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Drainfield Restoration with Pump That Septic

Pump That Septic walks you through what happens with a drainfield restoration project. for more information visit us on at: http://…
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Septic Tank Sump Pump Replacement | Resolve Rooter

Septic Tank Sump Pump Replacement | Resolve Rooter Deffective sump pump was used as a sewage pump in a septic tank and broke for a local family on Christmas Eve. Resolve Rooter c…
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Woodbridge VA Homes for Sale with a Pump Septic System, Part 1

You get a brief overview of a pumped septic system, as they are used in Prince William County Virginia. Septic sanitary regulations vary by county, city, and…
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How to Clean Septic Tank | Should I Clean or Pump My Septic Tank?

How To Clean A Septic Tank | Activator 1000 can help you avoid costly pump outs. Cleaning your septic tank with a septic tank treatment like Activator 1000 c…

Cornell Cooperative Extension video produced in 1994 on septic system purpose, function, failure, siting, construction, and maintenance. Written by Barbara K…
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Why Pump Your Septic Tank – When you need emergency Atlanta plumbing service in the Atlanta and Cobb County area call Superior Plumbing – 770-422-PLUM …
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How to Perform a Septic System Pump Out

Ed and Cameron from San Juan Septic Service in Friday Harbor, Washington demonstrate a septic system pump out on a 1000 gallon two chamber gravity feed syste…
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What Is the Worst Case Scenario of Having Sump Pump in My Basement Drain to the House Drain?

Question Asked by : What is the worst case scenario of having sump pump in my basement drain to the house drain?
I have a sump pump installed in my basement that drains to the house drain, and (as far as i know it is ilegal in Canada) I get an inspection and I need to drain it in a legal way.

Do I need to excavate concrete or spend a lot in pipes?

Best answer:

Answer by Gone
Need a little more info. ie. the house drain — is it municipal or private septic? If it’s a municpal drain then the sump pump shouldn’t pose any real problem. Municipality is responsible for maintaining sewage / water drainage. If the property has it’s own septic system, it is your responsibility for ensuring it is cleaned & maintained on a regular basis as well as making sure it is up to code.

Ah … the joys of being a home / property owner.

Answer by school78
If Canada is the same as United States sumps drain into the storm sewer. It is illegal for a sump to drain into sanitary sewer. Worst case.. inspector(city) forces you to change it. If you do not have a storm sewer hook up, inspector may let it slide. I am sure the inspector will give you options if he does not like what he sees. Good luck.

Answer by papat
you should have 2 sump pumps. your laundry water goes to 1 and is pumped to the outside. the other one has the toilet and waste, it is pumped into your main sewer system line.

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How to Inspect Your Septic System’s Panel & Pump Chamber

How to Inspect your Septic System's Panel & Pump Chamber

Curtis Wray, of C&E Trenching, explains how to ensure your panel and pumping chamber alarms are operating correctly. To learn more about C&E Trenching visit …
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Sorry I filmed this with my GoPro, kinda makes me feel sick to watch, DIY.

How Often Should You Pump a Septic Tank?

Question Asked by nite_angelica: How often should you pump a septic tank?
We bought our house a year ago. There are four of us (me, my hubby, and two teenage sons).

My husband said we shouldn’t have to do it for two years, but that seems like a really long time.

Best answer:

Answer by Don
I only do it when it fills up and the plumbing clogs, so you’ll know when it NEEDS done! For me, that’s typically about every 7 years, but every septic is different. I’ve heard of some people that never need their septics pumped, and others that need it every 3 years or so. It has to do with what you dump down it, too – if you don’t dump cleaning products and bleach, tampons and garbage, it lasts longer.

Answer by happyman82385
i do mine every three years If you put yeast down it, it will help out alot. Do not buy that septic aid it does the same as cakes of yeast.

Answer by Wally
If the septic system is working properly, microorganisms will digest the organic waste which enters the tank. When you pump the tank you should just be removing the non organic things like dirt,etc. A properly sized tank, which you most likely have should not need to be pumped more often than two years. I personally go about 5 years between pumping and have not had any trouble yet.

Answer by cdpaso
It all depends on your drainage and soil. We don’t have to pump ours but every 7 to ten years. You need to find out if the washer line has a separate line that does not flow into the septic tank. That helps keep that much water out. Some newer homes have that now. Most people wait until they start having problems before they pump their system. If it is not broke don’t fix is my motto. We try to keep as much toilet paper out of the system as possible. You may have a clean out filter also. Sometimes this gets stopped up and not the tank. You might want to inquire to see if you have one of these. A garden hose will fix that problem. Remember water is flowing out as water is going in.

Answer by s_nj_guy
If the system is in good order, 2 years is about right. Sometimes longer. If the tank was just pumped when you bought it and you decide to pump it now, be out there when it’s being pumped and ask the guy if it needed it or can you go for two years next time. If he is honest he will tell you.
Hope his helps, Rick

Answer by khahrosh
To my personal experience, what your husband said is a
pretty good time frame. But, it depends on each individual
household’s habits. Some households consist of bigger
families than yours, some smaller; therefore some are a
lot more active, others much less. (And its your household’s
own activity level that should serve as the scale, when it
comes to the question of how often year you should have
your septic tank pumped.)
A very active household–with, perhaps, an increasingly big
family–might need to have it done no less than once every
6 months, instead of just once every two years.

I hope that helps.

Answer by oil field trash
There are a lot of factors. What kind of system is it? What is its capacity. Capacities are typically set by the number of bed rooms and baths. What all is connected to it. Do you have a garbage disposal and what do you put down it? How many people actually live in the house.

That is why you are getting answers from about 2 to 10 years. Only time will tell what your interval will be.

Our house where there is just me and my wife most of the time, we have ours pumped every 2 to 3 years.

Answer by Corky R
All this hype about getting your septic system pumped every year or two years or three years is just propaganda perpetrated by the guys that perform that service, to keep themselves in business. We’ve lived in the country, on a septic system for over 60 years, several of the homes we’ve been in we’ve never had to have pumped at all with no problems whatsoever. Our current home, where we’ve been for over 25 years had a problem two years ago in the early fall after having had 5 grandkids in and out of here all summer long, staying over and living here mostly. They like being here and we love having them, BUT, they all use way too much TP. By the end of the summer we’d managed to plug a system with enough paper that we finally had to have it pumped and that’s what he found. Paper, paper and more paper. Even though it does dissolve eventually, it doesn’t go as fast as most of the other waste, so it can build up. If you have a garbage disposal, use plenty of water when you run it and don’t put hard stuff down there. Other than that, as one of the previous folks said, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Answer by boy boy
im a builder in the uk ..the true answer is ..if managed properly …ie no rainwater or chemicals never!..there are lots of system i know that have never been emptied in 200 years and when there is a problem its normally after exceptional rain and the land gets waterlogged …never the tank its self

Answer by Elliott M
that is true however you need to add digesting agent to your system every four months available from a hardware store or plumbing outlet

Answer by pen411
Provided you aren’t flushing non bio-degradable items, or items that take a long time to degrade (such as raw foods, rinds, COOKING OIL), feminine products and the like or dumping harsh chemicals (such as bleach), there’s very little reason to have a septic tank pumped except to keep the pumper in business.

When you have it pumped, mostly what you are after is what is on the bottom of the tank, anything that floated (such as cooking oil and grease) has already made it to the leech lines and started clogging them, something that won’t be fixed by pumping.

Those ‘septic fixers’ you see advertised are just cubes of dormant bacteria, fine for starting a new tank, worthless on an existing tank as you are providing more than enough bacteria for it to work with every time you flush. Those cubes typically make things worse by creating a bacteria ‘bloom’, which consumes everything in the tank and then dies off to the point where you are starting from scratch again.

I’ve been in homes nearly 40 years with septic tanks and non of them have ever needed to be pumped out. Be smart about what you are putting down the drain (unless you are sterilizing scrubs for the local hospital, go easy on the bleach for crying out loud).
Peelings and food belong in the trash, not the drain.

Answer by
This answer assumes you have a 1000 gallon tank. Every two to three years is right for a working system with the number of people you stated. If you use a garbage disposal every year. the most important

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How Much for a Septic Pump?

Question Asked by otoolegardener: how much for a septic pump?
I have a raised leach field with a pump system for the effluent. Approximately how much would a new pump cost?

Best answer:

Answer by offshore18
approx 80.00-150.00

Answer by Mustbcrazy
It depends where you live. Get the best pump you can find…ie: lifetime warranty. I paid $ 300 for mine in Ontario, Canada.

Answer by wwwstat
basically the pump price is directly influenced by how high you have to lift the effluent to the leach field….there are many pumps…prices start at around 300.00 dollars and go up depending on what horsepower you need to talk to an experierienced salesman so he can help you determine what pump you need

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Who Is Responsible for a Grinder Pump, Sewer or Property Owner?

Question Asked by Nikki: Who is responsible for a grinder pump, sewer or property owner?
We have septic and are hooking up to the new sewer lines they are putting in. My question is who will be responsible if there is ever a problem with the pump?
Also if it matters they are putting it in for us. All we had to pay is a $ 60 sewer deposit.

Best answer:

Answer by martywdx
Where I’m from the property owner is responsible for all lines to and including the hookup to the main sewer line in the street. Also any lift/ grinder pump.

Answer by jehowell2000
Here in my city in Oregon, you are responsible for everything from the street in. If you have a pump, you are responsible for upkeep.

Answer by be_a_lert
Usually the homeowner is responsible for the grinder pump on a low pressure sewage system. Having said that, the homeowner usually has to pay for the pump as part of the connection cost as well, $ 60 would not cover that so obviously you don’t fit into “usually”.

You should sign and receive a copy of some sort of agreement with the sewage plant operator before anything is installed. This agreement should specify who is responsible for maintenance of what equipment. If it is not, or if you want to know before you get those documents, call and ask the operator, they are the only ones that will be able to tell you about your specific situation. If they indicate that they are responsible for maintenance and replacement of the grinder, make sure you get that in writing at some point as replacement can run into some $ $ $ . Don’t want anyone to forget.

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Is It Typical for the People Who Pump Septic Tanks to Try and Sell You a Whole New Field Line (drain Lines)?

Question Asked by dsjnix: Is it typical for the people who pump septic tanks to try and sell you a whole new field line (drain lines)?
We have has septic tank pumped on a 960 gallon tank. We have 5 people living here. The people who pumped tank told us that we need to have new line dug and installed for this many people to avoid backup? Do they typicllay try and sell this or is this something we really need to consider?
They have said that an alternative solution maybe to have my washing machine drain into something else. What would this entail? Would I have a plumber come and do this or is it something we could do ourselves?

Best answer:

Answer by donna d
if you haven’t had backup already i wouldn’t worry about it .of course they are going to try to sell you something you don’t realy need.they probably need the buisness.

Answer by Bobs MonOncle
Maybe, maybe not. The fields don’t last forever. Did you ask why they thought it needed a new one? You might have just been getting an up-sale.

Around here, old fields are grandfathered in, but you can’t add or replace them. I know some people that were catch-22′d — they could not fix their old system, they didn’t have the right specs for a new system, and there were no public sewers. When we sold my parent’s home (60 years old), the county required a new system be installed even though there were no problems and it “passed inspection,” it failed solely due to age.

Answer by Butch G
There are different reasons septic systems will backup. The size tank you have really doesn’t matter as much as the condition of your drain field. The tank itself, holds solids, while liquids are released to the drain field. Bakers Yeast is a good additive to help promote bacteria in the tank. The living organisms will eat the solids, promoting a healthy tank. Sometimes the lines going out to the drain field become clogged. Do you have a lot of vegetation nearby? Trees? The roots will cause a slowdown in drainage If I were you I would dig up the distribution box, and inspect the incoming line. The distribution box is located at the rear of the actual 900 gallon tank. It is where all the drain field’s lines intersect. You may have a back there. Run a garden hose into the hole, and see if it flushes out any paper or diaper, etc. Don’t be afraid to get dirty, you can save literally thousand of dollars

Answer by peppersham
They are probably saying your system Fields are too short or not put in properly that will cause a problem your tank is fine the water from your washer maybe letting too much water before it can be soaked up by the ground.No,they usually are pretty honest they have seen it all.You can reroute the washer to the drain Field but be aware in some areas this is not allowed.If it is and you are handy you can do it yourself.

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My Toilet Bowl Wont Drain Normally. Septic Pump Needed?

Question Asked by jubbyboi617: My toilet bowl wont drain normally. Septic pump needed?
There are no obstructions in the any pipes or in the trap. The toilet, pipes and septic system are around 3 years old. I think it could be either the toilet itself or the septic tank. All the other drains do just fine and there is no suspect smell or odor from any pipes, near the tank or around the leech field. Suggestions? Diagnosis? Help?

Best answer:

Answer by gnomes31
I just watched Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs and they said you have to have your septic tank drained every 3 years lol

Answer by syrious
Get your septic tank pumped and get that stuff that helps the tank digest the gunk. You can get the digester bacteria solution or whatever it is from a plumbing store. You put it down the toilet.

Answer by gutterrat49
Have someone check the trap to see if it is getting worn out. If that’s not it, and the pipes are free, then perhaps you do need you tank drained.
One way to keep from having it done more often is to buy dry active yeast, make sure it says active on the package. Mix it with warm water and let it set for a few minutes. Then flush it down the toilet. The active yeast eats a lot of the waste and so it doesn’t need drained as often.
Your leech bed may be clogged up too. If it is clogged, it won’t drain water off right. Your best bet is to call someone to look at it and they can tell you what’s best to do.Oh yea, check around where you tank is and see if the ground stays damp all the time. That’s another sign of trouble.

Answer by Seikilos
When I have a problem, I get advice from the pro. He shares expert advice with home owners and can save you money..

Diagnosing Clogged Drains: Is it a blocked drain or the septic system? – A First Step for Homeowners

Their main page is at:

If you still have questions, he invites you to email him at:

P.S. Our septic tank in rural Virginia finally had to get pumped after 10 years. Every tank is different and every piece of land has a different perk (water absorption rate) so to know when to pump requires a bit of education in order to spend money only where it is actually needed. Good luck..

Answer by ucsted
Are you sure your vent is clear, stick a hose down it and let it flow. Pull the toilet and pour a 5 gal bucket down the pipe. Maybe its the toilet. Do the easy things first. Click this site

Answer by gee1960
I had a problem similar to yours. I almost gave up and was about to gamble on a more expensive toilet that uses less water, and I was hoping this might clear up my problem… but tinkering with the water level inside the tank, I found out that there’s a MINIMUM POINT where the toilet would drain. And now my toilet drains everytime.
Set your water level to the maximum and see if it drains. Then work your way to the minimum, or whatever. Good luck.

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I Would Like to Know How to Build a Small Boat Pump Out for Personal Use.?

Question Asked by Patrick S: I would like to know how to build a small boat pump out for personal use.?
I trailer my boat and need to empty the head holding tanks into our private septic system.

Best answer:

Answer by RNuts
I have been thinking about this too. I was considering installing a macerator pump out so I could pump out offshore in legal waters but since gas cost 4 dollars a gallon that will not happen much. I was thinking I could attach a hose to the outlet when on the trailer and run it to the septic tank. I think that this will be a project for this winter. I hope it works. I will be sure to stand back when I try it out.

I am interested any any other Ideas.

*********Wow, good point C.L. I never thought about the chemicals in my waste tank. Thanks for the info.**********

Answer by Boatin’ in VA!
try this one on for size…

buy the following equipment:

1. tubing to run from the head holding tank to the septic system
2. battery (if not using the ships battery)
3. battery charger (if not using the ships battery)
4. large bilge pump or pump suitable for pumping, well, you know

splice the bilge pump into the tubing and clamp down
attach the pump to the battery & pump out

can’t say I’ve ever done it but it should work. with all this said all that’s left to say is…good luck!

Answer by Cunning Linguist
WHOA! NEVER empty a boat holding tank into a septic system!

The chemicals used to treat and deodorize your boat’s holding tank will kill all the bacteria in your septic system and it will FAIL. For this reason, most state health departments prohibit discharge of vessel waste tanks into septic systems. I repeat: It is ILLEGAL to do what you’re trying to do.

Marina pumpouts must discharge into a city sewer system or an isolated in-ground holding tank (to be pumped out regularly by a honey truck) for this reason.

Answer by Richard C
The answer to your question is a diaphragm pump. Whale and ITT make them and they are available at most marine stores and even hardware stores. I googled “whale pumps” and there’s a good picture on Boaters World’s web site. I’d guess that your local hardware might have one. Get the plastic not the metal. Or, rig a water hose to the head, and a 11/2″ discharge hose to the septic system, and flush……..
I agree some of the chemicals you might use will kill off the bact. but only temporarily.

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My Air Pump for My Septic Tank Is Running but There Is No Air Coming Out.?

Question Asked by JASON W: My air pump for my septic tank is running but there is no air coming out.?
The air pump for my septic tank runs when you plug it up but there is no air coming out. I opened it up and cleaned it out but still there is no air. I noticed there were rubber rings inside that look pretty beat up. Would that be causing the problem? Please help!

Best answer:

Answer by oil field trash
It depends on the type you have. Some air pumps also have valves that are necessary to pump the air. They can also be problem. It has been my experience that the parts to repair a septic system compressor are almost as expensive as just buying a new compressor.

Have you checked on line for a site with parts for the make and model you have? I have been surprised at what can be found on the web with a little looking.

Answer by lucy lui
o rings may need replaced.

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Can You Replace a Fluid Pump Tank with a Septic Tank?

Question Asked by chispita c: Can you replace a fluid pump tank with a septic tank?
I am working on an existing flush toilet that has a septic tank (1500gal) and pump tank (1000); the fluids goes by pressure to the sewer line. The existing toilet needs to be replaced with a new building, my question is can I remove the septic tank and pump tank and replace with a 2000gal septic tank, without the pump tank? or I need to add the pump tank since the existing has….any idea…

Best answer:

Answer by jed
You appear to have town sewer so I don’t know why you would need a septic tank. Septic tanks provide some basic biological treatment of the sewage before the effluent is discharged usually through trickle beds into the surrounding soil and are required where town sewers are not available. I suspect that originally there was only a septic tank and trickle bed but as development spread town sewer became available so someone installed the additional tank and pump. I’d contact the town engineer and discuss the situation but I don’t see any reason why you could not replace the septic tank and pump tank with one suitably sized pump tank.

Answer by estonia28994
I believe you have a STEP (Septic Tank Effluent Pumping) and you need the pump it was built that was for a reason. but just to be sure contact the sewer, water or wastewater department and ask them. Don’t remove it with out getting permission from them. Tom

A simple drawing of one

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I Have a Mound Septic System All I Find Is One Blue Barrell in Ground and One Concrete Tank with Pump What Is?

Question Asked by Andrea: I have a mound septic system all i find is one blue barrell in ground and one concrete tank with pump what is?
We just bought the house less than 1 yr. figured to pump out system . It is a mound system I have dug up so far 2 lids {all can find} first lid is steel under is a blue barrell, second steel also but concrete tank with my pump in it. I cannot find my pump alarm or another holding tank, what is this set up ? HOMEMADE???

Best answer:

Answer by mikew19532004
The septic tank seems Commercial.
But the distribution take seems homemade.
I’m not sure you system will pass code you’ll have to have an inspector look at it.
What kind of lateral field does it have?
Was a perk test done?

Answer by ~FROG~
Call the Inspector…. it will not be up to code, but WORTH the Expense to get it up to CODE so it won’t over flow…. & Cost you $ 6,000. SERIOUSLY!

Answer by jakeb
I really doubt it’s homemade. no one would go thru the trouble of a pumped mound system unless it was required. You just need to find the holding tank.

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What Hole Do I Pump Out of on a Septic Tank?

Question Asked by Your new best friend: What hole do I pump out of on a septic tank?
Is it true that there are multiple holes on some septic tanks, and if so, which one do I pump out of?

Best answer:

Answer by pellco
the top one .

Call a septic service.
Inlet ( waste from your house)
outlet to leaching fields
top cover to suck out all the honey

Answer by eldots53
The top one, closest to the inlet where the pipe drains from the house. If you can’t find it, the septic tank pumping service will open it for you….you don’t pump it yourself anyhow.

Answer by Dan H
There are usually two compartments in a septic tank. Some tanks have more compartments but they are unusual and for special applications.

There is always one access hole in the top of the tank closest to your building where the waste inlet is. Often there is another access hole over the other end of the tank. You must pump the side closest to your building – the side the waste dumps into. If there is an access cover for the other side, it should be opened, inspected and pumped if necessary.

Answer by Eddie
The septic tanks have upper hard cement gates buried few foot under the ground. Usually if the septic was initially installed with the house, the blue print or plans will show the exact location for the gate or man hole. If you do not have blue print reference, the company that pump the septic will find it by sticking a metal rod in the ground until they find the gate for the first time. The septic pump company will charge a little extra for this one time service plus the contains pumped out from that septic. Make sure to visually check the exact location of the gate on the event that you use some other company in the future to help them find it next time. Good luck…!

Answer by Newtechbio Newtechbio
Usually the tank is pumped either through the lid or through a clean-out directly above or near the lid.

Be sure to call several septic companies since prices can vary greatly amongst pumpers. Also, ask whatever company you decide on to visually inspect the system to assure that your baffle is intact and that the tank, lid and other components are in good shape.

To potentially reduce pump-out frequency, limit harsh chemicals from entering your system and focus on ‘green’ type laundry and dishwasher detergents. High quality bacterial additives and aeration also greatly assist in keeping the system in optimal condition, providing many years of trouble free service.

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What Kind of Pump Suitable to Pump Septic Tank ?

Question Asked by hans: what kind of pump suitable to pump septic tank ?
sometime we need to pump out the content of septic tank,
half (upper part) of the septic tank content are water,but half (lower part)
content are mud .what kind of pump suitable to be used.Can we use ordinarry shallow water pump ?

Best answer:

Answer by sparky
it’s called a trash pump to handle the solid material

Answer by David W
You probably need a solids handling pump. These have larger internal clearances and can handle some solid material without blockage.

Answer by Thor
ewwwwwww. Then what would you do with the sludge?

The sludge needs to be treated. You can not just spread it in the yard. That would like using the yard as a toilet. There is a lot of bad stuff in there. It is illegal to dump or use as fertilizer without treatment. Even treated sludge is often too high in metals.

It is a huge health hazard. Hepatitis and salmonella come to mind right off the bat.

Answer by boy boy
you guys in the states really dont know how to manage a septic tank system properly …i know i will get a lot of bad answers for this but honestly you are doing it all wrong a builder in the uk..we have had septic tank systems for hundreds of years some have never been touched should NEVER need to empty a tank are doing it wrong ..look at the design of the tanks and how waste comes in and out …it comes in and out below the top crust with out breaking the surface ..thats the secret ..never damage the crust keep the working bacterias below where they can work …the only problem that can occur is the herringbone outlet pipes can get clogged if ther has been heavy rain extending them normally sorts it ..

Answer by John B
a shit shifter

Answer by gordon1212
No never use a shallow water pump it would work for a while then plug up inside

Answer by daffyduct2006
A diaphram pump. It doesn’t have an impeller, just a rubber diaphram inside.

Answer by Ken B
How many people are on this septic system? The lower part is not mud it’s crap! Your system should only have to be pumped maybe every 10 years unless your drain field is in bad shape. If that is the case, then get your drain field repaired, it’s not a good idea to pump the solids out of your septic system often. The solids eventually decompose and are liquefied and then move to the drain field.

To pump this out you would need a suction pump, not a pusher pump.

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Does a Septic Tank Pump Need to Be Replaced?

Question Asked by Jenna M: Does a Septic Tank Pump need to be replaced?
Does a broken pureflow septic tank pump need to be replaced or if the tank is emptied can it then work without pump.

Best answer:

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Septic Tank Cover