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Drainfield Restoration with Pump That Septic

Pump That Septic walks you through what happens with a drainfield restoration project. for more information visit us on at: http://…
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How Much for a Septic Pump?

Question Asked by otoolegardener: how much for a septic pump?
I have a raised leach field with a pump system for the effluent. Approximately how much would a new pump cost?

Best answer:

Answer by offshore18
approx 80.00-150.00

Answer by Mustbcrazy
It depends where you live. Get the best pump you can find…ie: lifetime warranty. I paid $ 300 for mine in Ontario, Canada.

Answer by wwwstat
basically the pump price is directly influenced by how high you have to lift the effluent to the leach field….there are many pumps…prices start at around 300.00 dollars and go up depending on what horsepower you need to talk to an experierienced salesman so he can help you determine what pump you need

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The Septic System (3 Years Old) Pump Alarm Just Sounded What Does That Mean?

Question Asked by Dani: The Septic System (3 years old) pump alarm just sounded what does that mean?
Does it mean I need a pumping? Does it mean the pump went bad? Help, my 1st house with a septic. Thanx!

Best answer:

Answer by gizmoe
It means the pump is not working for one reason or another. Call for service. Could be the pump or could be an electrical problem to the pump.

Answer by Billy M
This is not that uncommon of a problem, if you have never had your tank pumped you should about every three to five years depending on the size of the family. The pump is probably in a holding tank not the septic, a septic tank breaks down and hold solids, a holding tank just hold water until there is enough for the pump to kick on. More than most likely there is a float stuck. This part is not fun but use a handle, strong stick ,some thing to that nature. Remove the tank lid.If the pump was installed correctly you should be able to remove the lid and see a water pipe.(approx 1 ½ in.) Run the handle or stick down the side of this pipe and try to hit the floats ( usually a gray or black cylinder) to knock them loose. If that doesn’t work some alarm boxes have a float over ride If you flip that (probably have to hold it)the pump should kick on it will take about twenty to thirty minutes to empty a 1000 gal tank. If none of these work call a local pro asap, You DO NOT want the septic tank to flood the holding tank.

Answer by John himself
There is a problem with the pump or your drainfield. Call the system installer or a plumber who works on septic systems. Don’t wait.

Answer by jdebord1976
sometimes its as simple as the float sticking or stuff built up on float
take the lid off lookdown inside see if anything on float or against it sometimes you can shake the pipe and free the float

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Woodbridge VA Homes for Sale with a Pump Septic System, Part 1

You get a brief overview of a pumped septic system, as they are used in Prince William County Virginia. Septic sanitary regulations vary by county, city, and…
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What Hole Do I Pump Out of on a Septic Tank?

Question Asked by Your new best friend: What hole do I pump out of on a septic tank?
Is it true that there are multiple holes on some septic tanks, and if so, which one do I pump out of?

Best answer:

Answer by pellco
the top one .

Call a septic service.
Inlet ( waste from your house)
outlet to leaching fields
top cover to suck out all the honey

Answer by eldots53
The top one, closest to the inlet where the pipe drains from the house. If you can’t find it, the septic tank pumping service will open it for you….you don’t pump it yourself anyhow.

Answer by Dan H
There are usually two compartments in a septic tank. Some tanks have more compartments but they are unusual and for special applications.

There is always one access hole in the top of the tank closest to your building where the waste inlet is. Often there is another access hole over the other end of the tank. You must pump the side closest to your building – the side the waste dumps into. If there is an access cover for the other side, it should be opened, inspected and pumped if necessary.

Answer by Eddie
The septic tanks have upper hard cement gates buried few foot under the ground. Usually if the septic was initially installed with the house, the blue print or plans will show the exact location for the gate or man hole. If you do not have blue print reference, the company that pump the septic will find it by sticking a metal rod in the ground until they find the gate for the first time. The septic pump company will charge a little extra for this one time service plus the contains pumped out from that septic. Make sure to visually check the exact location of the gate on the event that you use some other company in the future to help them find it next time. Good luck…!

Answer by Newtechbio Newtechbio
Usually the tank is pumped either through the lid or through a clean-out directly above or near the lid.

Be sure to call several septic companies since prices can vary greatly amongst pumpers. Also, ask whatever company you decide on to visually inspect the system to assure that your baffle is intact and that the tank, lid and other components are in good shape.

To potentially reduce pump-out frequency, limit harsh chemicals from entering your system and focus on ‘green’ type laundry and dishwasher detergents. High quality bacterial additives and aeration also greatly assist in keeping the system in optimal condition, providing many years of trouble free service.

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How to Clean Septic Tank | Should I Clean or Pump My Septic Tank?

How To Clean A Septic Tank | Activator 1000 can help you avoid costly pump outs. Cleaning your septic tank with a septic tank treatment like Activator 1000 c…

Cornell Cooperative Extension video produced in 1994 on septic system purpose, function, failure, siting, construction, and maintenance. Written by Barbara K…
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Q&a: For a Septic with 2 Tanks and a Pump Tank, Which Tanks Should Be Pumped Out?

Question Asked by John E: For a septic with 2 tanks and a pump tank, which tanks should be pumped out?
I recently had my septic tank pumped out. The pump tank and the the tank where the house drain enters were pumped. When I aske why the second tank was not pumped I was told there was no need. The second tank was overflow for the water which emptied into the pump tank. Is this true or should all three have been pumpedout?

Best answer:

Answer by fenx1200
This is true. If you a have a sand mound, the last tank is the dosing tank. Effluent is pumped from this tank to the septic field. The first tank in the series collects all of the solid waste products. These settle to the bottom over time. There is a baffle that allows the water at the top of the tank to pour over into the second compartment. It prevents solids from transferring there.
If you have a gravity system, it is basically the same principle.

Answer by oil field trash
It really depends on your system and how it is loaded. My system has three tanks. Usually the second one needs to be pumped the most but on occasions I have had to pump all three. If there is a heavy load, like a lot of guests at Christmas with laundry, the flow rate can be too high and solids are carried to places they usually aren’t.

We are required to have our system checked three times a year by a certified technician. They tell us which if any of the tanks needs pumping.

Usually the pump tank is the one with the least need to be pumped. I’ve only pumped our pump tank once in ten years.

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Is It Typical for the People Who Pump Septic Tanks to Try and Sell You a Whole New Field Line (drain Lines)?

Question Asked by dsjnix: Is it typical for the people who pump septic tanks to try and sell you a whole new field line (drain lines)?
We have has septic tank pumped on a 960 gallon tank. We have 5 people living here. The people who pumped tank told us that we need to have new line dug and installed for this many people to avoid backup? Do they typicllay try and sell this or is this something we really need to consider?
They have said that an alternative solution maybe to have my washing machine drain into something else. What would this entail? Would I have a plumber come and do this or is it something we could do ourselves?

Best answer:

Answer by donna d
if you haven’t had backup already i wouldn’t worry about it .of course they are going to try to sell you something you don’t realy need.they probably need the buisness.

Answer by Bobs MonOncle
Maybe, maybe not. The fields don’t last forever. Did you ask why they thought it needed a new one? You might have just been getting an up-sale.

Around here, old fields are grandfathered in, but you can’t add or replace them. I know some people that were catch-22’d — they could not fix their old system, they didn’t have the right specs for a new system, and there were no public sewers. When we sold my parent’s home (60 years old), the county required a new system be installed even though there were no problems and it “passed inspection,” it failed solely due to age.

Answer by Butch G
There are different reasons septic systems will backup. The size tank you have really doesn’t matter as much as the condition of your drain field. The tank itself, holds solids, while liquids are released to the drain field. Bakers Yeast is a good additive to help promote bacteria in the tank. The living organisms will eat the solids, promoting a healthy tank. Sometimes the lines going out to the drain field become clogged. Do you have a lot of vegetation nearby? Trees? The roots will cause a slowdown in drainage If I were you I would dig up the distribution box, and inspect the incoming line. The distribution box is located at the rear of the actual 900 gallon tank. It is where all the drain field’s lines intersect. You may have a back there. Run a garden hose into the hole, and see if it flushes out any paper or diaper, etc. Don’t be afraid to get dirty, you can save literally thousand of dollars

Answer by peppersham
They are probably saying your system Fields are too short or not put in properly that will cause a problem your tank is fine the water from your washer maybe letting too much water before it can be soaked up by the ground.No,they usually are pretty honest they have seen it all.You can reroute the washer to the drain Field but be aware in some areas this is not allowed.If it is and you are handy you can do it yourself.

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Q&a: How Long and How Often Should the Aerator Pump Come on in Our Aerobic Septic System?

Question Asked by Casey and Aaron G: How long and how often should the aerator pump come on in our aerobic septic system?

Best answer:

Answer by David B
check with the manufacture… there are so many different ones…..

Answer by
There are many types of aerobic systems. That can only be found in the user manual. Some run continually 24hrs per day. Some rum in 15 minute intervals 30 times a day. Try finding the manual or make and model and do a web search. Good Luck.

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Old 1957 Metal Septic Tank Being Pumped

Old 1957 metal septic tank being pumped, Mamakating, NY USA.

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Septic Tank Cover