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My Sister Just Moved into a New House with a Septic Sytem, Can She Pour Milk Down the Drain?

Question Asked by Heidi J: My sister just moved into a new house with a septic sytem, can she pour milk down the drain?
I had heard that milk solids cannot be broken down, but all the research I’ve done leads me to believe that it is only in large amounts, such as in milkhouses. Does anyone know for sure?

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Answer by M-Theory
I have a septic system and never had any problem from pouring milk down the drain. I think your research is correct, its probably only in large amounts. I doubt that pouring your cereal milk or expired milk down the drain will cause a problem at all.

Answer by noseygirl
You drink milk, then use the septic system so what’s the difference?

Answer by diane
Natural is always best~
I have the same and I was told to flush ‘active yeast’ Bread with sugar also works well and gets the bacteria jump started after using cleaning agents which kill those good bacteria that are needed for decomposition.Another good natural product to use is Epsom salts,mashed potatoes too.Strange as this sounds I have used them for many years and have never had problems with tank nor have I had to ever had to have it pumped out~as it is busy all the time eating all the ‘matter’ up.

Answer by Anti–Parrot
yes you can

Answer by SiSi
YES…I have been living in my house for about 14 years with a private septic system, and have raised 6 kids. I have never had a problem with my septic and milk, or any other normal liquids from every day use for that matter.

Just so she knows how a private septic works, here is some information.

Never put anything down the drain that will stay solid, for example, hamburger grease. Running an excess of water will fill the septic, and her leach field will grow excess grass from the excess water.

Use toilet paper that is biodegradable. I use Scott because it is very thin and breaks down pretty quickly.

A septic needs to be pumped out ever three or four years, because it will get full enough to back up into your home. That is very nasty. I do mine every four years. You might ask yourself, how do I remember. Well, I go by the presidential elections. In with the new s__t in the White house, and out with the old s__t from my septic.

There is a lot more information on line.

Answer by beginner
milk should not hurt anything to be poured down the drain I cant see it hurting anything I have heard of people poring Battery acid down the drain to clean out hair and it does not hurt anything milk would be a lot less

Answer by man_marathon
try using some ridex

Answer by jewls011
actually the opposite is true. milk is a good thing to put in the septic tank. milk puts bacteria back into your tank. the bacteria eats the waste, and keeps your tank low. bleach on the other hand, will kill the bacteria and cause the septic levels to rise. so watch your bleach use.

fyi – milk does the same job as riddex but it is alot cheaper!

Answer by plumber
yes,use rid-x monthly and no chorline bleach

Answer by Just Me
As long as you are drinking more milk than you are pouring down the drain it should not be a problem.

Answer by analize2much
LOTS of water down in there. IT would be so diluted it wont bother it. And yes milk does promote bacteria growth. And that is why you never use milk jugs to store emergency water.

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