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What Causes Your Water to Be Dirty After a Big Rain?

Question Asked by surelycoolgirl: What causes your water to be dirty after a big rain?
We have a well and septic tank and after a big rain, it makes the water look dirty for a couple of days afterward. Does anyone know why this could be? It hasn’t always done it and we have had our septic pumped off about two years ago and it’s only three of us living in the house.
We have really rich, nice soil. Not red mud or clay. No new construction and the house is about 50 years old.

Best answer:

Answer by tewarienormy
Your septic tank is leaking.

Answer by danehotmail
Rain water could be getting in your tank!….

Answer by Bella
It,s just where the water at the bottom of the tank get,s stirred up due to the rainfall.

Answer by aussie
Your well is not deep enought

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Gravity Type Septic System/our Toilets Have Stopped Flushing After a Heavy Rain.?

Question Asked by Melody: Gravity type Septic system/our toilets have stopped flushing after a heavy rain.?
After a heavy rain (3 days ago) our toilets stopped flushing. I’m not in a position to purchase a new septic system, what else can be wrong and what can I do about it?

Best answer:

Answer by Calvin S
Look in the yellow pages and find a septic pumper. They will come out with a large truck and pump it out so your system will operate correctly. That will be the most cost effective way to take care of your problem.

Answer by
Your system needs to be pumped.

Answer by amboyduke330
find your tank cover and have it pumped out, the cost is anywhere from $ 100.00-$ 300.00 depending on if you dig to find the cover or not. if they have to do it they charge ya big time

Answer by Bonno
pull your clean out cap & let the poopie water flow above ground! solids will still go in tank…. spray area w clorine bleach when water table falls

Answer by Jeffrey S
Heavy rains can soak the ground, slowing the amount of water from your septic tank that can be absorbed by the ground. This can cause the septic system to back up. If you have not had your septic tank pumped lately, additional solid materials can make this problem worse. The only quick fix here is to call out a company and have your tank cleaned. It won’t really do you any good to purchase a new system, although you can look into extending your leach field in the future to help prevent future troubles.

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Septic Tank Explodes in School Classroom

Septic Tank explodes in School Classroom.

Q&a: My Septic Tank Lid Had to Be Replaced. Can a Lid That Is Too Large Allow Rain in and Keep from Draining Proper?

Question Asked by : My septic tank lid had to be replaced. Can a lid that is too large allow rain in and keep from draining proper?
our septic system had issues last year. we replaced the pipe from the house to the tank and had to put a new lid on. The new lid was larger than the old one and now when it rains or we use water in our home, the tank takes a very long time to drain out. Can the lid be the cause of this problem if it is too large?

Best answer:

Answer by Candid Chris
The lid isn’t the problem it’s in the leach field lines, they’re clogged.

Answer by MillerPlantenet
Use the All-Natural Advanced Formula Septic-Helper 2000. It has the 8 natural bacteria and enzymes that liquefy the waste in the tank AND out in the drain field for less than $ 3 per month.

New 2011 EPA Mandates on all 50 States to clean up their water supplies say that a slow drain in your leach field, a failed inspection or elevated Nitrate levels could require replacement of your entire system for $ 10,000 to $ 80,000 or connect to the city sewer system.

Also, Check the septic and water rules in your State and County.

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Fixing Sump Pump for Sewer, Septic Tank. Also Wash the Sentra. 3-9-11

A hard rain coupled with power outage has left our sump pump clogged and could potentially burn out and back up our independent sewage treatment plant. I unclog the pump and reset it to its positing in the clarified water tank. I explain a little bit about septic, but I will go in depth with a later video. Also, yellow pollen had collected on the 06 Sentra all day so I gave it a quick econo-wash.

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    What Are Sure Signs of Leach Line Failure in a Septic System?

    I think my leach lines are failing but I am not sure. Toilets have backup in both bathrooms and it seems that there is some ground pooling just downhill from where the septic tank is buried and we have been dying for rain here in Southern California.
    The septic was pumped in May of 2004 to get a septic cert. while we were in escrow to purchase the property. It’s a 750 gallon tank and it was my understanding that they should be pumped every 5 years. Should the pumping of the septic be more often such as every other year?
    The pumper is coming out today 9/11/ 07. I will post the findings here once they have accessed the problem. Thank you everyone for your input. All the answers are very good.

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    Can Heavy Rain Overflow a Septic System?

    Question Asked by uncoyly: can heavy rain overflow a septic system?
    I recently dug up the access lids to my septic system to have it pumped. Before I could fill in the 24″ deep holes, we had two days of heavy rain and I’m concerned that a lot of rainwater is getting into the tank. Is this anything to be concerned about? Will the additional water simply flow out into the leach field, or will the tank backup if too much rain gets in?

    Best answer:

    Answer by E. F. Hutton
    The way the system works is the tank collects the solids, bacteria break them down, and liquids then move into the field. Sludge of material bacteria can’t process builds on the bottom and needs to be removed only occasionally. The tank will basically always be full. Rain flowing in the hole won’t matter a bit. As long as the system is of appropriate size for the home and functioning properly it should never back up. The key there is functioning properly. If you’re having to have it pumped it probably isn’t working as it should. Are the field lines easily visible? Marshy areas in the lawn? If so the system needs help. I recommend Septic Helper 2000. Watch what goes down the drain. Lots of bleach for example kills the septic system.

    Answer by powerleg5
    He is absolutely correct in the explanation of the septic system. When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.

    Answer by BN
    First what type of septic do you have and did you replace the lid after pumping. Septic tanks are usually made of a sealed concrete box or round tank. Rain should not be able to get into the tank. The take should not have an opening even when dug up and exposed for water to get in. If water is getting in have your city septic tank inspector come take a look they should do this for free. You should only have to pump your tank every 3 to 5 years. There could be a hole in a pipe or the septic could have a crack if so it really needs to be look at and possibly replaced or fixed.

    Answer by Iantha
    …otherwise there’s be no way for the water to runoff. Let’s face it after so many flushes, showers, etc the tank is gonna fill and overflow. The main concern with a septic tank is solid waste not liquid. So having rainwater in it shouldn’t effect the system.

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