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Can I Install a Septic Tank Riser by Myself?

Question Asked by porcelainity: Can I install a septic tank riser by myself?
Hello…I have a septic tank made out of concrete, but doesnt have a riser. Can I purchase a PVC riser, somewhere, and install it myself? Concrete is cheaper I know, but I live and work alone…would be hard to install, would rather pay for the PVC. Is it something I can find, somewhere, and something I can handle by myself? Otherwise, any other creative solutions akin to using old metal trashcans or car parts?

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Answer by Fritha Grey
Yes you can buy and install a PVC riser yourself. BUT first check with the county to see if it’s allowed and second check with a BIG hardware store, the kind that offers instructions and advice, to see if you have the skills needed and also to make sure you have all the right tools before you start.

Answer by Robert F
how large a riser ?
8-12 inch PVC isn’t readily available from hardware stores but can be found at some large construction sites can be picked up for little to nothing but asking the foreman or general contractor
You would need to seal it into the top somehow , concrete could be an option for this or roofing tar
a concrete tube (cardboard) can be found and used tor the inner form and concrete poured around it , these can be found easy enough at hardware stores
A lid of some sort could be as simple as a metal plate with a ring or tabs to keep it from shifting (it doesn’t have to be absolutely air tight for an anaerobic system)

Answer by TSW
You can’t use PVC as a septic tank riser. Concrete risers come in 6 ” 12″ 18 ” and 24″ heights you will also need a concrete cover.

Answer by Rebel
Yes there are 3 types you could chose from concrete which is rather heavy and also with a concrete lid that would need to be lifted each time you need to access the tank for pumping,then there’s polyethylene but it is difficult to seal the connection around the tank with this and could cause problems if the tank overflows,finally pvc which is lightweight and easy to install and forms a good seal around the tank but is expensive,contractors could install it for you but if you want to cut down on costs and know where the tank is dig out the area for the riser yourself and then have them install it and you can back fill it then yourself otherwise they’ll charge for digging out the area,so there are your options,good luck.

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Would It Practical to Do My Septic System Myself??

Question Asked by amsoil dealer: would it practical to do my septic system myself??
i am looking at around 3k-5k dollars and i dont have the money to have this done would it be a doable job for someone thats never really done any kind of construction??

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Answer by Appliance Man
I would be surprised if any community would allow a homeowner to install his own septic system. It used to be much easier, but it has been turned into a regulatory hell. One mistake and you are ripping it up. There are a lot of intricacies to making sure it is done right and operates correctly. Take out a home improvement loan.

Answer by MiKe
You obviously live in the southern region. I paid over $ 25,000 for mine. I would not recommend doing it yourself if you are not familiar with it. It seems like a simple concept..and it is. I am not to sure your local health dept or code inspector would think to highly of it either. You need to be licensed to install a septic system. If it is not installed properly it could have a real negative impact on the environment to include animals and your neighbors drinking water. 3-5K is not a bad price. You would end up probably spending a lot more than that if you tried doing it yourself. The backhoe, the dirt, stone, sand, sod, pipes, d-box, ..etc….It is a necessary expense.

Answer by poppyman54
I am a Master plumber, and I can’t even put a septic system in. It has to do with the regulations required to install a system. Only licensed contractors can install a system. I have seen people try and beat the system, by installing their own, only to get caught, fined $ 10,000, and still had to rip out the system they installed, and hire a contractor to install a “proper” system. Good luck to you!

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