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Septics101 (Full Course): A Guide to Septic System Maintenance

Septics101 (Full Course): A Guide to Septic System Maintenance

Learn how on-site sewage systems (septic systems) function and how to take care of them. This video shows the entire course (5 video chapters) and runs about 19 minutes. You can also view each video chapter separately.
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Our Septic Tank Got Overly Full So We Had It Pumped. Now It Is Full Again the Next Week with Mostly Water.?

Question Asked by Cory: Our septic tank got overly full so we had it pumped. Now it is full again the next week with mostly water.?
it appears that there is a lot of water in our septic tank. the water is really cloudy almost like water from the shower or the washing machine. Any Ideas

Best answer:

Answer by Deborah
maybe they didn’t pump it completely out,,,,,call them and ask someone to check it

Answer by Nurse Mich Brux
maybe you have a crack in the tank and it’s letting water in.

Answer by Bob W
Uh, how can you look at the water in your septic tank…the tank is supposed to be underground below the freeze line.

Maybe your laterals are bad OR is your soil is very very water saturated, the water from the septic tank can not leach out.

Again, how can you see the water?

Answer by dirtydog
In a gravity system (no pumps),
two things happen after a tank is pumped:
1. The tank has to fill back up before the liquid (effluent) overflows into the drain field via the effluent outlet piping.
2. The bugs that call the tank their home have to recover and restart their eating. Until then the appearance and smell won’t be the same as when the tank is properly functioning.

Are either of these what you’re observing?
Back to your question – you’ve described
‘gray water’ (this is normal if the gray water is piped to the tank)
it is also normal for the tank to fill w/liquid up to the level of the effluent outlet.

Answer by Jim
The water you are seeing is referred to as “gray water” and is indeed from the shower, sink drain, etc. It’s possible that you may have a clogged distribution pipe (best case) or a saturated drain field (worst case). One suggestion (won’t help now though), if you are using “Charmin” toilet tissue, stop. It’s the absolute worst for septic systems. Use “Angel Soft” instead. Usually, the person who pumped out your tank will be experienced in these types of problems. If you trust him, contact him and have him come out and inspect the system. If he says that you have to install a new drain field, get a 2nd opinion from another reliable source. This can be VERY costly and it’s best to make absolutely sure that this is indeed the problem. Most of the time, it’s sludge and debris clogging the main distribution pipe, which is easily repairable.

Answer by 2littleiggies
Sounds like your leach field is no longer working it could be plugged or saturated and may need to be replaced or maybe you have a crack in the tank and groundwater is leaking in.

Answer by billybob
It would appear that the drain line coming out of the tank going to the drainfeild is clogged. There is nowhere for the liquid in the tank to go.

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Q&a: How Can You Tell if Your Sepric Tank Is Full ?

Question Asked by : how can you tell if your sepric tank is full ?
I think my septic tank might need to be pumped but I’m not sure. Are there any noticeable symptoms in your indoor plumbging to clue you in?

Best answer:

Answer by Jim
It probably depends on the elevation (head) of you indoor plumbging. The path of least resistance should be the drain-field which is usually (except in pressure systems)
down stream from your tank. The symptom I hear about most is smelly water rising out of the ground near or at the drain-field. Once I had to have my septic pumped because I was selling the house (required in our county when you sell) but the guy pumping said they rarely and sometimes never really need pumping. Just some sand accumulates in the bottom, which I guess is acceptable. Good luck.

Answer by papaw
toilet slow or wont flush or backs up…sewer-odor from toilet, could be wet spots/sewer seepage in yard. (This could also mean the field drain is clogged or broken. Call the ‘honey wagon, and pay the 200 bucks to have it pumped; then flush a box of ‘Rid-X’ about every 6 weeks to keep the septic system working. If the field drain is clogged or broken, the tank will fill back up in virtually no time, so you need to check that, too. That will cost over $ 1000.00 to re-do.


Answer by Rebel1
Generally every 3 to 5 years is the recommend time frame for pumping of your tank.Warning Signs of a Failure
– Odors, surfacing sewage, wet spots or lush vegetation
in the drainfield area
Plumbing or septic tank backups
Slow-draining fixture, not due to local clogging
Gurgling sounds in the plumbing system
If you notice any of these signs or if you suspect
problems with your septic tank system, contact your local
health agency for assistance.

Answer by Jason Townsend
There are signs of a septic system backup in your home but they are the same signs of a main sewer line backup so to determine if the tank needs pumped you’ll need to look in the septic tank or simply pump it every 3-5 years.Gurgling in your tub or sinks, water backing up in your lowest drains(basement floor drain) or a slow flushing toilet are all signs of either a septic system backup or main drain line problem. Because these symptoms are identical the best way to see if your septic needs pumped is to open up the septic tank. In most cases you can open the tank by removing a lid on top of the tank. When you open the tank up you will need to check the level of the water in the tank, in most cases the water level should stay approx. 14″-16″ below the roof of the septic tank. There should be two drain pipes that are inside of the septic tank one coming from the home and one leaving to the leach system. the water level in the tank should be level with the line leaving to your leach system. If the water level is barely leaving the leach pipe then the leaching is not backing you up. If the line coming from your home is above the water then a drain line is the problem. But to determine if your tank needs pumping you will need to purchase a sludge judge tool or get a 6′ long stick/pole and stretch a long piece of cloth from end to end on this stick. Slowly lower one end in the tank until it touches the bottom of the tank wait for 30 seconds then raise the stick out. you will notice that there is black thick waste at the bottom of the stick working its way up the stick. Now you need to measure how far that waste comes up the stick and add how much waste is floating on the surface of your water then add the two together. This will give you the Sludge level(bottom) and scum level(top of water) of the tank. When you add the two together this gives you the total waste amount in the tank. If this total waste level is 25% or more of the total tank volume the tank needs pumped.

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I Suspect My Septic System Is Full or Clogged. Is There a Product I Can Try Before I Call a Plumber?

Question Asked by Andre K: I suspect my septic system is full or clogged. Is there a product I can try before I call a plumber?
When I turn on the washer or flush the toilet, about 3 inches of water rises in the bathtub or other toilet. Any DIY info would greatly be apreciated. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Don
You’re right, this sounds like a clogged septic system. There could be a clog somewhere between your your last fixture and the tank, though, especially if there’s trees nearby. So, it’s a good idea to run a snake down through the line, just to make sure it’s not clogged. You can rent these. When I was young and had nothing, I remember running a garden hose down through the line, feeling for obstructions :) I’d use a snake now.

You don’t need a plumber to get your septic tank pumped out, at least where I live in Oregon. You call a septic tank pumping company and they come out and pump it for you. They all do this the same way, you can buy on price alone.

Thid is one area you can save money yourself, and that is to dig the dirt up on the top of your septic tank, to expose the lid on top. Don’t remove it (the septic tank guys will do that, plus it stinks), just expose it so they can lift it up. I haven’t had a septic tank pumped for awhile but I’d guess it might be in the $ 300 – $ 400 range. Still, you don’t need to add any plumbers bill to that. Call locally for better price information.

DON’T add any commercial products, especially at this point. If you do, you risk flushing septic solids into your drainfield. Now, THAT’S a more expensive project, perhaps $ 5000. Don’t do it.

Answer by jeff w

it may be the outlet pipe to the septic tank be blocked

open any manhole covers and see where the blockage is

use drain rods to clear

get somebody in

Answer by modelplus2000
My brother had this same exact problem. His septic was completely full, and had to have it pumped. Maybe try rid-ex, but I think it might be too full. Do you have a cap in your yard? If you take this off you can see if it’s full or not, but I’m pretty sure it’s full. My brother and I did everything we could think of, and nothing worked.

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I Have 2 Full Bathrooms in My House but the Toilet Keeps Stopping Up in One. WTF Is Going on?

Question Asked by Baby Baby Baby: I have 2 full bathrooms in my house but the toilet keeps stopping up in one. WTF is going on?
While one toilet flushes w/out any problem after a good rain; the second ( which is connected to the same septic line ) won’t flush for a week after dry weather returns. It’s like the line is stopped up and needs to drain off excess water.
Can someone advise me on WTF is going on here?

Best answer:

Answer by tinman97prn
Snake the line. There is clearly a problem with the flow on the one line.

Answer by Gollub



Answer by Fraz
Without many more details I can’t be sure or even take a guess, there’s too many other factors to consider especially if it only happens during or after a rain. But there is one possibility and I had to replace 2 toilets in 2 homes last summer for this reason alone. The problem toilet is old and just worn out. Toilets over time eventually get partially clogged inside the toilet rim or elsewhere where most of the flushing water comes from, less flushing water & slower flushing water into the bowl will cause it not to flush completely most of the time. It’s the minerals in the water that stick & build up over time inside the channels of the toilet. I had one toilet that wouldn’t flush completely most of the time but did every so often. It will look as of the sewer line is partially clogged because the water drains out of the bowl slower and it usually does not overflow out of the bowl onto the floor either. It may be just a coincidence that it seems to happen during or after rains.

If it’s anything else other than that I would need to know more specific details on how your drain lines are installed, where they go, where they connect, how long each one is, which is the problem toilet (upstairs or downstairs), what type of sewer line is in use underground, and the sewage system in use. Hopefully someone else will have a better answer for you.

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