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Is It the Landlord or the Tenant’s Responsibility to Have the Septic Tank Emptied in Florida?

Question Asked by : Is it the landlord or the tenant’s responsibility to have the septic tank emptied in Florida?
The reason I’m asking is because after just 1 year living at this house the LL wants me to pay to empty the septic tank or he’s going the raise my rent 10% from $ 850. Also the lease does not clearly state I have to pay for that. My lease is up at the end of this month(06/30/2010). Any help will do Thanks!

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Answer by .
If it isn’t in the lease, you aren’t responsible.

Answer by Realtoratheart
Because that is considered vital to the property and an asset, it’s landlord responsibility legally. It is no different than if the roof needed repair.

Answer by Andy
The landlord can change any of the rental terms once your lease is up. If he wants you to pay for septic service, or pay a higher rent, he absolutely can do that provided he has given you sufficient advance notice in accordance with state law (I don’t know Florida specifically, but in most states it’s 30 days).

Answer by Wildcat
Landlords are typically responsible for these types of routine maintenance. They cannot require you to pay for it unless it is stated in the lease. Septics should not need to be pumped every year, they are typically done every couple years. It probably was not done right before you moved in, so some of what is in there is not yours. You should not have to pay to remove a previous tenant’s waist.

Once your lease is expired he can raise the rent or change any terms of the lease with 30 days notice. You will need to check FL law on if a 10% rent increase is legal or not.

Answer by My Take on It
Move at the end of your lease, or he will be sure to add that 10% to your new lease. LOL

If he did not specify that you are responsible for having it pumped, then you do not have to do it. Period. But, you are in a pickle here if you want to stay. He has every right to raise the rent at the end of the lease term.

Answer by acermill
There are no laws concerning such. That cost is one which is negotiated into the lease (or not). If the new lease indicates that paying for the septic cleaning is a tenant responsibility, then it is your responsibility if you sign it. Obviously, if you won’t sign THAT agreement, then you will be presented with a different lease with a rent of $ 935. If you don’t want to sign either of them, then you leave the premises and find a different place to rent.

This is no different than a lease which requires the tenant to be responsible for the costs of sewer and water in a rented facility.

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Is It a House Tenant’s Responsibility to Pump the Septic Tank?

Question Asked by randn2000: Is it a house tenant’s responsibility to pump the septic tank?
We have leased a house for 2 1/2 years and recently the landlord suggested we get the septic tank pumped (on our own dime). I don’t want to be unreasonable, but that seems more like the home-owner’s responsibility; what is your opinion? Thanks.

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Answer by josh
its the owners of the house job to get anything fixed on there dime ask anybody

Answer by Spam
If there is no problem with it I don’t see the need for you to pump it.
If you have not been careful and have put things down that would make it overflow then yes you should pay for the pumping

Answer by fifieldrichard
that depends on how your contract is made out, if you are responsible for all up keep in yard and utility’s yes, but if just for utility’s no.

Answer by Jim W
I think it’s the property owners responsibility, Ask an attorney for their opinion, if the owner does not want to do it and you do have it done and billed to the owner, be prepared for problems, a rent increase or lease termination. Maybe you could have it done with a lease freeze for 2 more years and a cap on any future lease raises. for the next 5 years.

Answer by Karen L
Unless it was written into your rental agreement that you’re responsible for it, it’s the landlord’s responsibility. If no written agreement was made, the landlord should pay. You might check with whatever authority deals with landlord/tenant stuff where you live in case there’s a rule about it.

Answer by Rick J
I am a landlord. I would never expect my tenant to do this. Your landlord is responsible for it. It probably don’t even need to be pumped. People get them pumped way more than needed. I would ignore him or tell him to pack sand.

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Landlords Responsibility to Clean Out Septic System?

Question Asked by : Landlords responsibility to clean out septic system?
My landlord complains about cleaning out the septic system as though it is not his responsibility.He claimed I got ripped off the last time when he was on vacation and I called a service to clean it out and took it out of the Rent.What should I do? We do not have a lease,we are month to month so I don’t have a legal document to fall back on.My only hope is Texas State Laws.Anyone have a shortcut to info on this?

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Answer by FatPizza9
Local dept of health and/or sanitation. It could become a public health issue.

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