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Is It True That if You Use Rock Salt in Your Septic System It Will Prevent Tree Roots from Clogging Your Drain

Question Asked by C.J.: is it true that if you use rock salt in your septic system it will prevent tree roots from clogging your drain
I hear if you pour rock salt in your toilet that it will keep the roots from growing because tree roots can’t grow in salt water.

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Answer by ringois2003
I have heard that before, don’t know if it works though

Answer by norm
Don’t use rock salt. It can affect the bacteria that digest the sludge. If you have a root problem there are commercial products that you use once a year & you will be in good shape.

They are not very expensive. Don’t risk damaging your septic system.

Go here to read about the one I use –

Answer by jsbr
Don’t try it, although salt water will kill vegitation the amount of salt needed to kill tree roots will disolve the concrete septic tank. Ultimately you will pay a heavier price by having a new tank(salt dissovle concrete and the tank will collapse) put in and if you have an older system any concrete junction boxes in the field have the risk of collapsing as well. It is recommended that you clear any trees or deep rooting trees and vegetation from your septic field. Over time the water will rot away any root that grow in them but you could help it along with some products that specially made to disolve roots. Last have a certified septic company run a router through the field.

Answer by devilishblueyes
It’s probably not a good idea to put rock salt in your septic system because it could disrupt the bacterial process that helps break down what’s in your septic tank.

Yeast can be flushed down into your septic system to help the bacterial process.

The best thing is not to plant trees too close to your septic system otherwise the roots will get into the system and clog it up. Remember, a tree can grow as wide underground as it’s limbs extend from tip to tip above ground.

The best way that I know of to stop roots from getting into your septic system is to put copper sulfate around the system. If you know of a place where a tree may be causing a problem you can dig down to the septic system and pour some copper sulfate around the piping to keep the tree roots from getting into the system and blocking it.

Answer by jollygreen60
Copper sulfate chunks or granuals will take care of root problems. Go to Home Depot and look for stuff that you can pour in the system for roots. The active stuff is copper sulfate.

Answer by vreels man
The best thing to do is have the break where the tree roots are entering the pipe repaired. Roots rarely break pipes,they simply grow in through existing breaks If they are growing in from the top the salt does not even touch them. The roots are not the problem it’s the pipe. A licensed plumber like myself can get an exact locate with a camera and have it repaired in no time. In the long run it will save you money on cleaning the lines or having the septic pumped frequently due to salt or chemicals killing the bacteria.

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Q&a: What Kind of Rock Should I Use to Lay My Septic Tank Leach Lines on?

Question Asked by luv_the_red_head: What kind of rock should I use to lay my septic tank leach lines on?
I am laying additional leach line for my septic tank. What type of rock should I put under the line so that the water will flow right? What type of rock is best for this? We have sand. Lots and lots of sand.

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Answer by B K
I would consult your local or state health department for installation guidelines to make sure that you have the proper materials, length, width and depth of trench. I know that any upgrades of septic systems in many areas may require a permit and inspection as well. It would be better to do it right the first time rather than have them come and make you do it over and pay a fine. I know around here they have no sense of humor when it comes to things like that. If you are all right with what you are doing, state health department web-sites usually have the guidelines and or statutes posted there. Good luck!

Answer by high_techredneck
Sand will work but any washed round rock like pea gravel will work better. Dirt works best around here. Keep the leach line LEVEL so it will leach and not run through the line at a fast rate. Don’t consult your local or state health department unless you want to pay for a licensed installer….They will be watching you like a hawk.

Answer by Bare B

Answer by Marla T
You should use washed river rock 3/4″ to about 2 1/2″ or clean crushed rock. Typically adding leach lines usually requires a permit. Installing without a permit could complicate your life someday when you sell your house. But that probably depends on where you live. Instead of rock, there are also chambers like Infiltrator that could be installed instead of rock and pipe.

Good luck!

Answer by Tatnic
crushed rock, 1″ minus. You want about 8″ under the pipe…and the bottom of the pipe needs to be at least 12″ above the SEASONAL water table, which means the water table during the wettest time of the year, not late summer.

Answer by Billy M
1″ Clean rock, But you probably should not be doing it your self, this is a job for a pro. If you do it your self and get caught, you could be forced into replacing the whole system. There for doubling your cost.

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Decorative Rock Covers Septic Tank Lids: DekoRRa Model 111 Fake Rock Cover

How to hide a septic tank lid with this decorative rock cover: This DekoR…
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Finally pooled enough cash to get the septic system installed before Winter sets in. This is week 1 of a planned two week install, all done by myself.

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Rock Every Where What Kind of Septic Should I Be Putting in?

Question Asked by charles clark: rock every where what kind of septic should i be putting in?
we got 6 inches of dirt in a good flat spot but big trucks cant get up here what kind of septic should i be putting in?

keep in mind the road is steep and gravel not pavement we lose two or three tractor trailer every year to this road

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Answer by Towanda
I was watching This Old House last night in the wee hours of the morning and they were putting in a septic system in an old house. They have systems that don’t have to be put underground and the one they put in is a complete processing system that takes in your leavings and by the end of the process the water is drinkable. I’m sure they are expensive but there are many choices and most of the better ones add air to the bacteria so that it all processes quickly. I’m sure all of these are online.

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