes into it; the septic tank has a limited capacity. If one has a septic system, one is probably on enough land that having a compost pile makes sense for disposing of the bulk of food wastes.

Answer by oil field trash
The main downside to putting stuff in the disposal that won’t biodegrade quickly. These build up in the tank and make it necessary to have it pumped out more often.

Grease in large volumes is the biggest culprit.

Dumping as much stuff as possible into the garbage is the best rule of thumb. Otherwise don’t worry too much.

We have a septic system that is 11 years old and we generally follow that rule and have had to pump our tank about every 3 years. I think that is average for must septic systems.

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When Installing a New Drain System for a Toliet/septic System Where Is the Vent Supposed to Be Located?

Question Asked by jamie_lee4: When installing a new drain system for a toliet/septic system where is the vent supposed to be located?
3 inch PVC being used, drain for toliet, shower, and sink.

Best answer:

Answer by Dummy
You can use a tee or y,to connect 2in pipe to main drain and run up through wall and out on top of roof you will need a rain proof cap and flair seal for roof mount,Be sure you connect after toilet connection and also sink connection will need vent.

Answer by Brian C
if you are putting a new bathroom in what i would do is this. if your stool is close to the sink you will want to vent the sink through the roof and where the sink drain drops through the floor tie it into to the stool using a 3×2 tee. that will vent the stool and the lavatory. also if your shower is not within 5 ft of your lavatory drain then you will also need to vent the shower seperately. just run a vent pipe up the wall and tie it in in the attic with a tee to the lavatory vent. then underneath the floor what you will do is go from your ptrap from the shower into a tee on the vent pipe then out of the bottom of the tee to your drain line. that will properly vent your shower. if the shower is within 5 ft of the drain line then dont worry about venting it. hope this helps

Answer by Hondu
You need to check your local codes. Most plumbing codes require the vent to be within x number of feet of the fixture. Some codes even require multiple vents for multiple fixtures.

Answer by Streetglide
Just in the wall behind the toilet/ shower/ sink, then it need to extend up PAST you attic area to the roof. Extend it about 1 foot above roof covering

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How Often Does a Drain Field Septic System Need to Be Pumped?

Question Asked by : How often does a drain field septic system need to be pumped?
I have a 3 bed 2 bath house with 180 sq ft of drain field. Has a 4″ inspection cap near two concrete manholes. Do these concrete cover go to the sediment tank?Wondering when I need to call some one to have the tank serviced. The drain field is shared with another duplicate unit, so there is 360 total sq ft of drain field.

Best answer:

Answer by movinonman
So much depends on usage. If you have a house full of people and the people you share the septic field with have a full house as well then it could be as often as every 2 to 3 yrs. Habits also have a lot to do with it. Sorry if it sounds like a cop out but it is that way. I would suggest you try to contact the company that has serviced it in the past and check to see what records they have regarding your address. You could also check with the people you share the septic field with to find out how long ago it was serviced. You can check the tanks by opening the covers and doing a visual inspection to see what level it is at but some people don’t have the stomach for it.

Hope this helps.

Answer by Rebel
Have a look at site below where there is a lot of information about the septic system and restoration of your drain field.

Answer by Papaw
The Septic Tank Pumpers claim you should have it pumped every 3 years or so. I used to believe that but the last time (about 5 years ago) it cost me over $ 500.00.
Mine used to back up every time we had a good rain. I bought some stuff you put down the toilet once a month and so far I haven’t had any more problems.
I recommend this stuff and you can get it here.

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Q&a: What Are Some Safe Drain Clogging Products to Use if You Have a Septic System?

Question Asked by Critical_rationalist: What are some safe drain clogging products to use if you have a septic system?
and don’t want to kill off the bacteria and enzymes in yous septic tank

Best answer:

Answer by Ibrahim Usman A

Answer by pickmefirstplz
a snake if you have to use manufactured drain cleaners than you have to replace the bacteria

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What Do You Use to Unclog a Shower Drain if You Have a Septic Tank?

Question Asked by ihcuids: What do you use to unclog a shower drain if you have a septic tank?
I usually shave my head in the shower. I let my hair grow out quite a bit and I hated it. It was too hot and too much trouble to deal with so shaved my head with a hair shaver. Most of the time it works, because there is not enough hair going down the drain to matter. This time, however, there was enough to clog it. It’s not totally clogged, but drains really, really slowly and backs up a little when it finishs draining. Is it safe to use Liquid Plumer or something similar to that to unclog my drain if I have a septic tank?

Best answer:

Answer by Frogmama2007
(Rolling eyes at silly men & their ideas!)
Hair doesn’t dissolve in water or septic tanks.Do it over a bucket next time,or the trash can!
Get a plunger & work it real hard or call the sh*t sucker truck!

Answer by tomkat1528
Main Line Cleaner
available at WalMart $ 10/gallon
I believe it’s ok for septic tanks (check the label)

although it says use the whole thing – I would use 1/2 gallon.
cover overnight with a plate

then use a container to catch a gallon of water to get it HOT
and then take the gallon container away (oh yeah – pick up the plate) and let the hot water run through for 5 minutes – then pour
the gallon of water in to really flush it out

best of luck (used four gallons in two houses)
one quart went down a leaf filled rain downspout – and the stuff
cleaned out the leaves! W O W

given up on liquid plumper

Answer by Joshu@
Hello, I am not sure about the septic tank being able to handle “uncloggers,” but I would like to strongly recommend a very good drain clog remover. It’s called “Instant Power” and it says “Hair & Grease” on the front of the bottle in big, red letters. The only place Ive see this sold (where I got mine) is at Home Depot.

Ask an associate where the drain clog remover things are, and when they tell you where they are at, look for a black bottle in a big, clear, zip-lock style bag. It works extremely well AND it doesn’t have a strong smell either! It’s about $ 11 a gallon, and you every application is only 1-2 cups of liquid.

Answer by tanja b
LOL :-D now I’ve heard it all!!
use caustic soda, it’s ok for septics.
If it does cause a problem for the septic, you can buy enzymes to rectify it for not much. But has never been an issue for us.

Answer by Rick A Hyatt
a .410 shotgun usually works best under these circumstances: Use bird shot as that will leave the least damage, then follow it up with Drano.
Or a .22 with the same load.
Ask Vince Foster.
If Bill doesn’t carry a gold plated .22 revolver derringer, as all American Presidents do, a gift from North American Arms?

Answer by Bud’s Girl
Just unscrew the trap and pull out whatever’s in there. Right there is usually where the problem occurs.

Answer by cowboydoc
Plumbers helper from Home Depot, the commercial stuff. It has sulfuric acid in it and will eat or dissolve the hair in the drain. Make sure you be careful and use HOT water to flush it down.

To prevent this from happening again get a cover from Home Depot for this purpose, it will prevent the hair from going into the drain. Most shower plug ups are from hair being washed in the shower.

Answer by donkanard
carefully remove the strainer cap.
bend a coat hanger and make a small hook on one end and push down the drain hole and bring the hair back up.
suggested in another response: cut your hair somewhere else than over a drain.
You may wish to call Dick Cheney to come over with his gun and just shoot it out! I would suggest hiding your wife children and pets and get behind something thick.

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My Neighbor Built a Large Shop on His Septic Tank and Drain Field Without Permits, Should I Be Worried?

Question Asked by D: My neighbor built a large shop on his septic tank and drain field without permits, should I be worried?
We are downgrade of my neighbors house, he built the very large shop right on the property line and on top of the Septic tank and drain field all without any permits!!! Is there anything I need to be worried about for my property??? Any help would be Great Thanks!!!!
He Did leave the septic tank cover available to clean out but its right up against the building

Best answer:

Answer by ONAN DJA
He will he the one with problems when the tank needs to be cleaned out I don’t think you will be affected with this clowns stupidity.

Answer by gas man
call the city inspector,see if he got a permit,sounds illegal to me

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Q&a: How Do We Unclog Our Floor Drain to Our Septic Tank Ourselves?

Question Asked by W.J. Garrett: How do we unclog our floor drain to our septic tank ourselves?
Our floor drain to the septic system has backed up. We had the septic tank cleaned out today and the water has not gone down. We are looking for an alternative to paying $ 500 to have the lines cleaned out by a professional if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by ijcoffin
Rent a roto-rooter, so you can do it your self.

Answer by BigGuy
You might want to try a 20 ft rodder to clean from the floor drain to the septic tank. It sounds like it could be clogged going to the septic tank.

Answer by D2
you could rent a machine and do it your self,but other than that i don’t know of to many ways to clear them without have a pro come out,we have a pro size auger and a jetter and they cost,we spent 7grand on the jetter alone so that’s alot for someone to pay just to use ever once in a while

Answer by yupperdoo
Couple thoughts..depending on accessibility..sometimes a garden hose can be utilized as a”snake”,however unless the hose end is removed,it can get caught in the pipe :(

By the same token there is a small inexpensive device,that screws onto the end of a hose,is then inserted into the drain opening.When water is turned on,it swells up like a balloon,allowing the water to pressurize the drain to 30-45lbs of pressure(whatever your water system produces),blasting the blockage thru.Can’t recall the tradename of this device,but they can be found in plumbing section of hardware and home centers..Note# They are sized by drain diameter so you will need to know size of drainpipe,Good luck

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After a Shower, the Water Drain Out Slowly, but the Sinks and Toliets Started to Rise. I Have a Septic System?

Question Asked by Ms No: After a shower, the water drain out slowly, but the sinks and toliets started to rise. I have a septic system?
Plumbing Slow shower drain, Rising water
As I was showering, I noticed the water was not draining out as usual. Ten minutes had passed before the water went down, but the sinks, tubs, and toilets has risen. We do have a septic system and use Rid-X monthly. If it is the septic, what is the cost and length of time to fix?

Best answer:

Answer by K
WE had this same problem last weekend, and it was a clog in the pipe right at the enterance to the septic tank. But, it could be a few different problems, hopefully theres nothing wrong with the drainfield because that could get expensive. Call a plumber

Answer by greydoc6
Check the shower drain first. If clearing that is no help, check the septic tank. It sounds as if you are not experienced at DYI. A septic tank should be serviced every two or three years depending on the size of the tank and the number of people living in the house. If you fail to do this, you could get fats and other solids in your drain field, rendering it ineffective. While the service fee isn’t exactly cheap, it’s much less expensive than replacing a drain field. Failing to do this is a classic example of being penny wise and pound foolish.

Answer by John
Your Rid-x should keep the fats and greases down to a minimum, but won’t remove Hair which sounds like it may be the problem also, if someone has been on Antibiotics, they will kill the good bacteria in your septic system, so you need to 1: remove the shower base drain plug and clean as best as you can, maybe with a straighten wire coat hanger, (messy business). 2. Then use a propriety brand of active bacteria like “Actizime” which will “eat hair et all” … follow the instructions on the package …

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How Do You Find a Septic Tank and Drain Field?

Question Asked by Frederick C: How do you find a septic tank and drain field?
I cant find my septic tank or drain field. Is their a place on the web that has blue prints for this. I live in Volusia County, Florida.Or can someone tell where I can go on the web to get the plans for my house.

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Answer by beth
at the plumbing store they sell a metal probe.

Answer by Linda M
I don’t know if it is on the web. In Oregon you can go down to the county courthouse and they will give you a map of your septic and drain fleld.

Answer by thewrangler_sw
There should be a plastic pipe that sticks up out of the ground, or it may be at the surface level, and capped off. This would be where your tank is located, and will be located between the drain field and your house. Some people will use a lawn ornament to hide the cap.

Some county clerk offices will have this information, or the state’s natural resources department will have maps with well locations and/or septic tank locations.

Good Luck

Answer by sensible_man
Walk around the house and look for a plastic cap. This is a clean-out. Walk out from the house about 3 or 4 feet, and you should be standing on the tank. You can take a metal rod and probe the ground to find it.

Answer by atha
Hi! My aunt and uncle also live in Volusia County. I’m in Minnesota and work on septic systems for the government.

You probably won’t find the location of your septic tank and drainfield on blue prints. At least I haven’t seen them on too many.

In Florida, the Florida Department of Health ( permits septic systems. They do have a website to find septic system information. Click on “Property Search” on this site:

However, it looks like this isn’t very complete information and quite likely won’t tell you where your system is located. I would call either the Dept. of Health or Volusia County ( to see if they have more complete records on your property.

Answer by lordshaiths
if you can “witch” for water try that. find where the drain exits the house and start a grid pattern walking your way down the line till you get a really strong reading that will be your tank

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